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Spring collection Pandora 2017 / Pandora Sprong 2017


Here comes Spring. On March 16, the Pan­do­ra Spring 2017 / Pan­do­ra Sprong 2017 col­lec­tion was released in the USA.

So win­ter is over, soon the world around us will be filled with bright spring col­ors. It will be nec­es­sary to fill your wardrobe with acces­sories cor­re­spond­ing to the riot of spring col­ors, and the Pan­do­ra Spring 2017 Col­lec­tion will help us with this.

As usu­al, the spring col­lec­tion con­sists of del­i­cate pas­tel, pink, lilac shades and a vari­ety of flow­ers. Here I will give a brief overview of the col­lec­tion with small overview pho­tos, and who­ev­er wants to see large, detailed pho­tos, go down to the end of the arti­cle, there will be a lot of pho­tos!


The first set of charms con­tains two beau­ti­ful mura­no “Field of Flow­ers” charms in Pink, Pur­ple and in the detailed pho­tos there is also a blue col­or. The price of such a charm in the US is $50. They depict a flower with a rib­bon and sparkling splash­es.

Divider — Daz­zling daisies, very sim­i­lar to daisies 🙂 The cost in the US is $85.

Charm Daz­zling daisies with a sus­pend­ed flower. The cost in the US is $85.

Charm Daz­zling Daisy Meadows/Dazzling Daisy Mead­ow. The cost in the US is $85.

Love­ly set of peti­ta daisies. Until now, I did not pay atten­tion to pen­dants with petites, but I real­ly liked this set. I think he will look great.

The bot­tom row in the pho­to is a brand new set — mag­no­lias. Sep­a­ra­tor, charms, clip. Every­thing looks amaz­ing bright, fresh and new.


New bracelet with soft clas­sic thread and daisy-shaped clasp. Looks very springy. Such a gift imme­di­ate­ly looks like with one bead. Fans of the Pan­do­ra brand have been ask­ing for a flower clasp for a long time, and now their dreams have come true!


In the sec­ond group of new prod­ucts, we see an unusu­al secu­ri­ty chain. Which is made in the style of clips. I think it will fit per­fect­ly with the thread­less bracelets that came out last year. In the same style, a retain­er with sil­i­cone is made. Peb­bles on the sides and the inscrip­tion Pan­do­ra in the mid­dle. We are also pre­sent­ed with a new crown. Fairy­tale crown. Below we see a num­ber of charms with stones of dif­fer­ent col­ors, these are Radi­ant Droplets. Now they are pre­sent­ed to us in 7 col­ors. The two-tone charm of this col­lec­tion is inter­lock­ing cir­cles and a clas­sic heart clip.


Charm Gen­er­ous heart, in stones and in the mid­dle — a gold­en heart. Pen­dant Signed heart. Round pen­dant with the brand’s inscrip­tion and a gold heart set in stones in the mid­dle. Wed­ding heart with the inscrip­tion Just Mer­ried. Charm Thank you and Pan­do­ra’s Sil­ver heart with many engrav­ings.


This col­lec­tion has been replen­ished with gold jew­el­ry! Pen­dant Roman­tic heart Dec­o­rat­ed with flow­ers and my favorite Lux­u­ri­ous flower. The stones are of such a del­i­cate pink col­or that they fas­ci­nate.


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