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Mother’s Day / March 8 Pandora / Mother’s Day


Review of the Pan­do­ra col­lec­tion for moth­er’s day 2017. Release March 16!

Quite an exten­sive col­lec­tion for Moth­er’s Day / March 8, it con­tains many new charms, pen­dants, bracelets and pen­dant. So, let’s begin!

Great Britain is the luck­i­est of all, because they will see part of this col­lec­tion on Feb­ru­ary 23! Who has the oppor­tu­ni­ty to fly to Lon­don to buy gifts for mom on March 8? Since Moth­er’s Day has not yet tak­en root in our coun­tries. The clos­est hol­i­day for us is March 8th. Every­one con­grat­u­lates moth­ers, wives, girl­friends and just all the women they know.

A lot of charms with hearts. Hearts are often asso­ci­at­ed with fam­i­ly. Such a charm can show love even to a moth­er. In North Amer­i­ca, the fam­i­ly and love clip will only be sold with a bracelet as a gift set. You can’t buy it sep­a­rate­ly!

I am struck by the charm of the Love knot. It has a large white pearl. Pan­do­ra does­n’t have many pearl charms, so it’s a very inter­est­ing posi­tion. We also have a new secu­ri­ty chain Love for­ev­er. Love­ly charm tree of hearts — por­tend the pop­u­lar­i­ty of this charm. Pan­do­ra lovers loved all the pre­vi­ous fam­i­ly tree charms. This is my favorite top­ic. And this charm is also two-tone, with ele­ments of gold and white enam­el. Pan­do­ra decid­ed to release a new stroller. With pro­nounced wheels and zir­co­ni­um stones on the sides. It is very cute.

Spe­cial bracelet for moth­er’s day. Hard with engrav­ing — we love you very much and a new clasp. In the cen­ter is a heart of enam­el and around the cir­cle is the inscrip­tion Pan­do­ra. Also, in addi­tion to the main bracelet, there is an inter­est­ing set of sin­gle and dou­ble leather bracelets. All leather bracelets with a new clasp! Spher­i­cal clasp with Pan­do­ra let­ter­ing.

The col­lec­tion of petites and medal­lions for petites has also been replen­ished. A new medal­lion in the form of a heart is released, which can be filled with minia­ture ele­ments — petites.

Look­ing for­ward to this won­der­ful col­lec­tion!

All detailed pho­tos are below in the gallery!


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