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How to choose the perfect engagement ring


an engage­ment ring is not an ordi­nary gift, but a real sym­bol of great impor­tance. Almost every unmar­ried girl is wait­ing for such an offer from the future groom.

Signs and traditions associated with engagement rings

Pre­vi­ous­ly, objects made in the form of a cir­cle were a kind of sym­bols that cement­ed rela­tion­ships between peo­ple. In ancient Rome, a guy pre­sent­ed rings only to the par­ents of his cho­sen one, thus show­ing that he has enough oppor­tu­ni­ties to sup­port his fam­i­ly. And in Ancient Rus­sia, the rite of engage­ment itself was much more impor­tant than the lat­er wed­ding rite.

By tra­di­tion, the engage­ment ring and the wed­ding ring are worn on the same fin­gers. In Rus­sia, they are worn on the mid­dle fin­ger and on the right hand, and in Europe, as well as the USA, on the ring fin­ger of the left hand. It is strict­ly not rec­om­mend­ed to wear it after the engage­ment on oth­er fin­gers, in order not to inter­fere with the planned wed­ding.

If the girl accepts the pro­pos­al, she wears the ring. After that, the ring is removed on the day of the wed­ding itself, and an engage­ment ring is imme­di­ate­ly put on instead. In some cas­es, girls con­tin­ue to wear these rings togeth­er if they coor­di­nate and match each oth­er in style.

The right choice of engagement ring

The engage­ment ring has always been giv­en great impor­tance, and in many cas­es the ring itself is kept in the fam­i­ly as a kind of fam­i­ly sym­bol. That is why it is nec­es­sary to be quite seri­ous and take into account all the nuances and sub­tleties when choos­ing it.

Bud­get is a huge fac­tor influ­enc­ing the choice, as the cost of rings starts from hun­dreds to mil­lions of dol­lars. many well-known man­u­fac­tur­ers also pro­duce exclu­sive one-of-a-kind mod­els that dif­fer in their sophis­ti­ca­tion and, accord­ing­ly, cost.

Accord­ing to estab­lished tra­di­tions, the ring is made of pre­cious met­al, prefer­ably gold, and addi­tion­al­ly dec­o­rat­ed with a nat­ur­al stone. When choos­ing rings, it is bet­ter not to buy them at dif­fer­ent pro­mo­tions, since quite a lot of the same rings may be released and the girl could already see them. In this case, the mod­el of the ring will not be a sur­prise for her.

It is very impor­tant when buy­ing to know exact­ly the required size of the ring itself (its inner diam­e­ter). To find out this secret­ly from the future bride, you can turn to her friend, who may know the nec­es­sary data or find it out. If the girl already has rings, there is always an oppor­tu­ni­ty to mea­sure their size. it is also nec­es­sary to remem­ber that the ring will nec­es­sar­i­ly be worn on the ring fin­ger, and the oth­er fin­gers of a per­son have a dif­fer­ent thick­ness, accord­ing­ly, rings of dif­fer­ent sizes are worn on them.

Clas­sic when choos­ing an engage­ment ring is a thin open­work ring made of gold and dec­o­rat­ed with a small dia­mond. How­ev­er, if a girl likes sil­ver jew­el­ry, then an engage­ment ring can be made of sil­ver.

When choos­ing a stone for a ring, a num­ber of require­ments should be tak­en into account. So, it is not advis­able to use pearls (which, accord­ing to beliefs, can cause tears), opal (caus­es mis­for­tune) and dia­mond crumb (can sym­bol­ize bro­ken love) in the ring. But the dia­mond itself has always been a sym­bol of last­ing and strong love.

The size of the stone also mat­ters. For exam­ple, too big is uncom­fort­able to wear, espe­cial­ly in win­ter under gloves, so it is bet­ter to choose small open­work prod­ucts.

When choos­ing a ring for an engage­ment cer­e­mo­ny, you must take into account the girl’s taste. To do this, it is nec­es­sary to look close­ly at the jew­el­ry that she already wears, to find out their style. At the same time, if she prefers orig­i­nal, extra­or­di­nary and extrav­a­gant things, her choice should be lim­it­ed to cus­tom-made exclu­sive prod­ucts.


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