Global Unusual jewelry: five unique products

Unusual jewelry: five unique products


Every year, jew­el­ers cre­ate many inter­est­ing prod­ucts for every taste. Today we have select­ed for you the most inter­est­ing and unusu­al jew­el­ry, cre­at­ed by bril­liant jew­el­ers. We present to your atten­tion a selec­tion of 5 unique rings.

The most expensive ring

com­pa­nyShaw­ish has been spe­cial­iz­ing in the pro­duc­tion of unique jew­el­ry for many years. Swiss design­ers devel­op unique projects of prod­ucts made of gold and dia­monds. In 2011, jew­el­ers pre­sent­ed a unique prod­uct carved exclu­sive­ly from dia­mond. This is the world’s first dia­mond ring, the cost of which is 70 mil­lion dol­lars.

The devel­op­ment of the project took the com­pa­ny’s jew­el­ers more than a year. A high-pre­ci­sion laser was used to process the stone. With its help, the dia­mond was giv­en the nec­es­sary shape.But the com­pa­ny did not stop there, and already in 2015 it pre­sent­ed to the pub­lic a unique col­lec­tion ded­i­cat­ed to the sea. It includ­ed unusu­al gold pen­dants and rings with pearls.

The biggest gold ring

com­pa­niesAt the begin­ning of the 2000s, Tai­ba pre­sent­ed a unique piece of jew­el­ry — a gold ring weigh­ing six­ty-four kilo­grams. 50 best jew­el­ers worked on cre­at­ing an unusu­al ring. The prod­uct is encrust­ed with sev­er­al kilo­grams of pre­cious stones. It took 45 days to make the largest gold ring.In 2011, dur­ing the pre­sen­ta­tion in Dubai, you could see a unique prod­uct. Those who wished had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to pur­chase a reduced copy of a unique gold prod­uct.

Unique rings with deep meaning

The tal­ent­ed Selden Opovy­tyy cre­ates unique col­lec­tions of rings. Their main fea­ture is mini fig­ures of peo­ple. Each col­lec­tion sym­bol­izes an amaz­ing sto­ry. Unusu­al mod­els are made of sil­ver and dec­o­rat­ed with fig­ures of bronze or gold. The cost of a jew­el­ry prod­uct is 80–1000 dol­lars, depend­ing on the mod­el.

Melting rings for women

Craftswoman Julia Kuhn­nap cre­ates unique wom­en’s rings from pre­cious met­als and smoky quartz. Their main fea­ture is that with their help a unique visu­al effect is cre­at­ed — they seem to melt before the eyes. To make such jew­el­ry, the design­er uses com­plex and time-con­sum­ing meth­ods.

Unique rings with meteorites

Jew­el­ers nev­er cease to please us with unique jew­el­ry. The best con­fir­ma­tion of this fact is the unique gold rings with mete­orites for women and men. Such jew­el­ry can be a great gift for your sig­nif­i­cant oth­er.

Such prod­ucts can be made entire­ly of space stone or con­tain sev­er­al inclu­sions. Most often, such jew­el­ry is made of gold, but there are also mod­els made of sil­ver. Exclu­sive jew­el­ry has a unique design. The price of such prod­ucts varies from 200 to 10 thou­sand dol­lars.


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