Global Pandora Collection Valentine’s Day 2019

Pandora Collection Valentine’s Day 2019


This year flew by and it’s time to present a new series for Valentine’s Day!

The PANDORA 2019 col­lec­tion hon­ors Valen­tine’s Day

The upcom­ing release of PAN­DO­RA’s Valen­tine’s Day col­lec­tion fea­tures sophis­ti­cat­ed, con­tem­po­rary ele­ments inspired by the cupids of love. Deep reds, pinks and pur­ples cre­ate a strik­ing con­trast with Charms from the PANDORA Shine series. Also fea­tured in this col­lec­tion pre­view are the PANDORA 2019 Chi­nese New Year charms and charms for Inter­na­tion­al Wom­en’s Day 2019.

The new Love Notes charm draws inspiration from love letters and messages secretly sent by fans. Each silver page of the notebook is engraved with a message. You can find the note “I love you” by turning the pages of the decoration. On the front of the notebook is the inscription “Love Notes” with a tiny red enamel heart and clear cubic zirconia stones. Although this charm will not be on our wish list, we clearly liked them — very cute decoration. We especially liked the detail of the spirals that hold the pages together!

The Shining Arrows and Heart charm symbolizes the moment you were struck by Cupid’s bow and fell in love. The three-dimensional heart is pierced by a bright arrow with red and purple stones, and around the charm are clear cubic zirconia stones. It is worth highlighting the features of the design on both sides of the decoration.

The asymmetric love heart charm reminded us a lot of the Love Explosion charm from the 2018 Valentine’s Day Collection. This charm looks more refined with the use of purple stones and a more fluid design of interlocking hearts, unlike last season’s Love Explosion charm, which gave the appearance of a flawed design.

The “Asymmetrical Love Heart” charm is decorated with hand-painted enamel with a shaded effect from dark red to pale pink shades. On the reverse side there is an engraving of the word “Love” in handwritten script. In this jewelry, the PANDORA logo is printed on the side of the heart. Personally, we didn’t like this decoration, as we thought it looked a bit cheap.

Charm “Robot Bob”

When the Bella the Robot charm was released last spring, we were pleasantly surprised by the idea of ​​making a little robot boy ornament to be Bella the robot’s boyfriend. In our review of Bella the Robot, we even mentioned a Doodle blog drawing of a boy and a girl robot. Looking at the Bella the Robot and Bob the Robot charms, it’s clear that these images are what inspired PANDORA to create these pieces of jewelry. One of the differences between Bob’s robot and Bella’s is that the new one does not have a bow tie. Bob looks rather dashing in his suit and carries a rose for Bella. True connoisseurs of romantic charms from this Pandora series should definitely purchase this charm for their collection.

Charm “Path to Love / Labyrinth of Hearts and Arrows”

Cupid’s arrow pierces this silver heart, creating a labyrinth in the center. At the top of the charm is the inspirational message “Follow Your Heart”. Despite the fact that Cupid — the messenger of love — gives it a romantic charm, it will be a nice gift for those who strive to achieve their goals and go for their dreams.

Charm “Cube of Love”

This cute dice charm is reminiscent of the saying “lucky in love”! The four sides of the cube are decorated with inscriptions that say “Love”. Bright cubic zirconia stones outline the letter “L”, and the letter “o” is represented in the shape of a red heart. The engraved letters “v” and “e” form another part of the word. We’re not putting this charm on a wish list, but it’s sure to be a choice for many collectors.

Charm “Path to Love / Rose and silver heart”.

The labyrinth motif in the PANDORA Rose series continues its implementation and in this charm The basis of the product is a pink heart, on the reverse side there is a message “Follow your heart”. A pale lilac crystal completes this sophisticated design.

“Scenario of love” charm

The new Love Script charm is reminiscent of the Tassel pendants from the Spring 2018 collection. The charm consists of five silver chains of different lengths, from which hang 18-carat gold-plated letters and form the word “Love”. Beautiful silver beads and a small ring in the shape of a heart add elegance to the decoration.

Pandora 2019 club charm

PANDORA fans are already going crazy for the club charm of Pandora 2019! This two-tone keyring features a tiny PANDORA Rose heart-shaped lock diamond. After opening the treasure chest, you can see the engraved message “Be yourself”. The back side of the keychain is decorated with the inscription “PANDORA Club 2019”. While we haven’t collected all of the PANDORA Club Charms before, this one will definitely be on our wish list.

