Global Pandora Spring 2020 Collection. Overview. Part #4

Pandora Spring 2020 Collection. Overview. Part #4



Charm “Mulan” from the series Pan­do­ra Dis­ney

Fans have been ask­ing for new mule jew­el­ry and here it is! For the pre­miere of the film, the new col­lec­tion includes two pieces of jew­el­ry with the image of a mule. Our favorite war­rior princess is illus­trat­ed hold­ing a sword in the air on this impres­sive pen­dant charm. Pink-turquoise enam­el adorns her dress, and the clasp is set with clear, sparkling stones. Behind it hangs a sep­a­rate sil­ver disk with the inscrip­tion “Be strong and be your­self”.

Charm “Mulan Mushu” from the series Pan­do­ra Dis­ney

Although Mushu is rumored to be absent from Dis­ney’s 2020 Mulan remake, Mushu is avail­able as a Pan­do­ra charm! It looks like the guardian drag­on of the mule is try­ing to hide behind the red enam­el.


Alice in Won­der­land Cheshire Cat Charm Exclu­sive to Dis­ney Parks byPan­do­ra

fans Pan­do­ra Dis­ney will go crazy for the won­der­ful Cheshire Cat! Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this fan­tas­tic charm is exclu­sive to Dis­ney­land Paris, so it will be a bit dif­fi­cult to get hold of. A smil­ing Cheshire Cat sits on one side of the open­work charm, while its tail wraps around the oppo­site side. Pink, pur­ple and yel­low enam­el adorns Alice’s smil­ing cat. The inscrip­tion “Alice’s Inter­est­ing Labyrinth” is locat­ed between the vines.

Charm “Post­card” exclu­sive to Dis­ney Parks by Pan­do­ra

Keep a sou­venir of a mag­i­cal Dis­ney post­card with this cute orna­ment! One side fea­tures the icon­ic Dis­ney cas­tle against a beau­ti­ful pur­ple and pink enam­el back­ground. On the back is the inscrip­tion “WISH YOU WERE HERE! » and a fun Mick­ey icon!

We are real­ly pleased with the new spring col­lec­tion from Pan­do­ra and a lot of jew­el­ry turned out to be on the wish list. Our lead­ers are the Radi­ant Pink Daisy Charm from the Pan­do­ra Rose Series, the Be Mine Charm, the Ice Cream Charm, the Nini Rab­bit Charm, and the Cac­tus: Free Hugs Charm. I also real­ly liked the mura­no daisies and the cute exclu­sive Cheshire cat charm. What do you think of the col­lec­tion? Pan­do­ra Spring 2020? Share your thoughts in the com­ments below…


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