Global Pandora spring 2019 collection — Review #5

Pandora spring 2019 collection — Review #5


spring 2019 col­lec­tion: rings

Ring “Four Petals of a Flower”

This cute ster­ling sil­ver spi­ral ring fea­tures a glow­ing flower and a cubic zir­co­nia stone.

Ring “Four Petals of a Flower”

Adjustable Clover Ring

Is it a tre­foil or a four-leaf clover? You decide for your­self with this adjustable ring.

But­ter­fly ring

A tiny but­ter­fly rests its wings on a shin­ing ring.

Shin­ing Clover Ring

Add some move­ment to your ring col­lec­tion with the cute Shin­ing Clover ring.

Ring “Flower with a crown”

Join Bel­la Bot and cel­e­brate spring with a gor­geous crown and flower ring. Sparkling stones alter­nate with sil­ver flow­ers, cre­at­ing a wind­ing flo­ral gar­land.

Sparkling But­ter­flies Ring

The smooth and sparkling lines of two glit­ter­ing but­ter­flies dance togeth­er on this cute sil­ver ring.

Ring “Fem­i­nine Sym­bol” from the series PANDORA Rose

This is a ring from the series PANDORA Rose has two hands as a sign of friend­ship and sup­port. The female sym­bol is on both the inside and the out­side of the ring. The inside also has the words Trust Your Tribe.

Ring “Mat­te glow” from the series PANDORA Rose

To cre­ate an attrac­tive tex­ture on this ring from the series PANDORA Rose the tech­nique of dia­mond cut­ting of stones was applied.

Ring “Mat­te heart” from the series PANDORA Rose

Smooth and tex­tured hearts com­bine beau­ti­ful­ly on this ring from the series PANDORA Rose Mat­te Bril­liance.

Ring “Rose and Flower”

The new flower crown ring is also avail­able in pink.

The Love Cas­tle ring is now avail­able with a new fin­ish from the series PANDORA Rose.

Ring “Shin­ing Ele­gance” from the series PANDORA Rose

The cute ring “Shin­ing Ele­gance” is now in the series PANDORA Rose.

Open­work but­ter­flies ring

A tiny sil­ver but­ter­fly flut­ters above open­work 18k gold-plat­ed but­ter­flies that form a mosa­ic on the ring.

Radi­ant Flower Crown Ring

This ring can be worn on its own or paired with rose and sil­ver ver­sions.

Daz­zling but­ter­flies ring from the series PANDORA Shine

Two gold­en but­ter­flies play against each oth­er, cre­at­ing a beau­ti­ful ring.

spring 2019 col­lec­tion: Dis­ney line

Dis­ney park. Bracelet “Cas­tle”

In this new ver­sion from the Dis­ney series, the bracelet has been light­ly dust­ed! The famous Dis­ney cas­tle motif adorns the heart-shaped clasp and is dec­o­rat­ed with pink, turquoise and green stones.

Exclu­sive Dis­ney Parks. Shang­hai

Charm “Amuse­ment Park in Shang­hai” from the series PANDORA Rose

PANDORA recent­ly released their first Charms in the series PANDORA Rose Dis­ney Parks. Now for anoth­er addi­tion, the Shang­hai Amuse­ment Park charm. The minia­ture cas­tle is sur­round­ed by zir­co­ni­um stones in the shape of a cube, which repeats the idea of ​​​​Dis­ney films. This charm will only be avail­able in Shang­hai.

Chip and Dale Charm

Chip and Dale are real Mick­ey Mouse fans and peek out from under the hat togeth­er Mouseke­teer. These two adorable chip­munks look alike, but Dale has a red nose and Chip has a black nose. This cute charm is already on our wish list from the series PANDORA Dis­ney!

Charm “Fam­i­ly”

The famous Dis­ney cas­tle, sur­round­ed by pink enam­el, is bright­ly lit by a star. The oth­er side of the charm fea­tures a sil­hou­ette of the Dis­ney fam­i­ly hold­ing hands all day as they stroll through the Dis­ney park. This charm would look cute paired with the pas­tel pink Fairy­land charm from the series PANDORA Dis­ney Parks 2019.

Cook­ie Charm

Cook­ie is Daffy’s new friend, mak­ing her Hong Kong Dis­ney­land debut in 2018. Dressed in a chef’s hat com­plete with onions, Cook­ie is depict­ed with a wood­en spoon. She is ready to bake a fresh batch of cook­ies! Gold stones adorn the clasp, but our favorite detail is the hid­den pho­to of Mick­ey on Cook­ie’s lit­tle paws! The “Cook­ie” charm is anoth­er piece of jew­el­ry worth adding to your col­lec­tion.

Charm “Dum­bo”

Dum­bo is one of our favorite Dis­ney char­ac­ters, and we were thrilled to find out PANDORA is about to release two new charms from Dum­bo. This beau­ti­ful sil­ver charm depicts the sto­ry of Dum­b­o’s moth­er open­ing her stork bas­ket to reveal the adorable baby! Dum­b­o’s eyes are two tiny blue enam­el dots, and a sin­gle cubic zir­co­nia stone adorns the clasp. There is also a spe­cial pin that con­nects Dum­b­o’s ears to his head, allow­ing them to move up and down.

Charm “Dum­bo and Mrs. Jum­bo”

Dum­bo shares a pre­cious moment with his moth­er in this adorable but­ton charm. Blue, pink and yel­low enam­el details high­light the design and the charm design is sur­round­ed by tiny hearts. The reverse is engraved with the mes­sage ‘My Pre­cious Love’.

Our favorites from the col­lec­tion PANDORA Spring 2019 fea­tures the Mura­no Pink Flower and But­ter­fly Charms, the Bloom­ing Water­ing Can Charm and of course, the Flo­ral Bel­la Bot Charm! As well as “Chip and Dale” charms from the Dis­ney Parks series, “Cook­ie” charm and “Dum­bo” charm.

What do you think about the spring col­lec­tion PANDORA 2019? Share your thoughts in the com­ments below…


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