Global 5 secrets of the Pandora bracelet: take a look at the jewelry in a new way

5 secrets of the Pandora bracelet: take a look at the jewelry in a new way


The high­light of Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry is that it involves an inde­pen­dent choice of charms, most of which have dif­fer­ent mean­ings and sym­bol­ism. Sig­nif­i­cant dates, mem­o­rable days, suc­cess­es at work or impor­tant events in the fam­i­ly can be the basis for the cre­ative con­cept of the orig­i­nal Pan­do­ra bracelet.

This arti­cle is a kind of guide­book that reveals the fea­tures of a pop­u­lar jew­el­ry. We’ve come up with a few prin­ci­ples to help you put togeth­er the bracelet of your dreams that you won’t be able to read about any­where else. All the infor­ma­tion described below is a “recipe” that will allow you to cre­ate a unique attribute for a roman­tic, fem­i­nine and styl­ish look. If you have already decid­ed on the the­mat­ic direc­tion of Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry, you can buy them in our Frago­la online store

So, 5 prin­ci­ples of how to assem­ble a Pan­do­ra bracelet:

  1. Ide­al Foun­da­tion
  2. Gen­er­al top­ics
  3. Sym­me­try
  4. Ade­qua­cy
  5. accents

1. Charm bracelet: choosing the perfect base

There are only 4 options: sil­ver, gold, gen­uine leather or tex­tiles. In this case, it is dif­fi­cult to advise on the choice, because the pref­er­ence for each mate­r­i­al is sub­jec­tive. If you are a novice Pan­do­ra fan, the best solu­tion would be a base made of sil­ver. The most con­ser­v­a­tive exam­ple of this pre­cious met­al is the Pan­do­ra Sil­ver P‑Lock Bracelet.

2. Charm bracelet: general theme

As with choos­ing your own style, it’s impor­tant to stick to one vec­tor as well as the con­cept of dec­o­rat­ing. Geo­met­ric, fig­ured or car­ry­ing some seman­tic load, pen­dants must be sus­tained in a sin­gle ide­o­log­i­cal direc­tion. Here, for exam­ple, is the Wise Owl charm, which sym­bol­izes knowl­edge, wis­dom, sci­ence. Of course, this does not mean that all your charms should be ded­i­cat­ed to knowl­edge, but when col­lect­ing a bracelet, you need to remem­ber that the num­ber of top­ics or direc­tions should be focused and lim­it­ed to 2–3.

3. Beads for Pandora bracelets: symmetry is important

Sym­me­try is a very sim­ple, but at the same time very effec­tive tech­nique. You take two iden­ti­cal charms and place them on the bracelet so that there are oth­er charms between them, you get a com­plete design, since two iden­ti­cal charms set the bound­aries, so a bracelet using this tech­nique always looks con­cep­tu­al.

4. Pandora bracelets: sufficiency without frills

As already men­tioned, Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry sug­gests free­dom in choos­ing charms, but in this vein, it is impor­tant to remem­ber the sense of pro­por­tion. If we take pavé charms as an exam­ple, the entire sur­face of which is encrust­ed with cubic zir­co­nia, then such details will look organ­ic on the prod­uct in lim­it­ed quan­ti­ties, since the charms are shiny and catchy, due to their exces­sive use, the bracelet can turn out to be too over­loaded. Here is an exam­ple of such dec­o­ra­tion Charm mul­ti-col­ored Pave

5. Pandora bracelet: the right accents

Play with con­trasts — dilute met­al beads with bright charm pen­dants. For this, mura­no charms or enam­eled charms are well suit­ed. As a rule, such jew­el­ry is quite bright, due to which you can beau­ti­ful­ly focus on the nec­es­sary ele­ments of the bracelet. As an exam­ple, the Mura­no charm Blue cut glass

So, we briefly talked about the ways to beau­ti­ful­ly assem­ble a Pan­do­ra bracelet. Fol­low­ing these impor­tant rules will help you avoid com­mon mis­takes. All inspi­ra­tion and a sea of ​​​​beau­ty!

This arti­cle was cre­at­ed specif­i­cal­ly for the web­site of Fragol, an expert in the field of Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry in Ukraine. If you have any ques­tions, ask them in the com­ments, the com­pa­ny’s spe­cial­ists will be hap­py to answer them. We also invite con­nois­seurs to share their expe­ri­ence in the reviews.


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