Charm “Arrows of love”

The “Arrows of Love” charm is a cute interpretation of the “Heart of Cupid” charm. Opening the silver medallion reveals an 18-carat gold-plated arrow. The word “Love” is engraved on the inside of the heart in capital letters. We really liked the concept of this design and this charm could be the most popular decoration in the Valentine’s Day series.

Charm “Cupid and you”

Cupid with a bow and arrow seems to be aiming for you! This little guy is very detailed, including feathered angel wings, chubby legs and a cheeky smile. Under his arm hangs an 18-karat gold heart with the word “you” engraved in it. Although cupid is not an original Valentine’s Day theme, this charm is given a fresh interpretation for PANDORA and is likely to become a fan favorite in this collection.

Cupid’s Shiny Arrows Charm

Cupid’s Shining Arrows Charm is an arrow sent by Cupid that can be worn on a bracelet or necklace. This 18k gold plated charm also pairs beautifully with the new Cupid and You charm necklace.

Charm “Matroshka”

We were wondering how the “Matryoshka” charm would fit in with the Valentine’s Day theme, maybe this ornament would be better suited for a Mother’s Day collection! However, it is a very cute charm, and the red, black, yellow and green enamel highlights all the details of the little doll. We always thought the original Matryoshka charm looked a little rough, but the new charm looks so much better!

Dis­ney col­lec­tion

Charm “Mick­ey and Min­nie with love”

Cute beloved Mick­ey and Min­nie Mouse hold­ing hands over a shiny red heart. Behind them, a larg­er enam­el heart cre­ates a roman­tic back­ground. When you turn the key­chain over, you can see the inscrip­tion “Love” on the back of the charm. While we’ve been lov­ing Pan­do­ra’s Dis­ney line charms late­ly, we weren’t quite to our lik­ing with this charm. The details in the pic­tures are not as attrac­tive as oth­er Mick­ey and Min­nie pen­dants, such as the charm­ing Min­nie and Mick­ey in a vin­tage car pen­dant.

Classic Minnie pendant from the Disney series

Minnie Mouse looks cute and demure in this charming pendant. Dressed in her iconic red enamel polka dot skirt, she is ready for a romantic evening with her beloved Mickey. This cute Disney pendant will look great paired with a classic Mickey pendant.


Clip “asym­met­ri­cal hearts in love”

Sim­i­lar to the Explo­sion of Love clip from the 2018 Valen­tine’s Day col­lec­tion, this col­or­ful clip fea­tures small red enam­el hearts. This jew­el­ry also includes sim­ple sil­ver hearts and pur­ple and pink crys­tals and fuch­sia cubic zir­co­nia stones.

Clips “Heart in love”

Similar to Pandora’s classic Love Heart Clasp, this simple silver clasp features the word ‘Loved’ in pastel pink enamel. Sometimes enamel detailing can beautify a design, but unfortunately in this case the presence of enamel cheapened the appearance of the clip.


Bracelet “Lock of Love”

PAN­DO­RA’s 2019 Valen­tine’s Day col­lec­tion includes a new design of the sleek Moments lock bracelet. The word “Love” is embossed on one side of the lock and the reverse is engraved with the mes­sage “You are my love”. Since the clasp is com­plete­ly remov­able, it can be worn on a bracelet or neck­lace.

Bracelet “Shin­ing Por­trait of Min­nie”

Mick­ey might be a lit­tle jeal­ous, because for the first time, a sil­ver bracelet from the “Moments” series will fea­ture a clasp with a por­trait of Min­nie Mouse. The clip fea­tures the same design as the recent­ly released Shin­ing Min­nie Por­trait Clip. The clasp of the bracelet is dec­o­rat­ed with clear, not red, cubic zir­co­nia stones. To com­plete the com­plete Mick­ey and Min­nie look, you can wear this bracelet with the Shin­ing Min­nie and Mick­ey charm bracelets.

Bracelet “Love scenario”

Sparkling letters crafted from 18k Sterling Silver dangle from a sterling silver chain to spell out the word Love. The accent on both sides of the word is made by two tiny golden hearts. The bracelet is easily adjustable as needed.

Bracelet with a clasp in the form of a heart

A beautiful bracelet with heart-shaped clasps is made with gold plating. The PANDORA Shine Heart Clasp is crafted from 18k gold-plated sterling silver and is the perfect bracelet to display PANDORA Shine Charms or two-tone pieces. It is known that some fans do not like to wear 14k gold and PANDORA Shine jewelry together, but when the design is well thought out, it can look quite beautiful and stylish.

