Global How to open a Pandora bracelet. Video. How to open a bracelet lock. Advices

How to open a Pandora bracelet. Video. How to open a bracelet lock. Advices


Almost every mod­ern fash­ion­ista knows about Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry. Many who have already pleased them­selves or received a Pan­do­ra bracelet as a gift faced the main prob­lem: how to open the hid­den lock on the bracelet? Accord­ing to the man­u­fac­tur­ers, for the integri­ty of the prod­uct and secu­ri­ty, it is best to pur­chase a spe­cial­ly designed key. But if you do not have such a key, do not wor­ry, there are many oth­er ways to open every­one’s favorite thing.

An ele­gant Pan­do­ra bracelet allows you to add spe­cial charms with some mean­ing. One of the char­ac­ter­is­tic fea­tures of the Pan­do­ra bracelet is its secret clasp, which is dif­fi­cult to open. The pop­u­lar brand Pan­do­ra made a real­ly unique P‑LOCK lock, in a cylin­dri­cal shape. The free edge of the bracelet is placed in the groove of the clasp, the walls of the cylin­der itself are closed and locked, form­ing the reli­a­bil­i­ty of wear­ing the prod­uct. The clasp is designed to enhance the beau­ty of the bracelet, ensur­ing that it stays secure­ly on your wrist.

So, to open the lock, you need to per­form the fol­low­ing steps:

Step 1

Find the clasp on your Pan­do­ra bracelet. It is dis­guised as a dec­o­ra­tive bead, which is dif­fi­cult to dis­tin­guish from oth­er beads on the bracelet. The clasp bead will have a fine slit in it, from end to end.

step 2

Grasp the bracelet gen­tly on either side of the ball of the clasp and push the minia­ture into its slot with enough pres­sure to open the hinged clasp. Hav­ing pre­vi­ous­ly placed the bracelet on a hard sur­face.

step 3

Insert a thin object into the slot to replace the key, such as a plas­tic card, a pick, a paper clip, or a thin nail file. Remem­ber that any oth­er object should not be too sharp, and the thick­ness should not be more than 1 mm.

step 4

Care­ful­ly open the lock, with­out putting pres­sure on it.

When open­ing the bracelet, take into account that you should not put too much pres­sure on the lock to avoid break­ing the tab. When the bracelet clos­es, you will hear a char­ac­ter­is­tic click­ing sound, the absence of which is a clear sign that the tab is weak and needs to be repaired. Watch this moment, as there is always a pos­si­bil­i­ty of los­ing a piece of jew­el­ry!

When buy­ing such an exquis­ite and unique bracelet, it may imme­di­ate­ly seem that open­ing the bracelet requires undue com­plex­i­ty. But after some time, all the own­ers of such a prod­uct note that it is not easy to tear off such a strong lock from the hand (if it is a theft), dur­ing nor­mal walk­ing, dur­ing sports and swim­ming, the bracelet also always remains secure­ly fixed on the hand. And, of course, such an unusu­al lock looks ele­gant, remind­ing every­one around about dif­fi­cult jew­el­ry, with its design­er look.

Video instruc­tion:


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