Global Stones by zodiac sign — how to choose your stone for decoration, an article from Silvers.

Stones by zodiac sign — how to choose your stone for decoration, an article from Silvers.


Do you know your lucky stone? What jew­el­ry can be for you not only an orna­ment, but also a tal­is­man or a pro­tec­tive amulet? If not, then be sure to read this arti­cle pre­pared on how to choose gem­stones for each zodi­ac sign.

How to find out your stone by Mayan zodiac sign?

Mayan signs

The Mayan zodi­ac dif­fers from the clas­sic zodi­ac horo­scope in that the cre­ators of this famous ancient cal­en­dar divide the year into 18 months. Each of them cor­re­sponds to a cer­tain stone. This explains the fact that tra­di­tion­al zodi­ac signs have more than one lucky min­er­al.

Those who want to find out what my zodi­ac tal­is­man stone is, need to focus on their date of birth.

What are the stones of the zodiac capable of?

  • They help in the treat­ment of var­i­ous ail­ments,

  • increase self-con­fi­dence,

  • ensure suc­cess in love and in pro­fes­sion­al activ­i­ties,

  • allow you to con­trol your anger

  • increase con­cen­tra­tion of atten­tion,

  • attract wealth …

Believe it or not — every­one’s busi­ness. But after read­ing about your stone accord­ing to your zodi­ac sign, you will sure­ly admit that there is some­thing mag­i­cal about jew­el­ry!

What stones are suitable for the zodiac signs?

stones according to the horoscope

sign peri­od A plan­et ele­ment Stones
Aries 21.III-20.IV Mars fire Hematite, car­nelian, jasper, gar­net, amethyst, tour­ma­line, ruby
Tau­rus 21.IV-20.V Venus Earth Agate, aven­turine, cit­rine, mala­chite, agate, rose quartzite, chryso­lite, emer­ald
twins 21.V‑21.VI Mer­cury air Car­nelian, tiger eye, amber, cit­rine, topaz, chal­cedony, aqua­ma­rine, rock crys­tal
can­cer 22.VI-22.VII moon water Car­nelian, aven­turine, jasper, coral, opal, moon­stone
a lion 23.VII-23.VIII sun fire Cit­rine, rock crys­tal, tiger eye, amber, topaz, gar­net, dia­mond, ruby
Vir­go 24.VIII-23.IX Mer­cury Earth Amethyst, lapis lazuli, jasper, car­nelian, cit­rine, tiger’s eye, sap­phire, amber, sodalite
bal­ance 24.IX-23.X Venus air Sap­phire, chryso­lite, jasper, rose quartz, aqua­ma­rine, jadeite, coral
Scor­pio 24.X‑22.XI Plu­to water Mala­chite, jasper, tour­ma­line, hematite, gar­net, amethyst, agate
Sagit­tar­ius 23.XI-21.XII Jupiter fire Amethyst, chryso­lite, sap­phire, topaz, chal­cedony, obsid­i­an, lapis lazuli, opal
Ibex 22.XII-20.I Sat­urn Earth Jasper, obsid­i­an, rock crys­tal, tour­ma­line, quartzite, dia­mond, moon­stone
Aquar­ius 21.I‑19.II ura­ni­um air Turquoise, chryso­lite, opal, topaz, aqua­ma­rine, flu­o­rite, sap­phire
Pisces 20.II-20.III Nep­tune water Turquoise, coral, opal, aqua­ma­rine, flu­o­rite, sap­phire, moon­stone


peri­od: 21.III-20.IV, plan­et: Mars, ele­ment: fire

Hematite col­lects scat­tered ener­gy, giv­ing strength. Even in the most dif­fi­cult moments, this min­er­al pre­serves spir­i­tu­al­i­ty. Hematite helps to draw con­clu­sions from one’s suc­cess­es and fail­ures, teach­ing patience and pru­dence.

Car­nelian sup­ports the imple­men­ta­tion of ideas, giv­ing per­se­ver­ance and cre­ativ­i­ty. It brings joy to life and allows you to enjoy every moment.

