Global Choker on the neck. What means? History of the choker. What to wear?

Choker on the neck. What means? History of the choker. What to wear?


Chok­er trans­lat­ed from Eng­lish means “stran­gler”. This val­ue is very good for this prod­uct, as there is a short neck­lace that fits tight­ly around the neck and has an adjuster. Thanks to this, the jew­el­ry is ide­al for any woman and is adjustable depend­ing on the thick­ness of the neck.

Many believe that chok­ers appeared only a few years ago, but in fact it is quite an old ver­sion of jew­el­ry that was pre­ferred even by queens, duchess­es and oth­er nobles. And there is also an ear­ly vari­ant of chok­ers: African tribes wore such jew­el­ry in the form of met­al rings from child­hood, and added one ring each year.

The Indi­ans had a spe­cial atti­tude to chok­ers, who made them from threads, beads, and dec­o­rat­ed them with feath­ers. And for the leader, such a chok­er was made by a shaman, con­jur­ing it to pro­tect the own­er, and it was spe­cial for a per­son. For many nations, this dec­o­ra­tion also car­ries a deep mean­ing, and is also inter­pret­ed dif­fer­ent­ly depend­ing on the vari­ant. Since then, chok­ers have only changed and acquired many vari­eties depend­ing on the style of cloth­ing.

What are chokers made of and what are they worn with?

Mod­ern chok­ers can be bought in a large assort­ment in many online stores. They are made of var­i­ous mate­ri­als, such as: wood, plas­tic, met­al, bones, vel­vet, leather, satin, stones, etc. In addi­tion, a com­bi­na­tion of sev­er­al options is offered, as well as the pres­ence of pen­dants and oth­er acces­sories that cre­ate a chic image and give fem­i­nin­i­ty to the own­er.

Buy­ers are offered:

Rib­bon chok­ers - one of the most pop­u­lar options, which is a sim­ple black rib­bon that fits tight­ly around the neck. If you choose this option, then it will be well suit­ed for var­i­ous out­fits and will dec­o­rate the every­day in a bright and orig­i­nal way. Var­i­ous fab­rics are used in pro­duc­tion: vel­vet, lace, satin, as well as leather. In some cas­es, it is dec­o­rat­ed with a small pen­dant.

Met­al chok­ers are also quite pop­u­lar. Despite their con­spic­u­ous appear­ance, they have become a uni­ver­sal dec­o­ra­tion that is suit­able for an evening dress or ordi­nary jeans. It is a sol­id met­al plate or dec­o­ra­tion made of sev­er­al ele­ments assem­bled into a sin­gle struc­ture.

Chok­ers made of beads — this is an ide­al option for girls who have a short neck. Such an orna­ment will add sophis­ti­ca­tion and bright­ness to the image, as well as visu­al­ly length­en it a lit­tle.

Tat­too chok­ers or fish­ing line chok­ers. This mod­el has been known to many since child­hood, but it has gained great pop­u­lar­i­ty just now. This jew­el­ry is very suit­able for teenagers or young girls, which allows you to wear it with any every­day clothes and not wor­ry about choos­ing an image.

Wire chok­ers — this is a clas­sic ver­sion of jew­el­ry that fits tight­ly to the neck and is made of wire, which allows you to make the pat­terns more volu­mi­nous and curvy. They are com­bined with the way you like, espe­cial­ly with clothes from dif­fer­ent styles.

If you like at least one of the options, you can safe­ly exper­i­ment and choose dif­fer­ent looks. Thanks to the wide vari­ety, chok­ers have become some­thing like a neck­lace that com­ple­ments any image. Online stores offer a large assort­ment in var­i­ous col­or solu­tions, as well as styles, includ­ing Goth­ic.

Do-it-yourself chokers. Video:


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