Global Pandora Summer 2018 collection — SILVERS

Pandora Summer 2018 collection — SILVERS



ring PANDORA Spir­i­tu­al Sym­bols

A sil­ver feath­er, anchor and seashell hang from a smooth heart in the cen­ter of the ring. You can also see a small heart stamp on the shell coil, which looks real­ly cute!

Black ring PANDORA Vibrant Spir­it

It’s a sim­ple design adorned with a stun­ning black crys­tal cabo­chon rem­i­nis­cent of old PANDORA rings. We real­ly like the bead­ed detail around the ring and the lit­tle heart on the side.

blue ring PANDORA Vibrant Spir­it

The Vibrant Spir­it ring also comes in this gor­geous navy! We’ve always loved the com­bi­na­tion of sil­ver and turquoise, and this ring is a per­fect exam­ple of how beau­ti­ful they look togeth­er. The style, stone and col­or com­bi­na­tion make us think this might be an antique ring that was found in a small antique shop.

ring-chain PANDORA Spir­it­ed Heart, win­dows

We love the design of this ring and its chain, which reminds us of friend­ship rings. The small heart in the mid­dle is encrust­ed with clear zir­co­nia. The inscrip­tion with the logo is at the base.

ring-chain PANDORA Spir­it­ed Heart, blue

ring Spir­it­ed Heart avail­able in three dif­fer­ent col­ors: clear, pink and blue. The blue ver­sion is our favorite!

ring-chain PANDORA Spir­it­ed Heart, pink

We’re sure the pink ver­sion of the Spir­it­ed Heart ring will be pop­u­lar with younger PANDORA fans.

PANDORA earrings Summer 2018

Ear­rings-pierc­ing PANDORA Shine Open Heart

Some­times it seems to us that we have fall­en back into the past. Last year we had the PANDORA equiv­a­lent of friend­ship bracelets, this year chok­ers are back and now we’ve got pierc­ings back! Are we 15 again?

Ear­rings PANDORA Open Heart Cuff

The new Open Heart Pierc­ing Ear­ring is also avail­able in sil­ver.

Ear­rings PANDORA Rose Open Heart Cuff

PANDORA also released a ver­sion of these ear­rings in PANDORA Rose.

Ear­rings PANDORA Rose Vin­tage Fans Stud

PANDORA ear­rings Vin­tage Fan have the art deco style in both col­or and style. In the cen­ter of the ear­ring is a trans­par­ent zir­co­ni­um heart.

Ear­rings PANDORA Vin­tage Heart Fans Stud

The sil­ver ver­sion of the Vin­tage Heart Fans is more of a heart shape than a cir­cle. We love how the two stud ear­rings on one ear go togeth­er, so we think both ver­sions would look real­ly nice togeth­er

Ear­rings PANDORA Spir­i­tu­al Feath­ers

These cute hoop ear­rings are per­fect for this sum­mer’s boho trend. The sil­ver rings are dec­o­rat­ed with fine beads, a sil­ver feath­er and a turquoise enam­el heart hang­ing from it.


Black leather black with feath­er pen­dant PANDORA

PANDORA fans went a bit crazy for the fab­ric chok­er last year, and we’re curi­ous to see what the reac­tion will be to these new leather chok­ers. The black leather chok­er has a slip-on clasp with a clear cubic zir­co­nia on the end. Its length is 38 cm.

Leather gold chok­er PANDORA

The gold ver­sion of the leather chok­er fea­tures a pink cubic zir­co­nia on the end of the slid­ing sil­ver clasp.

PANDORA sil­ver neck­lace

This thin 70 cm long neck­lace alter­nates between small sil­ver beads. The over­all effect is very good and will look stun­ning with any kind of pen­dant. The chain has a slid­ing clasp that allows you to adjust the length to suit your style.

PANDORA neck­lace Open Heart

This gor­geous neck­lace has a charm­ing lay­ered look that looks under­stat­ed yet ele­gant. It’s been a while since we’ve had a deep crush on PANDORA neck­laces, but this one looks seri­ous­ly tempt­ing.

PANDORA bracelets Summer 2018

PANDORA Sparkling Strand bracelet, mul­ti­col­ored

The Sparkling Strand Bracelet is now also avail­able with mul­ti­col­ored iri­des­cent cubic zir­co­nia stones, per­fect for sum­mer fes­ti­vals! It has an adjustable bolo clip for a per­fect fit.

PANDORA Black Leather Slid­er Bracelet

We absolute­ly love this new slid­er bracelet, which is a com­bi­na­tion of the new slid­er bracelet and a leather bracelet. I also think this would be a great option for all male PANDORA fans out there! #man­do­ra

PANDORA leather gold slid­er bracelet

There is also a gold ver­sion of the new PANDORA slid­er bracelet.

