Meaning of Pandora Charms


The Pan­do­ra cat­a­log is a real par­adise for lovers of clas­sic and themed charms. Each ele­ment of the bracelet is not only beau­ti­ful, but also has a sym­bol­ic mean­ing.

Sym­bol­ic mean­ing is impor­tant in a mean­ing­ful approach to mak­ing your own jew­el­ry. With it, you can iso­late your­self from unwant­ed peo­ple, or give a sig­nal that you are ready for com­mu­ni­ca­tion and inter­ac­tion. Either way, choose your ele­ment and make your life bet­ter.

What are charms telling us?

The fish is a sym­bol of the renew­al of nature. Anoth­er inhab­i­tant of the sea, the dol­phin, due to its best qual­i­ties, has become a real patron of sailors, sym­bol­iz­ing the speed, cun­ning and wis­dom so nec­es­sary in swim­ming. An owl is more suit­able for strong per­son­al­i­ties who want to gain secret mag­i­cal knowl­edge, but a pea­cock — an ancient sym­bol of Indi­an cul­ture — is for sin­cere and easy-going con­nois­seurs of gifts of fate and longevi­ty. If you are inter­est­ed in Chi­nese cul­ture, then go to the Pan­do­ra online store in the sec­tion with zodi­ac signs. There you will find the main sym­bol of your birth, and soon a noble horse, an impres­sive tiger or a small mouse will flaunt on your wrist.

If you want to con­vey not just one emo­tion, but a whole state of mind, then spring, win­ter and sum­mer col­lec­tions have been cre­at­ed for this, com­bin­ing ensem­bles to match the col­or of your sea­son­al mood. A good selec­tion of charms can also express your love for art. Refined palettes will suit artists, pointe shoes — grace­ful bal­leri­nas, musi­cal instru­ments — the own­ers of a beau­ti­ful voice and hear­ing, and a the­atri­cal mask — devot­ed ser­vants of Melpomene.

Fam­i­ly ties are the strongest. What­ev­er a per­son is fond of in his life, he will def­i­nite­ly return to a cozy home. To express how much we appre­ci­ate our loved ones, you can also use charms. Pigeons and swans are sym­bols of fam­i­ly well-being, a bou­quet of flow­ers is love, a lock with a key is fideli­ty, and a house is a fam­i­ly hearth. If you give a woman a minia­ture stroller, then you can there­by con­fess to her your hopes for a quick replen­ish­ment in the fam­i­ly. The Pan­do­ra store did not bypass the atten­tion of dar­ing fans of ani­mat­ed films. Favorite heroes can always set­tle on thin girl­ish wrists and please not only their own­er, but also every­one around them.

The assortment of charms is so large that you just have to take advantage of the great offers of the Pandora store and create your own little world on your hand at an affordable price and in a fast line.


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