Global Pandora Winter 2019 Collection — Review Part 2 — SILVERS

Pandora Winter 2019 Collection — Review Part 2 — SILVERS



Charm “Gin­ger­bread House”

The smell of warm gin­ger­bread can be felt on this bright charm! Each side is dec­o­rat­ed with charm­ing details. On the front of the dec­o­ra­tion are two large win­dows and a tiny win­dow with a heart on the roof. Red and white striped enam­el lol­lipops are locat­ed on both sides of the glazed door. At the back of the house is a green enam­el Christ­mas tree, with red, green and blue lol­lipops stuck next to it. The roof is cov­ered with tiles, and at the bot­tom is engraved the mes­sage “Home Sweet Heart».

Charm “Christ­mas Pen­guin”

Regard­less of whether there is a pen­guin Pan­do­ra a char­ac­ter from Mary Packard’s Christ­mas Pen­guin book, he is def­i­nite­ly a cute lit­tle char­ac­ter in a fun­ny hat. A sil­ver bell hangs from the back of his hat mak­ing a jin­gling noise!

Charm “Shin­ing Hearts”

The “Shin­ing Hearts” charm con­sists of two parts. The back of the shiny sil­ver enam­el disc fea­tures a blue heart in the cen­ter. On the front of the dec­o­ra­tion is a pat­tern of sil­ver, trans­par­ent and blue hearts.

Charm “Christ­mas snow­man in a hat”

Pan­do­ra has pro­duced many win­ter orna­ments that empha­sized the snow­man’s scarf, but this ver­sion intro­duced the snow­man in a red enam­el hat. His cute smile and shape resem­ble a char­ac­ter from the chil­dren’s book “The Snow­man” by Ray­mond Brig­gs.

Clip “Shin­ing Blue Line”

The Shin­ing Blue Line clip is sim­i­lar to a clip Pavé, but with the addi­tion of a line of blue stones in the mid­dle.

Charm “Angel of Love”

A sweet angel brings a heart full of love. Clear cubic zir­co­nia stones adorn the angel’s wings, cre­at­ing the illu­sion of move­ment.

Charm “Winged Heart”

The Winged Heart charm has the words “Spread Your Wings and Fly” engraved on the back.

Charm “Pure Shine”

Sev­er­al stones of dif­fer­ent sizes are com­bined in this sparkling charm.

Charm “Pure Shine with Blue Stones”

The Pure Shine with Blue Stones charm fea­tures moon blue crys­tals in its design.

Chain “Pure Shine”

The shin­ing safe­ty chain is dec­o­rat­ed with trans­par­ent zir­co­nia stones in the shape of a cube of dif­fer­ent sizes, cre­at­ing a feel­ing of win­ter cool­ness.

Charm “Christ­mas orna­ment 2019”

Trans­par­ent stones dec­o­rate the dark blue enam­el on the “Christ­mas Orna­ment” charm. A tiny star is fea­tured on the top of the orna­ment and the year “2019” is engraved on the side of the clasp.

I won­der if this charm will be part of a gift set, “Rock­ettes”. How­ev­er, as far as we know, Pan­do­ra is not an offi­cial jew­el­ry part­ner “The Christ­mas Spec­tac­u­lar” with The Rock­ettes.

Charm “Moon and Night Sky”

The north­ern lights are formed by zir­co­ni­um stones. The night sky theme con­tin­ues with a pat­tern of tiny stars around the edge of this stun­ning charm.

“Sunburst” clip

The classic Sunburst clip is decorated with a single cubic zirconia stone in the center.

Merry Christmas Charm

The inscription “Merry Christmas” is formed in bright polished silver.

Charm “Openwork heart”

The difference of the charm “Openwork heart” is a small hanging disk with the inscription “I love you”. In addition, the hearts inside the charm have a modern shape.

Charms “shin­ing signs of the zodi­ac”

Winter collection from Pandora also includes a new series of silver zodiac pendants.

Charm “Shining Capricorn”

Charm «brilliant a lion»

Charm “Shining Aquarius”

Charm “Shining Aries”

Charm “Shining Maiden”

Charm “Shining Taurus”

Charm “Brilliant Sagittarius”

Charm “Shining Scales”

Charm “Shining Fishes”

Charm “Shining Twins”

Charm “Shiny Scorpion”



series Pan­do­ra Dis­ney Frozen II will be intro­duced at the Dis­ney parks on Octo­ber 4, 2019. Jew­el­ry from the col­lec­tion will go on sale world­wide on Thurs­day, Octo­ber 10, 2019.

Charm “Ice horse NOKK” from the col­lec­tion Dis­ney

In the jew­el­ry series Dis­ney Frozen II from Pan­do­ra pre­sent­ed by NOKK, one of the new car­toon char­ac­ters “Frozen II”. NOKK is a mys­ti­cal water spir­it who takes the form of a horse and uses the pow­er of the oceans to guard the secrets of the for­est. The blue cubic zir­co­nia stones along with the blue crys­tals cre­ate a mane-like wave around the NOKK’s sil­ver head.

Charm “Frozen Olaf” from the col­lec­tion Dis­ney

Although the pre­vi­ous Olaf charm from the col­lec­tion Pan­do­ra Dis­ney was pret­ty cute, we liked the new ver­sion of this hero a lot more! Cute black and orange enam­el details per­fect­ly reflect the per­son­al­i­ty of the fun­ny snow­man. Two clear cubic zir­co­nia stones add some sparkle to the jew­el­ry.



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