Global Pandora Fall 2018 Collection: HD Photo Review

Pandora Fall 2018 Collection: HD Photo Review


It’s been a lit­tle over a week until the release of the Pan­do­ra Fall 2018 col­lec­tion, and today, as usu­al, we have pre­pared HQ images and detailed com­ments on the new Charms! This year, the Fall 2018 col­lec­tion includes majes­tic pur­ples, roy­al motifs and beau­ti­ful grains inspired by the har­vest sea­son.

The col­lec­tion will be released on August 30 world­wide. In this arti­cle, we focused on charms and bracelets — the col­lec­tion will also include fig­urines for the Glow, Rose, Dis­ney and jew­el­ry lines. Below we have attached links to reviews of these col­lec­tions:

- Pan­do­ra Shineautumn 2018

- Pan­do­ra Rose Fall 2018

- Pan­do­ra Autumn 2018 Jew­el­ry

We hope you enjoy this one HQ a tour of the charm and bracelet col­lec­tionPan­do­ra autumn 2018 Mocops!

Pan­do­ra Fall 2018 Col­lec­tion overview

First, a new one appeared charm bracelet, With a new lock style. We real­ly liked the detail­ing on the clasp and this sil­ver design. The prob­lem with this lock, how­ev­er, can be wear­ing a bracelet with ful­ly filled Charms.

Next — charm! We start with one of the most charm­ing options, Bruno the Uni­corn. This lit­tle fig­ure with sil­ver design is very cute. It may seem that the charm looks a lit­tle fun­ny, but despite every­thing, it is real­ly charm­ing.

Roy­al beau­ty fea­tures clear pur­ple enam­el arranged to appear as a slight­ly hyp­not­ic web design.

Charm Roy­al Key — anoth­er one from this col­lec­tion, in which there is a beau­ti­ful inter­weav­ing of sil­ver details and oxi­da­tion of the key itself.

Iri­des­cent white glass mura­no comes in sil­ver and pink and rep­re­sents some­thing new for glass beads Pan­do­ra — mura­no with pat­terned sil­ver cores. We think this is a pret­ty good solu­tion and look for­ward to more live shots! The only thing we would change is the sil­ver cores so we don’t break the glass lat­er.

Charmdaz­zling crown would be great for a Lon­don themed bracelet or a Dis­ney Princess bracelet.

scar love potion — this is anoth­er kind that catch­es the eye, because of the beau­ti­ful pas­tel! The stone is sim­ply described as a “pink mist crys­tal”. We’d put it next to a white iri­des­cent mura­no and fairy beads in a nice white and pink style.

Fairy­tale cas­tle beau­ti­ful and strong in detail, with many beau­ti­ful­ly ren­dered small win­dows and gates. How­ev­er, it is sim­i­lar to many of the Dis­ney Cas­tle Charms.

Free bird rem­i­nis­cent of the clas­sic two-tone spring 2013 design. This new ver­sion includes the ubiq­ui­tous detail pavé “new” style Pan­do­ra. There are also many indi­vid­ual fea­tures — small curls around the bot­tom, as well as the fact that the bird can be car­ried in a cage or with­out it. You can see that the cage itself is hinged and opens and clos­es!

Charm Fairy Tale Book has a cute design of a horse on the title page, and a fairy tale writ­ten inside. While these Charms are very cute, they have a ten­den­cy to not close prop­er­ly after a while. This is anoth­er mod­ern look of charm, inter­pret­ed from the Spring 2013 col­lec­tion

Charm lay­ers of lace — is a dec­o­ra­tive detail that resem­bles many details Pan­do­ra SS 14.

Charm the keys to love The inter­est­ing thing is that all these small sil­ver keys clink with each oth­er when worn.

In charm Cas­tle and Heart there are two sil­ver heart halves con­nect­ed by a sil­ver chain in a rather nice design. The design of this charm does not need beau­ty.

Charm Love in the cas­tle

Charm Unit­ed roy­al hearts.Our favorite heart scar charm is a pret­ty lit­tle open­work. It has a less mod­ern style and ele­gance.

Undoubt­ed­ly, the most inter­est­ing thing is the charm Unit­ed roy­al keys- this is a beau­ti­ful fil­i­gree pan­el. You could remove the glit­ter and replace it with ele­gant sil­ver beads around the edge of the lock­et.

Gran­ite float­ing bead — a sea­son­al charm, which means it will not be avail­able for sale after this sea­son. You can see what it looks like with the tiny specks inside.

Charm sparkling love resem­bles many oth­er charms that offer a sim­ple heart design.

For many years, col­lec­tors Pan­do­ra have been ask­ing for more Hal­loween Charms — well, in 2018 they final­ly got a brand new charm! sweet pump­kin - a sim­ple sil­ver charm — we real­ly like the style of it. We are def­i­nite­ly in a soci­ety of peo­ple who pre­fer Hal­loween to be more on the cute side rather than the scary side.

We don’t have good pho­tos yet, but in the style of last year’s Engraved Charms there will also be two new exclu­sive Hal­loween beads. One — in the form of an engraved heart hang­ing from Hocus Pocuswrit­ten on it, and the oth­er is a but­ton with an engrav­ing on it Boo-tiful.

Pump­kin con­nects anoth­er impor­tant theme of Pan­do­ra autumn 2018 — grains and har­vest. Charm grains of ener­gy has a pur­ple enam­el fin­ish and a nice con­trast between the two rows of leaves — one with oxi­dized mark­ings and the oth­er plain sil­ver. It will have a safe­ty chain with the same kind of design. This charm has a sil­i­cone lin­ing and it is real­ly quite com­fort­able.

icon of nature. We love the beau­ti­ful sim­ple sil­ver style of the next charm, also with bright swirls of sil­ver gath­ered in a heart shape. It’s easy to get tired of mul­ti­ple hearts, but it’s cool to do some­thing dif­fer­ent and look at charm mak­ing from the point of view of the main theme of the col­lec­tion. This charm reminds me of Angel Feath­er from Fall 2015.

Charm Always by your side fea­tures a cute lit­tle mouse and bird that was fea­tured in Pan­do­ra’s Spring and Moth­er’s Day col­lec­tions in 2018, this time giv­en an autumn accent with grains and pur­ple stones.

Charm bright seeds . We real­ly liked the raised grain detail­ing around the edge of the heart.

Charm grains of ele­gance — sim­ple but pret­ty design, has a sil­i­cone grip, so it can be used to wear the charm on smooth bracelets and leather.

Charm Daz­zling rays of grain quite abstract in style.

Charm Radi­ant grains of ener­gy offers a lit­tle more flow­ers.

This charm calls A place where love grows.

Charm fam­i­ly lock­et with pink fill­ing hid­den inside a sil­ver medal­lion case.

Charm fam­i­ly game real­ly cute and a new take on a well worn top­ic.

Charm Rab­bit lantern described in detail in pas­tel enam­els. This charm will NOT be avail­able in the US, but it should be in Cana­da and oth­er regions.

daz­zling stetho­scope glo­ri­fies the med­ical pro­fes­sion.

Charm hero dog.

Charm Basics of fire fight­ingcan be not­ed for the design of the bracelets with which it should be worn (with red enam­el).


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