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Spring days are com­ing to an end, sum­mer is com­ing and of course Pan­do­ra can­not but please us with the Sum­mer Col­lec­tion, which is released to the world on June 2!


You can view and purchase the Pandora Summer collection on our website in the Summer collection section.

Bracelets. First of all I would like to inform you about two new leather bracelets, note that they have new spher­i­cal Pan­do­ra clasps. Also these bracelets are with­out thread, just like in the spring col­lec­tion.


Both bracelets will cost around $50 in the US

Charms. The most antic­i­pat­ed and favorite charm of our team is the Mura­no Gar­den of Flow­ers. Esti­mat­ed price $55


Next we have two new adorable ani­mal charms. A true Pan­do­ra clas­sic. Adorable kan­ga­roo and baby ele­phant. Both charms at an afford­able price of $35

5-pandora-summer-2016.jpg 6-pandora-summer-2016.jpg

The new fruity charms fit per­fect­ly with the trop­i­cal theme of this col­lec­tion and look very fresh. Straw­ber­ry 65$
Water­mel­on Pave $65. Here opin­ions are divid­ed, some believe that it is very fun and sum­mery, and some say that it is too much. We think it’s very charm­ing and new.
Charm­ing cher­ry with red enam­el con­tin­ues the fruity theme. 55$


Nau­ti­cal ocean­ic star craft­ed in ster­ling sil­ver with round­ed cubic zir­co­nia. 70$


Trop­i­cal par­rot. Anoth­er super cute ani­mal on offer this sea­son. We real­ly liked how bright and col­or­ful the enam­el looks on this charm. 55$


New Mura­no — iri­des­cent frosty mint, turquoise iri­des­cent and red iri­des­cent. All for $50.


We con­tin­ue the col­lec­tion of clips on sil­i­cone lin­ings — a sparkling turquoise clip in the col­or of the warm Caribbean sea and a pink shin­ing clip (Hon­ey­suck­le pink Shin­ing Ele­gance). 45$


Shim­mer­ing drops. The ocean­ic feel­ing is espe­cial­ly cap­ti­vat­ing. Espe­cial­ly in this image, each stone looks like a liq­uid. Very beau­ti­ful col­or! 70$


Ori­en­tal Blos­som Pen­dant 55$


East­ern fan (Ori­en­tal Fan). Very grace­ful design. 65$


The Chi­nese boat is very pop­u­lar. Bright red enam­el, styl­ized detail­ing and orig­i­nal design.


Did you like the sum­mer col­lec­tion? Do you already have a wish­list?


A few rumors have already leaked about the upcom­ing Pan­do­ra fall col­lec­tion. It is said that there will be a new bracelet with a spher­i­cal clasp fea­tur­ing a sun on one side and a star on the oth­er. Also men­tioned were zodi­ac charms, vin­tage let­ters, Cana­di­an flag charms, new love/infinity clip-on ear­rings, and for sis­ters and best friends.


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