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PANDORA SPRING 2016 / Pandora Spring 2016


The Pan­do­ra spring col­lec­tion will be released on March 17 under the name Poet­ic Blooms, it has many flo­ral and nature motifs.

The hit of this col­lec­tion will be a new soft bracelet with a round clasp, the high­light is the absence of a thread on the bracelet for clips.

Pan­do­ra con­tin­ues to amaze you and in the Spring 2016 col­lec­tion, new clips with sil­i­cone inserts will be avail­able espe­cial­ly for this bracelet. Sil­i­cone inserts are famil­iar to own­ers of leather bracelets.


One more clip with 3D design will be avail­able — White prim­ros­es.


Very inter­est­ing pen­dant and charm — poet­ic bloom. Shows a very beau­ti­ful mix of Pan­do­ra’s most pop­u­lar flo­ral designs over the past few years.


Clip — Cher­ry blos­som. Made in the pop­u­lar mead­ow ver­sion with the addi­tion of zir­co­ni­um in the mid­dle of the flow­ers.


Beau­ti­ful pen­dant, charm and divider — For­get Me Not. The cen­ter of the flower is made of amethyst, and the petals are made of zir­co­ni­um.


Fas­ci­nat­ing pink — bloom­ing dahlia (Bloom­ing dahlia)


The Flo­ral Daisy is a pret­ty sim­ple yet ele­gant design. The clip is made in 3D design, with a lot of carved petals on the sides.


A daz­zling flo­ral (Daz­zling Flo­ral) charm, this is the most expen­sive charm of the spring col­lec­tion. In the US, it will cost 85 USD. Live, he looks real­ly daz­zling!


Daz­zling apple blos­som (Sparkling Apple Blos­som). The cen­ter of the flower is dark pink, sur­round­ed by daz­zling zir­co­nia petals.


Amaz­ing charm — Spring Gar­den. Open­work charm, with pink enam­el but­ter­flies, drag­on­flies, sparkling daisies and white prim­ros­es.
Pen­dant made in a sim­i­lar style — Spring Time.


Daz­zling fairy Daisy in the same pink motifs with enam­el. Devel­op­ing But­ter­fly Pen­dant — half Pave, half sil­ver.
A won­der­ful rab­bit — will com­ple­ment the Pan­do­ra col­lec­tion of charms from the head of ani­mals.


Pink shim­mery mura­no and pur­ple shim­mery mura­no. Faceted glass insert and a beau­ti­ful shim­mer­ing effect. Although there are rumors that the release of these two charms may be delayed.


Shim­mer­ing droplets (pur­ple, pink and shim­mer­ing). Quite inter­est­ing 3D shapes of stones, for the first time Pan­do­ra presents such a design to us.


Spe­cial charm for wed­ding event. On one side, he has the wed­ding dress and on the oth­er, the groom’s tuxe­do.


Vin­tage Vic­to­ri­an let­ter­ing with Pave let­ter­ing.


Every spring we are over­whelmed with feel­ings of antic­i­pa­tion of warmth, love and joy. This col­lec­tion is sat­u­rat­ed with such feel­ings. We will wait for it with the same impa­tience as the first warm days and the first bloom­ing flow­ers.

The Pan­do­ra Spring 2016 col­lec­tion is already on sale! YOU CAN CHOOSE HERE


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