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This col­lec­tion sticks firm­ly to the brand’s proven for­mu­la, offer­ing more neu­tral win­ter blues as well as bright and cute details to cel­e­brate the hol­i­day sea­son.
The col­lec­tion will be released on Novem­ber 2.


We also have great pho­tos of the com­pa­ny’s new mod­els, which pay a lot of atten­tion to accom­pa­ny­ing jew­el­ry, and give a look at the new Pan­do­ra Rose Essence bracelet and much more!

The Pandora Autumn 2017 collection will be released on August 31, while the Winter 2017 collection will most likely debut on November 2.

Pandora Autumn Winter 17 / Pandora Autumn Winter 17 Product photos

Let’s get start­ed with the new Pan­do­ra Rose details! This sea­son, the brand has clear­ly decid­ed to work in the style of “Rose”, as they have a lot of fresh ideas and ideas for this line. In this col­lec­tion, we can see a soft pink shim­mery rose, a pink shim­mery Christ­mas tree, a new Rose chain and a pre­vi­ous­ly unseen Rose ver­sion of the pop­u­lar Win­ter’s Kiss pen­dant.


We know for sure that the Pan­do­ra Essence bracelet will appear in the Rose col­lec­tion, but it is not yet known for sure whether the bracelet will be in yel­low gold or pink!


We have anoth­er nov­el­ty in the Rose col­lec­tion, which looks like a spe­cial clasp bracelet. Per­haps this is an LE win­ter bracelet? It’s too ear­ly to talk about it, even though its design looks snowy and frosty.


Again, we can’t tell if this bracelet will be in rose gold or yel­low gold… How­ev­er, we do know for sure that the Pan­do­ra Rose bracelet will be unthread­ed.


Final­ly, we have a new pho­to of some Pan­do­ra Rose Petites. We’ve seen some Christ­mas pat­terns before, they look more ver­sa­tile.


The next set of pho­tos seem to focus on the new win­ter fash­ion trends. It looks like there will be a cou­ple of new blue beads and clips with rather large stones.


How­ev­er, we were most intrigued by what the new Mura­nos would look like, in pale blue. Maybe it’s a light blue ver­sion of Mura­noa glit­ter?


Just look at the new Heart of Win­ter neck­lace… It’s just adorable!

Anoth­er amaz­ing item from Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2017 – dark blue snowflake charm with enam­el. It’s so cute! We espe­cial­ly like that the new Radi­ant Hearts beads have snowflake sil­hou­ettes inside…


In order to match the image of a snowflake as much as pos­si­ble, your atten­tion will be pre­sent­ed with an image of a dec­o­ra­tive bead in the same blue enam­el. In the cen­ter is a bead with a nativ­i­ty scene, com­plete with Christ­mas trees, snowflakes and a snow­man!


The charm that is present in this bracelet is based on the “Mer­ry Christ­mas”, how­ev­er it will be dif­fi­cult to make out the actu­al detail­ing of the bracelet itself.

There is a green gem­stone on the rings which real­ly looks very pret­ty in this pho­to. How­ev­er, we think the Pan­do­ra Sig­na­ture Ring is very sim­i­lar to what we’ve seen before.
You can also see oth­er col­or palettes shown in this image:


We present to your atten­tion pho­tos that reveal new mod­els of bracelets and oth­er jew­el­ry!
First up is the afore­men­tioned Pan­do­ra Rose Essence bracelet. We real­ly like its design, but it is not entire­ly clear why nat­ur­al stones will not have beads, as in the orig­i­nal Essence col­lec­tion.


Then we see an intrigu­ing pho­to of the new Moments dec­o­ra­tive bal­loons — one in gold, one in pink and one in sil­ver. I won­der if they are just col­ored to match each kind of met­al or if they are actu­al­ly yel­low gold, rose gold and sil­ver.


There are also many pho­tos of relat­ed jew­el­ry — see them at the bot­tom of the arti­cle in the gallery.

We love the look of many of the new mod­els fea­tured here, but the snowflake balls fas­ci­nat­ed us the most. We real­ly liked them, because we have already reached the stage when the eye falls on some­thing unusu­al and inter­est­ing, and not just what the major­i­ty likes and is the most pop­u­lar. How­ev­er, the light blue mura­no looks very chic — you can always be sure of your stun­ning appear­ance thanks to the new Mura­no glass beads, which fit per­fect­ly into the design of the new Pan­do­ra col­lec­tion!
Pink jew­el­ry, in our opin­ion, is very beau­ti­ful. We love the Rose pave heart clasp bracelet and the new secu­ri­ty chain, but the com­pa­ny is still work­ing on their sec­ond pink bracelet (this bracelet will be in the orange and pink roman­tic sun­set style) so we can’t see a pho­to of it at the moment . Mura­nos ros­es in white or oth­er col­ors will also look amaz­ing!

Pandora Winter 2017 Collection Preview

Pan­do­ra will release a lim­it­ed edi­tion ban­gle with the Win­ter 2017 col­lec­tion — this year the ban­gle is called Heart of Win­ter, and also has a heart or snowflake shape attached to the pen­dant.


Mov­ing on to the charms review, let’s start with one of my favorite bead sets from the AW17 col­lec­tion — a set of chic dec­o­ra­tive beads for jew­el­ry! We are most impressed with the blue Ice Drops Glass pen­dants, and then the more roman­tic blue Win­try Delight pen­dant that has cap­ti­vat­ed us since the first pho­tos of this col­lec­tion appeared.


In addi­tion, we have sky charms in rich blues. Their col­or palette is very sim­i­lar to each oth­er, but they are less win­ter-ori­ent­ed. All prod­ucts of the col­lec­tion are beau­ti­ful in their own way and each of them has its own mys­tery, but the heav­en­ly mosa­ic of a bewitch­ing moth­er-of-pearl col­or would look just fine and attract the admir­ing glances of oth­ers!


You should also pay atten­tion to the Nature’s Radi­ance charm, which is made in dark blue and pink, and sparkling hearts in emer­ald green. The Gold Col­or Fres­co col­lec­tion fills with a bright car­ni­val feel­ing and charges with pos­i­tive!


The new col­lec­tion also includes reg­u­lar hol­i­day charms! These are win­ter design charms that we can’t wait to see and most like­ly pur­chase! This year they promise to be real­ly orig­i­nal!
Red Twin­kle Glass has a gold­en lus­ter that gives the impres­sion of a real­ly rich, chic and sophis­ti­cat­ed fin­ish, while “Christ­mas Night” and “Snowy Pas­sion for Won­ders” offer some­thing more intri­cate, main­ly for lovers of bright red, which is an essen­tial part of the Pan­do­ra hol­i­day jew­el­ry col­lec­tion. Our favorite of these is by far the adorable Christ­mas polar bear with a lit­tle badge that says “San­ta stops here.” Well, it looks real­ly cute! 🙂


Although this col­lec­tion is very sim­i­lar to the pre­vi­ous ones, in our opin­ion it is more aes­thet­ic than those released before, there are some indi­vid­ual ele­ments that we real­ly like for their orig­i­nal­i­ty! We are always very hap­py to see new hol­i­day col­lec­tions, because it gives us a pleas­ant admi­ra­tion even from the very kind of gift wrap­ping of Pan­do­ra Christ­mas prod­ucts and adver­tis­ing.
Our favorite hol­i­day pen­dants are Polar Bear, Christ­mas Night, Hol­i­day Wreath, Ice Drops and Win­try Delight. We look for­ward to the offi­cial release of the Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2017 col­lec­tion with you!


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