Jasper gives per­se­ver­ance and patience with­out los­ing enthu­si­asm. This adds pru­dence and wis­dom to his impul­sive ener­gy. Gives sym­pa­thy and impulse to do good.

Pome­gran­ate allows you to feel phys­i­cal love more strong­ly and use your poten­tial more con­scious­ly. Gar­nets of dark blue col­or give strength, will and ener­gy to car­ry out con­struc­tive projects, direct­ing to the right path and show­ing the goals to which he should strive.

Amethyst gives the abil­i­ty to know one’s inner space and reveal the spir­i­tu­al aspects of one’s being.

Tour­ma­line of red or dark pink vari­eties adds ener­gy aimed at achiev­ing cer­tain goals and fight­ing one’s own weak­ness­es.

Ruby pro­motes spir­i­tu­al devel­op­ment, strength­ens intu­ition and gives cre­ative pow­er.

a lion

peri­od: 23.VII-23.VIII, plan­et: Sun, ele­ment: fire

Cit­rine gives warmth and faith in one’s abil­i­ties. Helps to look at one’s weak­ness­es and short­com­ings in order to achieve greater inner per­fec­tion. Influ­ences the devel­op­ment of cre­ative abil­i­ties.

Rock crys­tal affects inner devel­op­ment, remov­ing obsta­cles to achiev­ing per­fec­tion.

The eye of the tiger opens the mind, teach­ing to rec­og­nize one’s own mis­takes.

Amber affects the suc­cess of any activ­i­ty, helps to improve well-being, gives a feel­ing of warmth and com­fort.

Topaz, more pre­cise­ly, its gold­en vari­ety, helps to respond cor­rect­ly to all life sit­u­a­tions, increas­ing gen­eros­i­ty and sin­cer­i­ty.

Pome­gran­ate adds courage and strength­ens willpow­er. This affects the suc­cess of all projects under­tak­en.

Dia­mond moti­vates to con­stant­ly strive for per­fec­tion. Helps in achiev­ing goals regard­less of the opin­ion of oth­ers.

Rubin opens an under­stand­ing of the essence of love. Helps turn all love into con­crete actions aimed at doing good.


peri­od: 23.XI-21.XII, plan­et: Jupiter, ele­ment: fire

Amethyst helps to find the mean­ing of life and to believe in one’s strength.

Chryso­lite helps Sagit­tar­ius not to be influ­enced by oth­er peo­ple when express­ing their thoughts. This has a pos­i­tive effect on the suc­cess­ful imple­men­ta­tion of the assigned tasks.

Sap­phire gives depth to goals.

Topaz brings order to life, inner inspi­ra­tion, hon­esty in rela­tion­ships with oth­er peo­ple.

Chal­cedony gives com­po­sure and sen­si­tiv­i­ty to one’s inner source of inspi­ra­tion, teach­es how to clear­ly and clear­ly express one’s thoughts.

Obsid­i­an has a pos­i­tive effect on the process of search­ing for knowl­edge.

Lapis lazuli teach­es you to trust your intu­ition and inner voice. Helps to apply your ideas and thoughts in every­day life.

Opal opens the mind and heart of the world. It has a pos­i­tive effect on inter­nal devel­op­ment, reveal­ing and acti­vat­ing new, pre­vi­ous­ly closed abil­i­ties.


peri­od: 22.XII-20.I, plan­et: Sat­urn, ele­ment: earth

Jasper makes peo­ple more patient. This pro­motes mod­esty and the need to work for the ben­e­fit of oth­ers.

Obsid­i­an has a pos­i­tive effect on the process of express­ing emo­tions.

Rock crys­tal gives the abil­i­ty to look into one­self. Helps to get rid of dark sides.

Green and black tour­ma­line helps in over­com­ing obsta­cles on the way to achiev­ing goals.

Quartzite con­tributes to the acqui­si­tion of the mean­ing of life.

Dia­mond cleans­es emo­tions, helps to focus on impor­tant mat­ters.

Moon­stone increas­es con­fi­dence, affects the destruc­tion of inter­nal blocks in emo­tion­al life.


peri­od: 21.IV-20.V, plan­et: Venus, ele­ment: earth

Agate gives self-con­fi­dence, per­se­ver­ance and patience.

