Global Pre-autumn Pandora collection 2018. Review

Pre-autumn Pandora collection 2018. Review


Today there is good news for Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry lovers. We can look at the first pho­tos of the new col­lec­tion, which will be released at the end of sum­mer.


This year’s Pre-Autumn Col­lec­tion includes a redesign of the clas­sic Pan­do­ra. A series of jew­el­ry Cap­sules of Love. These Charms will now be avail­able in sil­ver, PANDORA Rose and PANDORA Shine. Instead of dia­monds, they will go with cubic zir­co­nia stones, which will make this series more afford­able.

Here we see three sep­a­ra­tors cap­sule of Love. Sil­ver, Rose, Shine.

also rings in the same top­ic

Pen­dants Cap­sule of Love

Cap­sule of Love ear­rings

they look inter­est­ing new bracelets. very ten­der

14k gold bracelet Pan­do­ra Cap­sule of Love with a dia­mond

Next we see the Charms sev­er­al series of Charms in three col­ors.

Pan­do­ra Coro­na in sil­ver, Rose and Shine

Pan­do­ra’s Heart Dividers

Pan­do­ra’s Heart Clips with sil­i­cone inside.

bracelet with pad­lock PANDORA Shine

Same bracelet will also be avail­able in PANDORA Rose

braid­ed bracelet PANDORA Rose

Also, the Braid­ed Bracelet will be avail­able in PANDORA Shine, but a lit­tle lat­er.

Pan­do­ra’s Heart charm spins

I won­der how it will work. Will the charm rotate eas­i­ly? By itself or you will have to make an effort.

Pan­do­ra’s Heart pen­dant spins

It is also inter­est­ing how it will all work. the disk will rotate in the cen­ter.

Pan­do­ra pen­dant Favorite paste

We’re not sure every­one will like this pen­dant. cute fork and pas­ta, but we can’t imag­ine what to wear it with. Still, some­one will like her.

Pan­do­ra Piz­za pen­dant

Con­tin­u­ing the food theme, we also have the Piz­za Pen­dant, which is adorned with red and green enam­el.

Here are real pho­tos of Pas­ta and Piz­za Pen­dants

Pan­do­ra Heart Charm and Love Birds

Here there are birds in the name, but we do not see them on the charm. Maybe tones will be under a rock. This charm will also be avail­able in red.

Pan­do­ra Brazil For­ev­er Charm.

The charm fea­tures flip-flops, a cock­tail and a tam­bourine with the Brazil­ian sign. Very bright.


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