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Hooray! To the delight of all fash­ion­istas, from chil­dren to adults, Pan­do­ra has released a new Pan­do­ra Autumn 2017 col­lec­tion!


Hooray! To the delight of all fash­ion­istas, from chil­dren to adults, Pan­do­ra has released a new Pan­do­ra Autumn 2017 col­lec­tion!

The col­lec­tion, which was released on August 31, is anoth­er hit of the com­pa­ny! Let’s dive into the world of rose gold, with lots of geo­met­ric pat­terns and metal­lic tones. Your atten­tion is a full view, ded­i­cat­ed to all the lat­est bracelets and jew­el­ry Pan­do­ra!

Pandora Autumn 2017 review

So, below we can see five pre­vi­ous­ly unseen jew­el­ry, each of which we con­sid­er sim­ply beau­ti­ful. Gold­en charm will undoubt­ed­ly be out of com­pe­ti­tion. The chain is made in an unusu­al design. It’s a pret­ty stan­dard sil­ver heart design on top, how­ev­er the chain has a small pin in the mid­dle which looks very inter­est­ing.


Let’s start with the new Pan­do­ra bracelets for Fall 2017. We have one new charm bracelet, one heart clasp bracelet and one adjustable bracelet. It is also known that oth­er vari­ants with the Rose and Essence col­lec­tions will be avail­able.


Pan­do­ra Autumn 2017 new prod­ucts

In this col­lec­tion, a new design of the lock and key was intro­duced — a two-col­or ver­sion of the Lock of Love firmware from Valen­tine’s 2015!


The next thing I would like to empha­size is the appear­ance of some exclu­sives in North Amer­i­ca! These include Pig­gy Bank, Gold­en Ingot, Crash Origa­mi, Kan­ga­roo, and Koala, none of which were pre­vi­ous­ly avail­able in the US. We don’t know exact­ly when they will be launched, but some­thing tells us that it will be the fall of 2017… 🙂


From the entire col­lec­tion, there are a few details that you will espe­cial­ly like — the new design of secu­ri­ty locks is always wel­come, and in our opin­ion, the design of the heart is very roman­tic and del­i­cate. This col­lec­tion will def­i­nite­ly sat­is­fy the refined taste of every lady and will cer­tain­ly not leave you indif­fer­ent to buy­ing a new pair of three love­ly pieces.

Pan­do­ra Autumn 2017 Col­ored beads

One of our favorite items from this col­lec­tion is pic­tured below — Sweet Pan­da!

Its enam­el detail­ing will divide peo­ple’s opin­ions, but we are just crazy about it!)) We think that the pop­u­lar­i­ty of emer­ald green enam­el is also quite high. Anoth­er cute piece that I real­ly like is True Yoga, which has a very pret­ty com­bi­na­tion of moth­er-of-pearl enam­el and intri­cate sil­ver detail­ing.

There is also anoth­er flower bead in this set, as well as Glam­or Kiss, which will be rel­e­vant for young girls in the fall of 2017.


The col­lec­tion also has a vari­ety of col­ored beads — Rose glit­ter ball, Sil­ver glit­ter ball, Shim­mer­ing glit­ter ball and Gold­en glit­ter ball. Each of them is beau­ti­ful in its own way and car­ries some kind of mys­tery …


Pan­do­ra Autumn 2017 Fam­i­ly love

Next, we present to our atten­tion a lot of fam­i­ly and love prod­ucts! We think it’s real­ly cute that they added a few roman­tic touch­es to the Fam­i­ly Trib­ute’s lacy cir­cle. Anoth­er pret­ty nice piece is Love Makes a Fam­i­ly Bead, which has very pre­cise (clear) detail­ing, made over moth­er-of-pearl enam­el!


Pan­do­ra Autumn 2017 Open Bracelets

The next set of prod­ucts, judg­ing by the rumors, will be replace­ment end caps for the new open bracelet! You can buy sev­er­al exist­ing clasp designs, as well as rings to sep­a­rate charms on the bracelet itself.


There are also three new end cap designs. Our favorite ones are those with sim­ple sil­ver logos. We also love that each clasp has this cute lit­tle heart next to the Pan­do­ra sig­na­ture.


Of course, there are addi­tion­al details not only for bracelets! The new col­lec­tion also fea­tures many addi­tions to the neck­laces.

It is com­mend­able that addi­tion­al charms are now sold sep­a­rate­ly, rather than in three sets. This means that you do not have to buy a set, just choose the add-ons you like and buy them sep­a­rate­ly!


The autumn col­lec­tion is very unusu­al and cute. In fact, the entire col­lec­tion looks very expen­sive and chic. It will def­i­nite­ly be a hit with buy­ers.

As for the fam­i­ly design, it also sur­prised me very pleas­ant­ly! We real­ly like the cute lit­tle things that are present in the fam­i­ly line. Fam­i­ly jew­el­ry design is uni­ver­sal and suit­able for every­one.


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