Global Jewelry that you want to take with you on vacation

Jewelry that you want to take with you on vacation


Your vaca­tion is get­ting clos­er and the ques­tion of where to go and what things to take with you has already been decid­ed, but almost every woman has a prob­lem with choos­ing acces­sories that she may need dur­ing her vaca­tion. Every woman wants to look attrac­tive by the fire, on the beach and in an expen­sive restau­rant. Jew­els and orna­ments play an impor­tant role in this. Every woman has her favorite acces­sories, with the help of which she cre­ates her own unique image, but tak­ing the entire arse­nal with you is quite risky and incon­ve­nient. The choice of jew­el­ry that you take with you will depend on where and how you plan to relax.
You should not take expen­sive prod­ucts on a trip, as it will be very unfor­tu­nate if they get lost. Also, gold and sil­ver are very sus­cep­ti­ble to the neg­a­tive effects of salty sea water. There­fore, it is rec­om­mend­ed to opt for sim­pler jew­el­ry.

If you have many nights in clubs planned, take with you ordi­nary club jew­el­ry, every­thing that glows and shines as much as pos­si­ble. If you plan to walk around the city and vis­it var­i­ous muse­ums, take bracelets with an orig­i­nal appear­ance. You can buy them right in the city from its res­i­dents and thus join the chic style boho. Per­haps in the future, you will often return to it in your every­day life.

For walks in Euro­pean cities, pref­er­ence should be giv­en to jew­el­ry of low bright­ness. Not too big ear­rings or pen­dants. Neck­laces and bracelets will be a great addi­tion to the casu­al style.

Rings can be tak­en with you, but in small quan­ti­ties, they often cre­ate a lot of incon­ve­nience on vaca­tion and are very rarely worn, unlike bracelets, which are deserved­ly pop­u­lar and help in cre­at­ing an indi­vid­ual hol­i­day style.

Jewelry for active recreation.

If your plans include a trip to the moun­tains, forests or ski resorts, then your best choice is min­i­mal­ism. On such a vaca­tion, no one will appre­ci­ate your efforts, even if you change neck­laces and rings every day, and besides, large ear­rings and bracelets can cause you a lot of incon­ve­nience and are absolute­ly incom­pat­i­ble with a sporty style of cloth­ing. Styl­ish small bracelets made of leather or rub­ber When choos­ing ear­rings, pref­er­ence should be giv­en to small rings. Minia­ture leather or rub­ber pen­dants, braid­ed bracelets with stripes of dif­fer­ent col­ors and hip­pie-style head­bands will be very appro­pri­ate.

Jewelry for a beach holiday.

Choos­ing your acces­sories for the beach can be up to you braveAlmost every­thing is allowed here: bright and very large ear­rings, bracelets made of fresh flow­ers. Also, you can take jew­el­ry that is very unusu­al in both shape and design. At the same time, do not for­get that if the dress or swim­suit is mul­ti-col­ored, then it is bet­ter to choose mono­chro­mat­ic jew­el­ry for them and vice ver­sa.
Hand­made jew­el­ry is rarely worn every day, but on vaca­tion, the oppo­site is true. Hand­made prod­ucts are a great choice if of course you want to look styl­ish on the beach.
Bodiceyns (Body chains) today break all records in terms of pop­u­lar­i­ty. A beau­ti­ful mul­ti-col­ored cape made of inter­twined chains, sim­i­lar to fish­ing nets or a neck­lace that goes into the belt is the per­fect choice for a beach pho­to shoot.
You will look very sexy with a thin chain around your waist.
All those unusu­al dec­o­ra­tions that you can­not find a use for at home will be per­fect­ly com­bined with cur­rent sum­mer sun­dress­es, T‑shirts, skirts, as well as shorts.
It is nec­es­sary to remem­ber that any jew­el­ry needs care. After vis­it­ing the beach, thor­ough­ly wash off the remain­ing sand and salt in soapy water. If you want to restore the shine of met­al prod­ucts, you can reg­u­lar­ly clean them with tooth­paste, as well as rinse them in a solu­tion of water and ammo­nia.

Have a nice rest and don’t for­get that the best dec­o­ra­tion is your smile and good mood. If even you for­get to take some of your favorite jew­el­ry with you, don’t be upset, buy some cute vaca­tion things, they will cheer you up and remind you of this trip until your next vaca­tion.


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