Dou­ble leather slid­er bracelet PANDORA Moments, Spicy Orange

New bright dou­ble leather bracelets are the per­fect sum­mer acces­so­ry. They will look great with any of your favorite charms or with oth­er bracelets for a more eclec­tic style!

Dou­ble leather slid­er bracelet PANDORA Momentsblack

The new loop-style clasp on the dou­ble leather bracelet is engraved with the PANDORA logo and set with sparkling stones for added detail.

Dou­ble leather slid­er bracelet PANDORA Momentsgold­en

The gold ver­sion of the new dou­ble leather bracelet is our favourite, and we think it would look stun­ning paired with a turquoise tas­sel!

Dou­ble leather slid­er bracelet PANDORA Momentsturquoise

The turquoise dou­ble leather bracelet looks great with the sil­ver clasp and the stitch­ing details stand out very nice­ly.

Charms PANDORA Summer 2018

Charm-pen­dant PANDORA Rose Fan of Love

The PANDORA Rose Fan of Love pen­dant fea­tures two arcs of clear cubic zir­co­nia set over tex­tured lines.

Charm-pen­dant PANDORA Fan of Love

The Fan of Love pen­dant is a del­i­cate charm in a cute vin­tage style that would look very ele­gant on its own on a neck­lace.

Charm PANDORA Amulet/Italian Horn Pen­dantred

Sum­mer hip­pie vibes con­tin­ue with two new Amulet pen­dants. The small bead­ed detail is actu­al­ly formed of red enam­el, although it resem­bles small peb­bles. Also, as on some before it, you can see a small print in the form of a heart on top of the pen­dant.

Charm PANDORA Amulet/Ital­ian Horn Pen­dantturquoise

In the turquoise ver­sion of the pen­dant Amulet turquoise enam­el is present.

pen­dant-charm PANDORA Spir­i­tu­al Feath­er

This beau­ti­ful charm Spir­i­tu­al Feath­er will look adorable on PAN­DO­RA’s new leather bracelets with a tas­sel or two!

Charm PANDORA Shine Fan of Love

We love the com­bi­na­tion of PANDORA Shine’s beau­ti­ful 18k gold fin­ish with vin­tage style Fan of Love.

Charm PANDORA Fan of Love

We def­i­nite­ly caught the PANDORA Shine wave, as the sil­ver ver­sion of the Fan of Love Charm did­n’t sink into our hearts.

Charm PANDORA Radi­ant Hearts

Beau­ti­ful rain­bows from the spring col­lec­tion are also includ­ed in the sum­mer col­lec­tion! Here is a col­or­ful ver­sion of the Radi­ant Hearts charm with a clear cubic zir­co­nia stone in its cen­ter.

Charm PANDORA Shape of Love, blue

Remem­ber when we said back in Jan­u­ary that there would be col­or­ful ver­sions of the Shape of Love charm? We were right! We real­ly like the style of the blue ver­sion of the crys­tal.

Charm PANDORA Shape of Love, orange

While we pre­fer the blue ver­sion, the orange Shape of Love charm would look real­ly fun paired with a bright turquoise col­or.

PANDORA Mosa­ic mul­ti-col­ored moth­er-of-pearl charm

We loved the PANDORA Essence Com­pas­sion mosa­ic charm, but we love this Moments mosa­ic design even more! It is sum­mery and fresh, but not too intru­sive. And it will def­i­nite­ly be on our wish list for this sum­mer!

Charm PANDORA Stay Cool

We real­ly hoped that the emo­ji-style charms had already fad­ed into obscu­ri­ty, but alas, one of them did make it into the sum­mer col­lec­tion! Charm Stay Cool has black and pur­ple enam­el and zir­co­ni­um details.

Charm PANDORA Drink To Go

The whim­si­cal charm of Drink To Go is a real must-have for cof­fee lovers! This take­away tum­bler fea­tures the PANDORA logo on and below a pink enam­el heart. On the back there is an inscrip­tion “Take a break”(Eng­lish -” Take a break ”). We love that PANDORA is explor­ing new themes for Charms and look for­ward to see­ing what will be released in future col­lec­tions.

Charm PANDORA Deli­cious Pop­corn

The pop­corn buck­et is filled with “pop­corn” made of white pearls and dec­o­rat­ed with pink and black enam­el. Also promi­nent is the PANDORA logo on one side of the “box”. While this is a pret­ty fun idea, the pop­corn on this bead reminds us of soap bub­bles!

Charm PANDORA Love

In keep­ing with the hip­pie and bohemi­an fash­ion trend of the 60s, we have a fun charm based on the pop art “LOVE” by Amer­i­can artist Robert Indi­ana. Instead of the let­ter “o”, you can see a heart and mul­ti-col­ored cubic zir­co­nias, and crys­tals high­light the design. This charm is so fun it’s on our wish list!

