Global Storage of jewelry: basic rules for products of various types

Storage of jewelry: basic rules for products of various types


The desire to pre­serve the orig­i­nal appear­ance, shine and oth­er prop­er­ties of jew­el­ry is quite nat­ur­al for own­ers. Indeed, cor­rect­ly plac­ing jew­el­ry and pro­tect­ing it from var­i­ous neg­a­tive fac­tors is as impor­tant as tak­ing care of the mate­r­i­al in a time­ly man­ner. If you prop­er­ly orga­nize the stor­age of jew­el­ry, their qual­i­ty will remain unchanged for a long time.

standard requirements

Each piece of jew­el­ry has its own stor­age rules, but there are sev­er­al uni­ver­sal stan­dards:

  • arti­cles made of pre­cious met­als and jew­el­ry must be stored sep­a­rate­ly. The con­di­tions are the same: a cool, dark con­tain­er with a low lev­el of humid­i­ty. Nei­ther met­als nor stones like excess mois­ture in the atmos­phere;
  • in the same way, it is nec­es­sary to orga­nize a sep­a­rate stor­age of jew­el­ry on a sil­ver and gold basis;
  • it will be most cor­rect to sep­a­rate all prod­ucts. Pre­cious met­als are soft, so they are eas­i­ly scratched by mechan­i­cal influ­ences. For exam­ple, the greater the fine­ness on gold jew­el­ry, the soft­er the mate­r­i­al, and the more prone it is to the risk of scratch­es;
  • there are many options for orga­niz­ing non-stan­dard stor­age, but it is best to give pref­er­ence to clas­sic spe­cial box­es. Only they will ensure com­pli­ance with all nec­es­sary con­di­tions;
  • even with ide­al stor­age, reg­u­lar care and clean­ing is required.

How to store gold jewelry?

Gold prod­ucts need pro­tec­tion from direct sun­light and a dry micro­cli­mate. The best option is a box made of plas­tic or wood with a soft bot­tom. An alter­na­tive is the use of spe­cial­ized soft bags. It is bet­ter not to put jew­el­ry in card­board box­es. Card­board con­tains sul­fur, which pro­vokes the appear­ance of dark spots on gold.

How to store silver jewelry?

Each sil­ver prod­uct must be placed sep­a­rate­ly, not allow­ing the met­als to come into con­tact. The best “con­tain­er” is ordi­nary poly­eth­yl­ene bags Zip-Lock fas­ten­ers. They can cre­ate an ide­al micro­cli­mate that pre­vents the met­al from tar­nish­ing. In addi­tion, you can pro­tect jew­el­ry from mois­ture by adding a reg­u­lar tablet of acti­vat­ed black car­bon to each bag. It will absorb excess water mol­e­cules. The bags can be hid­den in a box or box — this way the require­ments for stor­ing sil­ver jew­el­ry in a place pro­tect­ed from the sun will be met.

How to ensure stone storage?

The main thing is to pro­tect pre­cious stones from scratch­es. If you put the jew­el­ry sep­a­rate­ly, avoid­ing mechan­i­cal con­tact, this will be enough. You can orga­nize com­pact sep­a­rate stor­age by buy­ing spe­cial box­es with par­ti­tions that divide the inter­nal space into many com­part­ments. Stones also need pro­fes­sion­al clean­ing 2–3 times a year.

Storage of jewelry PANDORA

Prod­ucts from the brand PANDORA it is enough to place it in a box lined from the inside with a soft fab­ric. You can addi­tion­al­ly put each piece of jew­el­ry in a spe­cial­ized fab­ric jew­el­ry bag. A few years ago, the brand pro­duced brand­ed box­es with com­part­ments designed for all pop­u­lar types and vari­ants of prod­ucts from the brand.

How­ev­er, this pro­duc­tion has now been stopped. But this is not a prob­lem: many com­pa­nies pro­duc­ing analogs have appeared on the mar­ket. You can buy them, but in gen­er­al it is enough to choose any suit­able box with com­part­ments and soft fill­ing. The main thing is that the prod­ucts are sep­a­rat­ed from each oth­er. Well, it won’t hurt to pay atten­tion to the col­or and style of the cas­ket — it should com­ple­ment the jew­el­ry stored inside.


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