Global The story of Elena Bondar — a FRAGOLA client or how to assemble a PANDORA bracelet

The story of Elena Bondar — a FRAGOLA client or how to assemble a PANDORA bracelet


Ele­na Bon­dar, a long­time and good cus­tomer of the FRAGOLA store, told us her infor­ma­tive sto­ry. We decid­ed to retell her sto­ry in this arti­cle, as per­haps many of you will find use­ful infor­ma­tion for your­self on how to assem­ble a Pan­do­ra bracelet.

I have a total of 5 bracelets: 2 sil­ver ones — one with a P‑lock, the oth­er with a pavé bar­rel. Two dou­ble leather black and brown and one PANDORA ROSE clasp bracelet.

To assem­ble my first sil­ver bracelet, I sim­ply chose beads and pen­dants that attract­ed me or those that had some mean­ing and I liked it. I also start­ed col­lect­ing col­ored glass beads from Mura­no glass, I liked them for their orig­i­nal col­ors and pat­terns that were used there. Over time, I thought that my bracelet looks some­how too col­or­ful and, one might say, not har­mo­nious. Since by that time I had already col­lect­ed a fair­ly large num­ber of Pan­do­ra charms, I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to com­bine charms with each oth­er, giv­ing the set the desired mean­ing.

After a long search for the best option using bracelet design­ers on var­i­ous web­sites, I final­ly cre­at­ed a piece of jew­el­ry that I liked. It was mod­i­fied many times until it acquired its final, ide­al, in my sub­jec­tive opin­ion, appear­ance. I chose pink as the main col­or for the bracelet and I chose beads either in pink or in com­bi­na­tion with it, for exam­ple red, like the Snow White apple charm. I set­tled on these tones because this is my favorite col­or in the PANDORA col­lec­tion, there were many inter­est­ing pen­dant charms in this range. As a uni­fy­ing idea for charms, I chose the theme of love and rela­tion­ships. For every woman, these are very impor­tant top­ics, and I am no excep­tion, plus, again, the Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry col­lec­tion was gen­er­ous­ly pre­sent­ed in this top­ic.

Now my bracelet looks exact­ly the way I want and it makes me hap­py every day, because with­out it it’s already unusu­al for me to leave the house.

Some­times, I think that it would be nice to change some­thing in my ide­al bracelet, but I don’t change it yet, although it’s just a mat­ter of time, because col­lect­ing charms is very excit­ing, I con­stant­ly want to cre­ate, change some­thing, some­thing update. That’s why I think that PANDORA jew­el­ry is just an incred­i­bly suc­cess­ful and cor­rect wom­en’s brand.

Also read a spe­cial arti­cle on our blog on how to prop­er­ly assem­ble a Pan­do­ra bracelet. All good mood and be beau­ti­ful!


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