Aven­turine allows you to regain strength and find peace, gives a sense of secu­ri­ty and joy of life.

Cit­rine makes a per­son more self-con­fi­dent, helps to hon­est­ly and freely express their feel­ings.

Mala­chite opens for any changes in life. Gives strength and courage to enjoy what fate brings. Deep­ens love and under­stand­ing of one­self and oth­er peo­ple.

Agate gives har­mo­ny and bal­ance with the forces of Nature. Gives vital­i­ty and a sense of secu­ri­ty.

Pink quartzite allows you to express your feel­ings and bring love into life, see beau­ty.

Chryso­lite opens the way to the knowl­edge of the secret of the uni­verse. Fills the heart with love, joy and peace.

Emer­ald deep­ens love in the heart and makes this feel­ing the dri­ving force of devel­op­ment in all spheres of life.


peri­od: 24.VIII-23.IX, plan­et: Mer­cury, ele­ment: earth

Amethyst rein­forces the need for altru­ism. Devel­ops the abil­i­ty to under­stand things intu­itive­ly.

Lapis lazuli helps to trust your own intu­ition. Opens the mind to under­stand­ing the uni­ver­sal laws that gov­ern the world. Pro­vides the abil­i­ty to see all issues and prob­lems in a wider con­text.

Jasper strength­ens the sense of mod­esty and the need to self­less­ly help oth­ers. Strength­ens com­mon sense, helps to find strength, ener­gy and desire to live and act.

Car­nelian gives a feel­ing of secu­ri­ty and con­fi­dence, bring­ing spon­tane­ity into life. Deep­ens the joy of per­form­ing dai­ly duties.

Cit­rine bestows the abil­i­ty to cope with one’s own expe­ri­ences, teach­ing ratio­nal think­ing. It relieves anx­i­ety, opens the mind to new impres­sions and ideas.

Tiger’s eye sharp­ens the mind and strength­ens ratio­nal think­ing, pro­motes the acqui­si­tion of self-con­fi­dence.

Sap­phire helps to achieve inner secu­ri­ty and self-con­fi­dence.

Amber strength­ens self-con­fi­dence, helps to get rid of fear and ner­vous­ness.

Sodalite gives Vir­go peace and inner focus.


peri­od: 21.I‑19.II, plan­et: Uranus, ele­ment: air

Turquoise fills with inspi­ra­tion, peace and strength to achieve the set goals. Pro­vides pro­tec­tion from adverse influ­ences from oth­ers.

Chryso­lite helps main­tain inner inde­pen­dence, inspir­ing the ful­fill­ment of dai­ly duties. Strength­ens the abil­i­ty to sym­pa­thize and com­mu­ni­cate har­mo­nious­ly with oth­ers.

Opal opens up to the world, allow­ing you to enjoy your life and your own expe­ri­ences.

Blue topaz helps to open up to the world and oth­er peo­ple, to bet­ter cope with one’s emo­tions.

Aqua­ma­rine gives a feel­ing of lim­it­less­ness and free­dom, the oppor­tu­ni­ty to freely express one’s opin­ion.

Bright blue flu­o­rite devel­ops the abil­i­ty to think and act intu­itive­ly.

Light blue sap­phire teach­es to give pri­or­i­ty to cer­tain ideas, inten­tions and tasks.


peri­od: 21.V‑21.VI, plan­et: Mer­cury, ele­ment: air

Car­nelian makes you real­ize your goals with­out unnec­es­sary dis­si­pa­tion of ener­gy.

Tiger’s eye pro­motes men­tal flex­i­bil­i­ty, which opens com­plete­ly new hori­zons of intel­lec­tu­al cog­ni­tion.

Amber gives warmth and well-being, helps to get rid of ner­vous­ness and anx­i­ety.

Cit­rine helps to cope with emo­tion­al prob­lems. Devel­ops the abil­i­ty to learn from your mis­takes, allow­ing you to draw con­struc­tive con­clu­sions from your own fail­ures.

Topaz gives wis­dom and increas­es intel­li­gence, which allows the sur­round­ing world and the phe­nom­e­na that occur in it.

Light blue chal­cedony affects the abil­i­ty to con­trol one­self, help­ing to lis­ten to the inner voice and draw inspi­ra­tion from it.

Aqua­ma­rine cleans­es the mind and soul of twins, reveal­ing love and truth from them.

Rock crys­tal allows you to mas­ter knowl­edge and pass it on.


peri­od: 24.IX-23.X, plan­et: Venus, ele­ment: air

Sap­phire sup­ports in the search and under­stand­ing of one­self, teach­es attach­ment and devo­tion.

Chryso­lite helps to achieve inner har­mo­ny and peace, teach­es to enjoy the beau­ty of the uni­verse and live in bal­ance with nature.

Jasper teach­es per­se­ver­ance and helps in achiev­ing goals.

Rose quartz gets rid of emo­tion­al prob­lems and teach­es you to enjoy life.

Aqua­ma­rine helps you learn to trust your intu­ition.

Jadeite teach­es to extract joy from the beau­ty of nature and helps in achiev­ing goals.

Coral helps to skill­ful­ly cope with emo­tion­al prob­lems.


peri­od: 22.VI-22.VII, plan­et: Moon, ele­ment: water

Car­nelian pro­motes cre­ative expres­sion of thoughts and feel­ings.

Aven­turine gives emo­tion­al calm, reduc­ing inner rest­less­ness.

Jasper affects the abil­i­ty to under­stand oth­ers. Strength­ens per­se­ver­ance and a sense of real­i­ty.

Coral gives a sense of secu­ri­ty and sta­bil­i­ty. This affects the abil­i­ty to adapt to chang­ing liv­ing con­di­tions.

Opal adds vital­i­ty and strength of feel­ings.

Moon­stone har­mo­nizes emo­tion­al life, allow­ing access to a wealth of feel­ings and draw­ing strength from them. Sharp­ens intu­ition, help­ing to under­stand your dreams.


peri­od: 24.X‑22.XI, plan­et: Plu­to, ele­ment: water

Mala­chite helps to get rid of bad habits. He teach­es under­stand­ing of him­self and oth­ers, makes them more open to the world and peo­ple.

Jasper gives strength and wis­dom, sup­ports self­less actions.

Red tour­ma­line helps to get rid of rigid emo­tion­al habits and opens the way to devel­op­ment. Its black vari­ety frees from neg­a­tive ener­gies.

Hematite gives self-con­trol and calm­ness, helps to over­come dif­fi­cul­ties, using pre­vi­ous expe­ri­ence.

Pome­gran­ate sup­ports courage and strength.

Amethyst teach­es to use one’s own intu­ition and devel­ops ded­i­ca­tion.

Agate allows you to find inner clar­i­ty and puri­ty.


Peri­od: 20.II-20.III, plan­et: Nep­tune, ele­ment: water

Turquoise pro­tects against adverse and unwant­ed effects.

Coral gives greater sta­bil­i­ty and the abil­i­ty to float smooth­ly with the flow of life.

Opal learns to use her own expe­ri­ence, even unpleas­ant ones.

Aqua­ma­rine inspires cre­ative expres­sion.

Flu­o­rite devel­ops the abil­i­ty to work intu­itive­ly and feel spe­cif­ic sit­u­a­tions.

Blue sap­phire helps to trust your­self, dis­tin­guish illu­sions from goals.

Moon­stone strength­ens sen­si­tiv­i­ty and com­pas­sion for oth­ers, har­mo­nizes some­times con­flict­ing feel­ings and allows you to draw inner strength from them.

How to wear stones according to the zodiac sign?

zodiac sign jewelry

Pre­cious stones can be worn in any way. They are usu­al­ly used to dec­o­rate rings, bracelets, ear­rings, neck­laces or keep them in a wal­let. To improve health, it is best to wear them next to the sore spot.

Choose prod­ucts with the right stone asso­ci­at­ed with your sign. Your intu­ition will tell you how and where to wear such a charm.


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