Global What types of jewelry are divided into

What types of jewelry are divided into


Each per­son has his own indi­vid­ual style, which he empha­sizes with var­i­ous acces­sories. Not every­one can afford to wear gold jew­el­ry with dia­monds or sil­ver with emer­alds. How­ev­er, the main types of cos­tume jew­el­ry are afford­able to every­one. They can be matched with dif­fer­ent clothes. Read more about what should be in a jew­el­ry box.

Why is it better to buy simple types of jewelry?


Jew­el­ry for every­day life should be ver­sa­tile and ele­gant. Due to this, they will suit any clothes for dif­fer­ent occa­sions.

Sim­ple styles in jew­el­ry involve the man­u­fac­ture of prod­ucts with an incon­spic­u­ous and con­ser­v­a­tive design. They are dec­o­rat­ed with col­ored stones of neu­trals, such as black, white, dark blue or shades of brown and eter­nal sea­son­al flow­ers — red, pur­ple or yel­low. These are jew­el­ry of sim­ple and uni­ver­sal shapes, such as a cir­cle, oval, square for every day and long chan­de­lier ear­rings, which should be worn for solemn events.

What kind of jewelry is it?

Now that you know what to pay atten­tion to when choos­ing acces­sories, let’s con­sid­er what types of jew­el­ry there are.

  1. Ear­rings of var­i­ous shapes and sizes. Short ear­rings are fas­tened with sticks with a plug. Sus­pend­ed — with the help of clasps on pins, Eng­lish and Ital­ian. The cat­e­go­ry of ear­rings also includes:

  • pierc­ing — dec­o­ra­tions for pierc­ings in dif­fer­ent places on the body;

  • Clips are the per­fect acces­so­ry for peo­ple who can’t wear ear­rings.

  1. Chains are made of pre­cious and oth­er met­als of var­i­ous shapes and weaves, includ­ing: armor, Sin­ga­pore, Ankyra, Figaro, cube, fox tail, saber, strand, Bis­mar­ck, Byzan­tine, Kar­dan­skaya, etc. Some mod­els are worn with pen­dants. Wom­en’s mod­els 30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 75 cm long, men’s — 50, 60, 75 cm.

  2. neck­laces — an inde­pen­dent dec­o­ra­tion of the neck­line:

  • mod­els in the form of thick­er chains in the form of large links, mod­ules, thick weaves;

  • neck­laces made of pearls, beads, corals, amber, etc.,

  • woven prod­ucts in a com­bi­na­tion of sutage,

  • neck­laces from a com­bi­na­tion of straps with dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments.

4. