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The winter collection features wonderful icy and space blues motifs, as well as the use of bright enamel — a standard trick for Pandora’s holiday collection, but, as always, well executed.


Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2017 Col­lec­tion debuts Novem­ber 2. This pre­view cov­ers all charm jew­el­ry, includ­ing bracelets and minia­ture medal­lion peti­tas. If you would like to see oth­er jew­el­ry such as rings, neck­laces, etc., please read our PANDORA WINTER 2017 JEWELRY arti­cle. 🙂

Read on to see all the charms!

Pandora Winter 2017 Collection

Let’s start with a nev­er-before-seen one — this year’s exclu­sive Jared charm! it “Play­ful Fes­tive Sock” (Sparkling Fes­tive Stock­ing). To the best of our knowl­edge, this pen­dant will not be avail­able any­where in the world and will remain exclu­sive to the Jared chain of stores in the US.

We’ll get back to the rest of the Christ­mas charms lat­er, but for now let’s take a look at some stun­ning win­ter beads detailed in icy blues.

“Daz­zling Snowflake” (Daz­zling Snowflake) is one of our favorites in this set, this mod­el offers a new charm design solu­tion “Shin­ing Hearts” (Radi­ant Hearts) — it seems that a snowflake crash­es into a stone!
“Daz­zling Snowflake” comes in two col­ors: mid­night blue and clear.
charm design “Ice Beau­ty” (Glacial Beau­ty) offers a dia­mond shape wrapped around a blue crys­tal.
“Heart of the Snowflake” (Snowflake Heart) looks a bit like the orig­i­nal charm “Snowflake” Pan­do­ra with a small white cubic zir­co­nia in the cen­ter.
The next charm is prob­a­bly our favorite of the Win­ter 2017 col­lec­tion. The sparkling mid­night blue enam­el pairs per­fect­ly with the pol­ished sil­ver of the snowflakes. It’s so sim­ple and ele­gant, and a won­der­ful demon­stra­tion of how beau­ti­ful the “new” Pan­do­ra is.
“Glass Ice Drop” (Ice Drops Glass) — anoth­er one of our favorites, it looks insane­ly beau­ti­ful in the pho­to! We heard that the glass itself is trans­par­ent, dot­ted with blue crys­tals, and the col­or pig­ment itself is on the base. We would pre­fer that the glass itself be col­ored, but until we judge which is bet­ter, I would like to see it in per­son.
“Snow Flur­ry” (Snow Flur­ry) is made in the clas­sic Pave tech­nique. The inter­weav­ing of stones of dif­fer­ent shapes gives the charm of airi­ness and light­ness, at the same time, the white col­or makes it also ele­gant.
“Heart of Win­ter” (Heart of Win­ter) is engraved with “You will melt my heart” and pre­sent­ed to us in the form of a pen­dant — last year’s trend.
Match­ing clip “Heart of Win­ter” (Heart of Win­ter) con­tin­ues the line ded­i­cat­ed to this theme and also con­tains an ice snowflake pat­tern with zir­co­ni­um.
The next set of cosmic/star beads will appear in addi­tion­al col­ors. We think they have a real­ly nice com­bi­na­tion with win­ter beads.

One of our favorite ones is “Celes­tial Mosa­ic” (Celes­tial Mosa­ic). It is made from pearl moth­er-of-pearl, which gives it the per­fect lumi­nous shim­mer for the night sky effect.
Bead “Glow­ing Stars” (Illu­mi­nat­ing Stars) is made in the style of a but­ton, with stars cut out to dec­o­rate its edges. Each star in the cen­ter of the bead is worked out indi­vid­u­al­ly — one is filled with snow-white enam­el, the sec­ond has a fixed zir­co­ni­um bead in the cen­ter, the third is com­plete­ly carved from trans­par­ent stone.
Kit “Bright Star” (Bright Star) uses some love­ly bright col­ors but its large stones don’t give the same del­i­cate effect as some of the oth­er charms in this col­lec­tion. We real­ly think the col­ors are almost trop­i­cal; You could add one of these to an ocean bracelet from the Caribbean!
Charm “Galaxy” (Galaxy) — A design that orig­i­nal­ly debuted in the Win­ter 2014 col­lec­tion has been rein­vent­ed this year. Pan­do­ra has added a deep blue stone to the cen­ter, which pairs well with sleek sil­ver and bril­liant zir­co­nia.
“Star Clus­ter” (Star­ry For­ma­tion) — A cute lit­tle clip, with a hint of sparkling detail. We would have pre­ferred a sim­ple sil­ver ver­sion, with larg­er stars placed in the mid­dle.
Final­ly, for the col­lec­tion of star beads, we have a charm “Orbit” (Orbit). We real­ly like how her design com­bines such sim­ple and at the same time very dra­mat­ic fea­tures.
Next, we have col­or­ful dec­o­ra­tive charms.
“Shin­ing Hearts” (Radi­ant Hearts) is now avail­able in emer­ald green which looks stun­ning and makes a great cen­ter­piece for a hol­i­day bracelet with a touch of ele­gance.
charms “Shine of Nature” (Nature’s Radi­ance) comes in two new col­ors: deep crim­son and ocean blue.
“Col­or Fres­co” (Col­or Fres­co) is the only charm in the col­lec­tion that is made of 14k gold. Its col­ors are rem­i­nis­cent of stained glass win­dows, but at the same time, it is play­ful and friv­o­lous thanks to the bright col­ors of iri­des­cent stones!

Now let’s take a clos­er look at themed hol­i­day charms! There are some real­ly cute and fun­ny arrivals this year.

This is anoth­er charm that pairs well with ele­gant hol­i­day designs. The charm is engraved “Mer­ry Christ­mas” on the side, while offer­ing more sub­tle fes­tive looks with an angel, a tra­di­tion­al star and a small snowflake. The inter­lac­ing of the two col­ors works great, we love how the gold star is detailed with the sparkling zir­co­nia inside.
How­ev­er, if you want more tra­di­tion­al, then Pan­do­ra has released a charm. “Christ­mas Joy” (Christ­mas Joy) by adding plain red and white enam­el with a cute lit­tle San­ta Claus com­bined with a lit­tle star and a gift. Also on the charm is an engrav­ing of “Mer­ry Christ­mas”, con­tin­u­ing the motifs of the cen­tral ele­ments.
“Christ­mas Polar Bear” (Christ­mas Polar Bear) is anoth­er one of our absolute favorites from this col­lec­tion. The cute red scarf, his adorably slen­der build and the lit­tle token he’s hold­ing, all the details make him adorable.
“Cel­e­bra­tion Wreath” (Hol­i­day Wreath) is also very pret­ty, with bright red and green enam­el. It will be quite an inter­est­ing cen­ter­piece on the bracelet.
“Hol­i­day Sock” (Fes­tive Stock­ing) is very sim­i­lar to Jared’s exclu­sive charm, except it uses red enam­el instead of red cubic zir­co­nia. In our opin­ion, the enam­el pen­dant cre­ates an even more fes­tive mood.
“Sparkling Can­dy Cane” (Sparkling Can­dy Cane) offers a slight twist on the tra­di­tion­al Pan­do­ra can­dy design, adding sparkling zir­co­nia stones instead of the usu­al ster­ling sil­ver and a lit­tle bow — a lit­tle do-it-your­self thing we love.
“Play­ful Jol­ly San­ta” (Sparkling Jol­ly San­ta) is anoth­er exist­ing design of the pre­vi­ous­ly released Pan­do­ra enam­el charm. In this col­lec­tion, it is pre­sent­ed to us in red stones to give it a “sparkling effect”, although in our opin­ion, this made it look like it was made of bub­bles!
“Red Shim­mer­ing Glass” (Red Twin­kle Glass) looks stun­ning, with a deep, vibrant red tint and added gold dust. I hope the charm lives up to expec­ta­tions in a “per­son­al meet­ing”! 😀

In addi­tion to these tra­di­tion­al col­ors of Christ­mas, we also have two beau­ti­ful blue beads that go very well with the oth­er charms in this col­lec­tion — the more sub­tle col­or will make it eas­i­er to style and be wear­able all year round.
“Snowy Won­der­land” (Snowy Won­der­land) offers a cute snowy scene with a snow­man, enam­el green Christ­mas trees, a pearly blue sky, and cute lit­tle sil­ver snowflakes.
“Christ­mas Night” (Christ­mas Night) is one of our favorite pen­dants, it offers us a love­ly sub­tle snow globe design with every detail worked out to the small­est detail.
Also in the col­lec­tion there are six new small petites, which are designed to be worn with medal­lions.
Final­ly, we also have three hol­i­day charms from the Pan­do­ra Rose range. These are all remakes of exist­ing Pan­do­ra charms, but they look great in Rose.

“Sparkling Sur­prise” (Sparkling Sur­prise) is a gift, the rib­bon of which is strewn with shiny zir­co­ni­um stones.
Our favorite of these adorable hol­i­day charms is the play­ful snowflake, the rose gold ver­sion of the pop­u­lar pen­dant. “Kiss of Win­ter”. It would be nice to use it as the cen­ter­piece of a bracelet or as a pen­dant for a neck­lace.
Final­ly, “Glim­mer­ing Christ­mas Tree” (Twin­kling Christ­mas Tree). An open­work Christ­mas tree, dec­o­rat­ed with snow-white stones and a daz­zling star on its top, will def­i­nite­ly not leave you indif­fer­ent. ; )
The only new charm bracelet com­ing out of this Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2017 col­lec­tion is a lim­it­ed edi­tion bracelet with “Heart of Win­ter“on both sides of the clasp there is a snowflake and the engrav­ing “You melt my heart” (You melt my heart).
There are also some new Dis­ney beads that you can see in our Pan­do­ra Dis­ney AW17 arti­cle. 🙂

All in all, this is a very nice col­lec­tion — it may be dif­fer­ent from pre­vi­ous years, but there are a few beads that are real­ly note­wor­thy. The use of blue enam­el on Win­try Delight, Orbit and Christ­mas Night works great, while the Christ­mas polar bear and hol­i­day wreath are so cute. It’s also great to see that they’ve released a cou­ple of hol­i­day options that are more ele­gant and easy to wear all year round — such as Rose Hol­i­day Beads, Sky Won­der and Snowy Won­der­land.

Our must-have is Win­try Delight, but we’re also tempt­ed by Christ­mas Polar Bear and Sparkling Snowflake in Rose! We are still try­ing to be more selec­tive in what we add to our col­lec­tion despite the many temp­ta­tions on offer here. 🙂

Are you excit­ed about this col­lec­tion? Have you already made your wish list?


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