Charm PANDORA Play­ing Cards

Charm Play­ing Cards includes red enam­el details on a fly­ing deck of cards with a roy­al flush on top.

pen­dant PANDORA Com­pass Rose

The unusu­al Com­pass Rose charm fea­tures a pret­ty shim­mer­ing sil­ver enam­el disc and an ornate com­pass design with a bright blue crys­tal in the cen­ter. On the reverse of the charm — a cute inscrip­tion “Fol­low your dreams”(Eng­lish -” Fol­low your dreams ”), and on the ring — a tiny stamp in the form of a heart. The Com­pass Rose charm would look great on one of PAN­DO­RA’s new leather bracelets and would make a great gift for some­one who is about to embark on a jour­ney or start a new phase in their life.

Charm-pen­dant PANDORA New York High­t­lights

Con­tin­u­ing the trav­el theme, PANDORA has pre­pared a selec­tion of new Charms ded­i­cat­ed to cities. We antic­i­pate that more cities will be released in the future. The New York High­lights pen­dant includes an apple, the Stat­ue of Lib­er­ty and a yel­low cab.

Charm-pen­dant PANDORA San Fran­cis­co High­t­lights

AT San Fran­cis­co High­t­lights there’s a small tag that says “San Fran­cis­co,” a mini Gold­en Gate Bridge, and a small red enam­el cart (thanks for the help we got iden­ti­fy­ing this!).

Charm-pen­dant PANDORA Love Puer­to Rico

The com­mon Coquí frog, the nation­al ani­mal and sym­bol of Puer­to Rico, will make a great sou­venir from this won­der­ful island. The back plate is dec­o­rat­ed with the col­ors of Puer­to Rico: blue, red and white.

Charm PANDORA Colour/Ferris Wheel

One gets the impres­sion that the design­ers PANDORA enjoyed cre­at­ing inter­est­ing motifs for the sum­mer 2018 col­lec­tion. Charm Colour Wheel real­ly fun and would look cute on a themed bracelet Dis­ney. Each of the carts on the wheel has a dif­fer­ent col­ored crys­tal or zir­co­ni­um, and the inscrip­tion “PANDORA» Sur­rounds the cen­ter of charm.

PANDORA Spir­i­tu­al Dream­catch­er

The flo­ral round design fea­tures a small heart in the cen­ter and three thin sil­ver feath­ers hang­ing down. The inscrip­tion “Fol­low your dreams” is engraved on top of the charm. Spir­i­tu­al Dream­catch­er will look adorable on the new leather slid­er bracelets PANDORA.

Charm-pen­dant PANDORA Anchor of Love

The cute nau­ti­cal themed charm fea­tures a small disc with the inscrip­tion “Anchor your­self to some­one spe­cial” and a mini anchor with two red enam­el hearts.

Charm-pen­dant PANDORA Be Free

This cute lit­tle skate­board charm fea­tures a tex­tured board with clear cubic zir­co­nias around the rim and in the cen­ter of the wheels. Under the board — a cheer­ful engrav­ing “Be free” (Eng­lish — “Be free”). The pen­dant itself has a new style, the fea­ture of which is a light oblong and mini stamp in the form of a heart.

Charm PANDORA Burg­er & Fries Pen­dant

because Burg­er and Fries - a clas­sic com­bo, this charm was designed to sym­bol­ize friend­ship. At the top of the pen­dant is the inscrip­tion “Best Friends” (Eng­lish — “Best Friends”), and the food is dec­o­rat­ed with red, orange and yel­low enam­el and filled with cubic zir­co­nia stones.

Charm PANDORA Sym­bol of Peace

Fol­low­ing the style of pop art charm LoveWe have charm Peace with 3D the image of the world sign. The bead­ed edg­ing of the charm cre­ates an inter­est­ing tex­ture. Minia­ture stamped hearts dec­o­rate the edge of this charm.

clip PANDORA Pavé Open My Heart, col­or­ful

Rain­bow mul­ti­col­ored clip Open My Heart will look cute paired with a new charm Love.

clip PANDORA Arcs of Love, blue crys­tals

clip Arcs of Love includes a sil­i­cone base inside, mak­ing it ide­al for use on a smooth or leather bracelet. We real­ly like this new ver­sion with blue crys­tals and would love to see this piece in real life to bet­ter deter­mine its col­or.

Charm PANDORA Tas­selblack

A brush is an acces­so­ry of 2018, and PANDORA coped with their task 100%, thanks to these bright and fun­ny Charms Tas­sel! When in doubt, just add this brush!

Charm PANDORA Tas­selpink

Charm PANDORA Tas­selturquoise

Charm PANDORA Tas­selorange


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