Global Пандора Новости, Статьи, Блог Bears Shelly Mae and Daffy from the Pandora Disney collection

Bears Shelly Mae and Daffy from the Pandora Disney collection


Meet the sto­ry of the appear­ance and acquain­tance of two won­der­ful char­ac­ters from the Pan­do­ra Dis­ney col­lec­tion — Duffy bears and Shelly Mae!

Very popular from the Disney Pandora collection are these two cute characters — Daffy Bear and Shelley Mae.

But almost noth­ing is known about them. Today we decid­ed to cor­rect this ter­ri­ble injus­tice. Meet the sto­ry of the appear­ance and acquain­tance of two won­der­ful bears!

As the sto­ry tells us, the mouse Mick­ey Mouse was about to go on a sea voy­age. And so that he would not be bored on his long jour­ney, Min­nie decid­ed to make him a cute ted­dy bear named Daffy.

When Mick­ey and Daffy returned from the voy­age, the bear was sad that he did not have such a friend as Min­nie for Mick­ey and he had no one to share his impres­sions of the route done and tell what he saw while wan­der­ing the seas.
Duffy decid­ed to find a friend. He wrote the mes­sage “Be my friend!”, put it in a bot­tle and threw it into the ocean.

Fly­ing by, post­man Tip­py noticed the let­ter and took it to Min­nie. After read­ing the mes­sage, she thought that, appar­ent­ly, he was very lone­ly and she had a good idea. She decid­ed to make a friend for Duffy, she was over­whelmed with con­fi­dence that this would make him hap­py.

Duffy was a lit­tle shy when he saw Min­nie’s present. Because in front of him was a sweet, lit­tle girl. “Let’s be friends!” — said Duffy, and hand­ed her a shell. This was the trea­sure he found. The heart-shaped shell was insane­ly charm­ing!

“That’s it! I’ll call you Shel­lie May!” Min­nie said. “Hi Shel­lieMay!”
This is how charm­ing bears and a won­der­ful sto­ry of their acquain­tance appeared. In our opin­ion, these charms, from the Pan­do­ra Dis­ney col­lec­tion, skill­ful­ly empha­sized the cute detail in the form of a heart-shaped shell pen­dant as a sym­bol of the birth of friend­ship. From this came the name for Shel­ley Mae, because in Eng­lish “shell” means shell.


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