REFLECTIONS collection

Clip “Asymmetrical heart of love”

Bright red enam­el fades to pale pink on one side of the Asym­met­ri­cal Love Heart Clip from the Reflec­tion Series. On the reverse side, a cut-out heart is sur­round­ed by the PANDORA logo. This clip is only com­pat­i­ble with bracelets from the Reflec­tion series.

Clip “Asym­met­ric heart and arrows”

The Asym­met­ri­cal Heart and Arrows Clip has a more sub­tle and ele­gant design than the Asym­met­ri­cal Love Heart Clip. A cute arrow with feath­ers glides over the heart, and the entire clip sparkles with stones. As with oth­er clips in the Reflec­tion series, the PANDORA logo is embossed around the edge.

“Tree of Life” clip

Pan­do­ra’s new Tree of Life Clip from the Reflec­tion Series is the most beau­ti­ful clip in the Reflec­tion Series! In the cen­ter of the dec­o­ra­tion, a mag­i­cal tree blooms with large leaves spread out on the sides. This jew­el­ry has a clas­sic design, the clasp is made with­out zir­co­nia.


Shining Arrow Ring

Cupid’s glittering arrow wraps around your finger in this contemporary ring design. The word “Love” is discreetly engraved on the inside of the ring.

Ring “Locket of love”

This is an 18k gold plated mini locket. A tiny heart is embossed at the top of the circle on either side of the disc, while the words ‘Love’ and ‘You’ are engraved on either side.

Ring “Script of Love”

The combination of a chain and a solid silver band forms a script of love ring. As with other jewelry in the Script of Love series, the 18K gold-plated letters “Love” hang from the chain. Inside the letter “o” there is a transparent zirconium, in the shape of a cube, which creates an additional glow of the ornament.

Neck­lace “Asym­met­ric Love Heart”

This beautiful heart pendant necklace reminds us of Tiffany’s Open Heart necklace. Set at an angle with an asymmetrical design, tiny sparkling stones draw the eye.

Shining Arrow Necklace

Cupid’s arrow is divided into beautiful beaded chains in this interesting necklace. At the top of the necklace is a smooth heart, ready to be hit by an arrow of love.

Necklace “Love Script”

The Love Script necklace features glittering letters hanging from a sterling silver chain that spells out ‘Love’, with two PANDORA Shine hearts accenting the word on either side. In this necklace, the chain is suitable for any length and can be adjusted.

Ear­rings “Big asym­met­ric hearts of love”

Earrings with silver asymmetric hearts and engraved word “Love” represent a modern image of a classic earring-ring. This ornament is available for a limited time only, while supplies last.

Ear­rings “Small asym­met­ric hearts of love”

Asymmetric Love Heart Earrings are also available in a smaller size.

Earrings “Shining Arrows”

Cupid has sent his miniature arrows to you! These are beautiful stud earrings adorned with a sparkling stone in the middle, a smooth silver tip and feathers, which are sure to make a great gift. The earrings are available for a limited time only.
Earrings “asymmetric love hearts”

Asymmetric Love Hearts Stud Earrings are contemporary in style and feature a polished sterling silver heart with a sparkling heart-shaped stone set below.


The most interesting of the Chinese New Year charms from the PANDORA 2019 series is the Lucky Fish charm. This piece is decorated with red and white enamel, and a decorative carp hangs from a 14k gold coin. Carp fish is a Chinese symbol of luck, prosperity and courage. It is very cool to see such a two-tone charm in this series, which will become the best seller of this series.

Charm “Shining coin for good luck”

This beautiful charm from PANDORA Shine takes its inspiration from ancient Chinese coins, which have a characteristic square cut in the middle and symbolize success and prosperity. The edge of the charm has some Celtic motif. Four pale yellow stones sparkle brightly against the 18-carat gold, creating a stunning effect.

Charm “Shining piggy bank”

Part of Pandora’s 2019 Chinese New Year collection, the Shining Pig with Onion charm is included. This charm in the shape of a piggy bank with a red enamel bow honors the symbolism of the pig; luck, prosperity and wealth. In fact, this is not a new design, but rather a copy of the PANDORA Shine Pig Piggy Silver Charm.

PANDORA Collection 2019 International Women’s Day

Pan­do­ra Inter­na­tion­al Wom­en’s Day 2019 Charm

The Inter­na­tion­al Wom­en’s Day 2019 series is a major improve­ment in 2018 jew­el­ry designs. A beau­ti­ful tulip breaks through the edge of this charm, rep­re­sent­ing growth and hope. Behind the fil­i­gree image is an inscrip­tion in pale pink enam­el on one side “Hap­pi­ness, strength, love” and>


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