Global Do-it-yourself bead jewelry

Do-it-yourself bead jewelry


When mak­ing jew­el­ry with your own hands, you get jew­el­ry that suits you com­plete­ly, and you also put your own soul into each prod­uct. At the same time, such dec­o­ra­tions require cer­tain knowl­edge and patience.

Any craftswoman who invents jew­el­ry must have worked with a sim­i­lar depart­ment of jew­el­ry. These dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments are pleas­ant to every­one, and the process itself is quite inter­est­ing. And it is not dif­fi­cult to learn this, and with a prop­er under­stand­ing of the fea­tures, it will become an excit­ing pas­time, result­ing in an indi­vid­ual dec­o­ra­tion.

One of the rules that should be fol­lowed is to make a pre­lim­i­nary one schemeAnd also cal­cu­late the num­ber of beads them­selves:

  • Put up with the girth of the hand.
  • The num­ber of rows and required beads is deter­mined.
  • Acces­sories, fas­ten­ing ele­ments, tools with which you can fas­ten and string are select­ed.

At the same time, it is pos­si­ble to make both neck­laces and bracelets, ear­rings, rings, pen­dants, brooches or oth­er options of prod­ucts to your taste.

For those who have encoun­tered the man­u­fac­ture of jew­el­ry for the first time on their own, you should study the options for beads that can be bought in an online store. In addi­tion to sizes, they are made of dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als mate­ri­als:

  • Col­or­ful glass.
  • Plas­tic (mat­te or glossy in a large assort­ment).
  • Ceram­ic (have a spe­cial col­or and are very pop­u­lar).
  • Met­al (allows you to dilute the stan­dard options of beads).

by options forms you can meet:

  • Ordi­nary round beads of var­i­ous sizes.
  • The glass ceil­ing has the shape of a large tube.
  • A cut is a small tube that is strung.

There­fore, if you are mak­ing jew­el­ry, first look at the dia­gram or make it your­self, and also take into account all the fea­tures of the prod­uct being cre­at­ed.

The advantage of self-made jewelry

If you make it your­self, it is pos­si­ble to get mass advan­tageswhich will be tan­gi­ble advan­tages:

  • The abil­i­ty to cre­ate jew­el­ry for any image, dress or oth­er cloth­ing.
  • Abil­i­ty to cre­ate a whole set or add to an exist­ing one.
  • Make an orig­i­nal ver­sion indi­vid­u­al­ly for a per­son.
  • Cre­ate new prod­ucts for a gift.

In addi­tion to beads, oth­er ele­ments are used in such jew­el­ry, and they can also be com­bined. So bead­work is dec­o­rat­ed with pen­dants, pen­dants, rib­bons and all kinds of mate­ri­als.

Despite the fact that jew­el­ry is made from pur­chased mate­ri­als, some of them can be made by hand. Online stores offer beads for Pan­do­ra bracelets, which can also be bought and used to cre­ate your own jew­el­ry.

How to sell bead jewelry

Some crafts­men fall in love with this type of activ­i­ty, cre­at­ing many options that fill the cas­kets and lie idle. That is why they are think­ing about sell­ing their prod­ucts and the best options for sale should be con­sid­ered:

  • Social net­works where you can offer friends and acquain­tances.
  • Cre­ate your own online store and offer a range of hand­made mod­els.
  • Through spe­cial ser­vices, where they adver­tise your prod­uct for a fee from the deal.
  • Through forums, which allows you to com­mu­ni­cate direct­ly with the buy­er or share the inter­ests of the same crafts­men.
  • Sub­mit jew­el­ry to the store at a min­i­mum price and you are guar­an­teed to make a prof­it.
  • Cre­ate your own pro­duc­tion and raise it to the lev­el of whole­sale sales.

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