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It will be pre­sent­ed, accord­ing to tra­di­tion, both new charms and just jew­el­ry that com­ple­ments the entire col­lec­tion! We expect an abun­dance of bright, iri­des­cent col­ors and accents, new con­cepts for both bracelets and beads them­selves. It seems that Pan­do­ra has begun to move away from her usu­al style and is more and more immersed in exper­i­ments, and she does it well! ^^


These are not all mod­els that will be released in the March 8th col­lec­tion, I think in the future we will have even more juicy new prod­ucts! In this review, we will ana­lyze in detail what ideas, col­ors and themes will be used in the spring release.

Let’s start with some new charms and a bracelet! All the charms are insane­ly col­or­ful, and you can clear­ly see that the design­er was inspired by spring shades and nat­ur­al phe­nom­e­na, such as rain­bows.

Mura­no is made in a soft blue, almost heav­en­ly shade. Clouds and a rain­bow cap­tured in Mura­no glass look like they were just tak­en from the sky and placed on your bracelet. The new bracelet is a fusion of two styles: the smooth woven base is tak­en from the Moments bracelet, and the clasp is tak­en from the adjustable bracelet with sil­i­cone clasps.


We have been pre­sent­ed with a lot of jew­el­ry with rain­bow motifs that will per­fect­ly match with oth­er items from the col­lec­tion.




We, unfor­tu­nate­ly, do not have pho­tos of these dec­o­ra­tions yet, but we became aware of some of them that Pan­do­ra pre­pared for Moth­er’s Day 2018:

  • A child hold­ing a bal­loon (the bal­loon is attached to the child’s bracelet, which is worn on the baby’s arm)
  • Pen­dant in the style of “Tree of Life”
  • Ban­gle ver­sion of the bracelet that was fea­tured in the Pan­do­ra Valen­tine’s Day 2018 col­lec­tion

We think that in terms of style, this release will not dif­fer much from the col­lec­tion ded­i­cat­ed to Valen­tine’s Day this year.



The next jew­el­ry set is quite unusu­al for Pan­do­ra!

Pan­do­ra not­ed that this is a pre­lim­i­nary design of the prod­ucts, but we will be able to see their “favorites” in the Spring/Summer 18 col­lec­tion. But since we saw some of the mod­els below in a sep­a­rate pre­view, we can assume that all these jew­el­ry can be planned for release in the com­ing months.

Aqua Hearts is a charm for lovers of noble blue, and it looks like we can see it in the Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2018 col­lec­tion?


We were also shown a pavé ver­sion of the charm we saw ear­li­er, in clear.


The Glit­ter­ing Hearts charm and the Open Your Heart pavé charm are now rain­bow col­ored and com­ple­ment the pre­vi­ous charms:



Anoth­er beau­ti­ful charm that we will see in the new col­lec­tion is very rem­i­nis­cent of the Essence mosa­ic, which was released in the fall of 2016. It looks tru­ly bewitch­ing, it uses the rain­bow theme in a very sub­tle and detailed way.


In this top­ic, a con­nect­ing chain is also made. Small clouds on a chain and a rain­bow of col­ored pavé look very cute.


If this may seem too much for some, the same chain with clear col­or zir­co­ni­um stones will be released.


This year, Pan­do­ra, in hon­or of the March 8 hol­i­day, pre­pared a charm using pink cubic zir­co­nia stones depict­ing infin­i­ty sym­bols.


This scar is dras­ti­cal­ly dif­fer­ent from any­thing we’ve seen before, but that does­n’t stop it from mak­ing a real­ly strong impres­sion. It is very ele­gant and unique in the cur­rent Pan­do­ra col­lec­tion.


Can’t wait to see what Pan­do­ra has in store for the Pan­do­ra Dis­ney Spring 2018 Col­lec­tion! And the first we see is the Climb­ing Mick­ey con­nect­ing chain, which in our opin­ion is sim­ply mag­nif­i­cent. The inter­est­ing design of the chain is com­ple­ment­ed by a lit­tle mouse that climbs on the side of it, it looks too cute. ^^


Anoth­er Mick­ey Ges­tures link chain is pret­ty fun too, and we love that it’s all sil­ver and not over­loaded.


Not par­tic­u­lar­ly impres­sive was the Vin­tage Min­nie charm.


Mov­ing on, we move on to the set for the Pan­do­ra Rose line. The first is called Part of My Heart and is a mix of pink, pur­ple and white stones with rose gold hearts.


We have left out what the name of the next charm will be, but we assume that it will be includ­ed in the spe­cial issue of Moth­er’s Day 2018.


The Wild­flower Mead­ow charm has ele­ments that sub­tly bring out the beau­ty of this bead — the warm ocher col­ored stones in the flow­ers pair beau­ti­ful­ly with the rose gold! The whole com­po­si­tion is com­plet­ed by a small lady­bug, which is made in the form of a small pen­dant that is attached to the charm, in gen­er­al, every­thing looks just amaz­ing!


Two Mag­no­lia charms from the Spring 2016 col­lec­tion have been rein­ter­pret­ed in pink gold.



Of the beads for the Rose col­lec­tion, we left the most inter­est­ing for last — the Bel­la Bot pen­dant! It’s not com­mon for a Rose line to have char­ac­ters in its col­lec­tion, but this time Pan­do­ra decid­ed to break away from her rules and go beyond her usu­al bound­aries. The charm con­sists of two parts — the head of the staff plays a func­tion­al role and is put on the bracelet, and the body com­ple­ments it and is made as a pen­dant that will hang from your bracelet.


The sur­pris­es from Pan­do­ra do not end there. The com­pa­ny intro­duced a new con­cept — gold-plat­ed charms. We have a pair with a heart design.


Includ­ing the Fan of Love charm, which is inspired by the 2016 Bride&Groom charm.


Also, a Shin­ing Ele­gance clip appeared.


Anoth­er Shin­ing Path clip that we have been intro­duced to has a beau­ti­ful design that is har­mo­nious­ly com­ple­ment­ed by warm amber zir­con stones.


One of the beads for spe­cial release before Moth­er’s Day in 2018 impressed us the most — on one side are engraved the words “Love you More” (Love You Stronger), on the oth­er — “Love you Most” (Love You Most).


One of our favorites from the Pan­do­ra Spring 2018 col­lec­tion is the You are my Sun­shine medal­lion pen­dant, which looks like the Sun when it is closed, and when it is opened we will see a small mes­sage.


The Gold­en Hon­ey charm is anoth­er design that is slight­ly dif­fer­ent from what we are used to. Yel­low hon­ey­combs filled with amber hon­ey give an unusu­al look to the charm and empha­size all its beau­ty.


Let’s, at the end of our review, look at oth­er jew­el­ry pre­sent­ed by Pan­do­ra. We will see a few new ear­ring mod­els in this launch, we espe­cial­ly liked the Spring­time Bird ear­rings — the min­i­mal­ism and sim­plic­i­ty of exe­cu­tion remind us of Troll­beads, and the feath­ers with minia­ture blue hearts com­ple­ment­ing them look very cute. Ear­rings with pur­ple lady­bugs look so del­i­cate and spring like nev­er before.


We were also pleased with the new medal­lions and neck­laces for the Dis­ney col­lec­tion.


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