Today we bring you the most impor­tant and rel­e­vant news in the world of Pan­do­ra, as well as reveal all the details of what awaits us in Octo­ber 2017 — and beyond!

Pan­do­ra has been gen­er­ous with the pro­mo­tions of its col­lec­tions late­ly, and the trend con­tin­ues through­out Octo­ber ahead of the Win­ter 2017 launch in ear­ly Novem­ber.


Pandora BCA 2017 Charms & Promotions

Pan­do­ra has a long tra­di­tion of sup­port­ing and high­light­ing breast can­cer and the fight against it, and this month, the “Do Give Hope” cam­paign will run in Pan­do­ra stores across the US. If you pur­chase one of the four BCA themed prod­ucts, 20% of your pur­chase will be donat­ed to the Nation­al Breast Can­cer Foun­da­tion.


Prod­ucts include the two dou­ble BCA pink leather bracelets fea­tured in the cam­paign poster above, as well as two new Hope & Rib­bon and Mura­no Sur­vivor charms.


Pandora Autumn 2017 EXCLUSIVE

These are some of the Pan­do­ra Fall/Winter 17 exclu­sives we missed in our cov­er­age — bet­ter late than nev­er!
The first thing we would like to show you today is the Ara­bi­an love charm. It has a sim­ple sil­ver design. As far as we know, it will be pre­sent­ed exclu­sive­ly for the Mid­dle East. We haven’t actu­al­ly seen any live pho­tos of him, but we’re guess­ing he’s already hit store shelves. We real­ly like this design — it’s sim­ple, ele­gant and cute. The high­light of this charm is the small cen­tral swirling motif, which Pan­do­ra calls “Ara­bic love script”. We would love to pur­chase it.

One of the fol­low­ing exclu­sives is the Pan­do­ra Fall 2017 Two Tone Heart Lock Charm from the Pan­do­ra Fall 2017 Col­lec­tion. It was nev­er released in most mar­kets and we are told that it end­ed up being a lim­it­ed edi­tion only in Chi­na:


Mean­while, sev­er­al new engraved pen­dants have also appeared in North Amer­i­ca. Usu­al­ly, the Unfor­get­table Moments series does­n’t have an inter­est­ing or unique design, as they are essen­tial­ly vari­a­tions of the same charm, but if they have a spe­cial mean­ing to you, they might be of inter­est to you!

There are also fam­i­ly-themed pen­dants made in a car­toon style.

The Pandora Winter 2017 collection begins to appear in stores

Pan­do­ra stores in North Amer­i­ca often start stock­ing new col­lec­tions ahead of the offi­cial release date, and it seems like a few stores already have new batch­es of Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2017! We have live images cour­tesy of the love­ly ladies who have already been able to own some of the charms from this col­lec­tion, show­ing off some of the new beads, name­ly the Mid­night Blues and the vibrant vibe of the new Emer­ald Green Essence Bead:


One of our favorites we’ve seen so far is the new Snow Globe charm with its insane­ly beau­ti­ful navy blue enam­el.


Anoth­er exclu­sive that we were able to watch live from dif­fer­ent angles is the beau­ti­ful new Mura­no Ice Drops. It is dis­tin­guished by its small­er diam­e­ter and bright blue blotch­es. We imag­ined it to be a soft­er dusty blue.


Wrap­ping up the review, we have some addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion on the Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2017 gift sets. They will def­i­nite­ly be avail­able in Cana­da and we assume they will be the same for the US as well. Their release is sched­uled in con­junc­tion with the launch of the Win­ter 2017 col­lec­tion, which will take place on Novem­ber 2.

The Daz­zling Snowflake gift set includes two Heart of Win­ter clips, a bracelet with Pave clasp and a daz­zling Snowflake charm.


The fol­low­ing set offers a sim­i­lar set of beads, but the main charm here is rep­re­sent­ed by the Snow Won­der­land bead:


Final­ly, the gift sets also include the “Clas­sic Ele­gance” set, which fea­tures a pen­dant and stud ear­rings in a sophis­ti­cat­ed design and con­cise form, which ful­ly cor­re­spond to their name:


So, on that note, we wrap up this mon­th’s news cov­er­age! We tried our best to include every­thing we missed, but if there’s any­thing else impor­tant, please leave a com­ment! 🙂
What are you expect­ing this month?


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