Global Pandora 2016 Pre-Fall Collection — FRAGOLA

Pandora 2016 Pre-Fall Collection — FRAGOLA


And again, Pan­do­ra man­ages to con­quer the brand’s fans with a new col­lec­tion of jew­el­ry. Unlike the pre­vi­ous ones, orig­i­nal and charm­ing. The series has become the most sym­bol­ic of the pre­vi­ous ones, because it is ded­i­cat­ed to the signs of the Zodi­ac. The pre-fall col­lec­tion of Pan­do­ra 2016 aroused gen­uine inter­est among all fans of the brand. After all, jew­el­ry with the signs of the Zodi­ac is an unsur­passed gift for name days and birth­days. Such pre­cious prod­ucts will appeal to every­one who receives jew­el­ry with their Zodi­ac sign as a present.

New Pre-Autumn Collection Pandora 2016

In the assort­ment of the off-sea­son col­lec­tion Pan­do­ra 2016, you can choose any sign of the Zodi­ac from the 12 pre­sent­ed. Also, one part of the col­lec­tion is devot­ed to the theme of friend­ship. These charms are the per­fect gift for a close friend. Because the pen­dant con­sists of two parts, you keep one for your­self, and give the sec­ond to a loved one. An excel­lent rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the jew­el­ry from the col­lec­tion is the Pan­do­ra “Love and Friend­ship” charm. The charm is craft­ed from clas­sic 925 ster­ling sil­ver and fea­tures an engrav­ing on one side that reads: “Friend­ship begins with lov­ing hearts.” In total, the theme of friend­ship is per­son­i­fied by three charms and one clip.

The sec­ond part of the off-sea­son col­lec­tion is giv­en to the zodi­ac sym­bols. 12 astro­log­i­cal sym­bols are made in the form of brand­ed charms:

The Pan­do­ra brand has pre­vi­ous­ly released a series with a sim­i­lar theme, only the prod­ucts were in a more restrained clas­sic design. Only a smooth base of a sil­ver charm, on which the crafts­men applied the sym­bols of the signs of the Zodi­ac. The cur­rent charms have been improved by design­ers, so the appear­ance has become more inter­est­ing. All jew­el­ry mod­els are three-sided. On one side of each copy there is a sym­bol­ic sign of the Zodi­ac, on the oth­er — a graph­ic image of the sign and on the third — the tra­di­tion­al name. The very base of the charm is adorned with small con­stel­la­tions, which adds to the cos­mic dimen­sion. It is impos­si­ble not to note the fab­u­lous charm of the Koala in the col­lec­tion. It is so cute that it will be a great addi­tion to any jew­el­ry col­lec­tion. Charms with astro­log­i­cal sym­bols of the mod­el with bright cubic zir­co­nia stones are suc­cess­ful­ly empha­sized. Stones add sparkle to a Pan­do­ra bracelet. Also per­fect­ly com­ple­ment the charms from the Pan­do­ra Pre-Fall col­lec­tion with jew­el­ry with star motifs in design. For the bracelet, you can use one charm with the sign of the Zodi­ac, or assem­ble an astro­log­i­cal bracelet. Hav­ing strung 12 charms on the base, we get a won­der­ful zodi­ac acces­so­ry.

Pandora bracelet from the Pre-Fall 2017 collection

To make the mid-sea­son col­lec­tion har­mo­nious and com­plete, Pan­do­ra added a sil­ver bracelet to it. The clasp on the sil­ver bracelet also has an astro­log­i­cal theme, because one side is dec­o­rat­ed with the image of a star, and the oppo­site side is dec­o­rat­ed with the image of the sun.

This bracelet har­mo­nizes well with the charms of the zodi­ac signs. And also an excel­lent basis for any mod­els of jew­el­ry. In fact, the bracelet is uni­ver­sal, it does not have a clear style and can well become part of a set with anoth­er bracelet as an addi­tion.

Collection Pandora Charm Koala

Buying a birthday present in Fragola’s store

Of course, Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry is a won­der­ful gift for any hol­i­day, event or just like that, for no rea­son. And acces­sories with the image of the Zodi­ac sign will be not only a nice gift, but also a tal­is­man or tal­is­man. If you can not decide on the desired mod­el of Pan­do­ra prod­ucts — seek advice from expe­ri­enced spe­cial­ists of the Frago­la store. They are always ready to help every cus­tomer.


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