Global Amber jewelry: why it is back in fashion

Amber jewelry: why it is back in fashion


Jew­el­ry with amber, as well as with pearls, was per­ceived a few years ago as a rem­nant of the past and some­thing that had long gone out of fash­ion. All of them were kept in the grand­moth­er’s box from year to year and there was almost no chance that an amber neck­lace, for exam­ple, would become a sought-after mod­el. Today, amber seems to have found a new life in jew­el­ry. Beau­ti­ful amber acces­sories con­quer the hearts of girls more and more. Read on if you want to know how to wear and with what to com­bine a sun stone to be on trend.

What kind of stone?

This unique peb­ble is con­sid­ered organ­ic. In fact, the resin of all conifers, which is “stuck among the cen­turies”, is called amber. Col­or, trans­paren­cy, pro­cess­ing com­plex­i­ty deter­mine more than 200 types of this stone. The col­or of the peb­ble depends on how much air is inside: the less air, the dark­er. There are more than four hun­dred shades in the amber palette. Green and black are con­sid­ered the most expen­sive, but they are the rarest. The main dif­fer­ence from oth­er stones is that its val­ue does not depend on puri­ty, often stuck insects inside increase the val­ue. The only down­side is that amber is quite dif­fi­cult to process, because at high tem­per­a­tures and fric­tion it soft­ens.

Modern jewelry with amber

Amber shines soft­ly and silky. The play of the sun’s rays inside it is incom­pa­ra­ble to any oth­er stone. And what a huge spec­trum of warm shades! But the most impor­tant thing is what can be con­tained in the mid­dle. Bub­bles with air, insects, col­or tran­si­tions bring inspi­ra­tion to jew­el­ry design­ers to cre­ate a new jew­el­ry era with a well-for­got­ten old one. The stone is per­fect­ly com­bined with a dia­mond, and with a sap­phire, and even with a rub­ber mate­r­i­al. The warmth of amber looks incred­i­bly beau­ti­ful in geo­met­ric shapes.

Eth­nic style helps to reveal the orig­i­nal­i­ty and unusu­al­ness of the sun peb­ble in com­bi­na­tion with ele­ments of wood and leather. Do you like to wear casu­al clothes? Excel­lent, mas­sive neck­laces and bracelets will suit you per­fect­ly.

How to choose the color of the stone?

Girls with fair hair are rec­om­mend­ed to pay atten­tion to jew­el­ry with rich yel­low or orange peb­bles. If your hair is dark, con­sid­er options with cher­ry, black and green amber.

Amber acces­sories are per­fect­ly com­bined with gen­tle and nat­ur­al col­ors in clothes.

How to look modern in amber jewelry?

  • In no case do not wear jew­el­ry sets;
  • for a sock each one day choose non-stan­dard forms of jew­el­ry or a lacon­ic style;
  • Plain clothes, as well as such dense fab­rics as wool or suede, are best com­bined with the stone;
  • For­get about oth­er bright stones in your image.
  • In no case do not wear oth­er vin­tage items under amber jew­el­ry.
  • Take a look at mod­ern inter­pre­ta­tions of jew­el­ry, such as charms or open jew­el­ry.

Decide on the pur­pose for which you want to pur­chase amber jew­el­ry. Want to wear it in every­day life? Pay atten­tion to pen­dants with tiny stones, they are imbued with romance and ten­der­ness. Need some­thing to com­ple­ment your evening dress? Then unusu­al neck­laces with amber or non-stan­dard bracelets are suit­able for you. Each acces­so­ry is orig­i­nal and unique thanks to a wide vari­ety of shades.

Here you can find a huge assort­ment, among which even the pick­i­est girl will find some­thing spe­cial for her­self. We pro­vide only those jew­els that will bring you joy for many years.


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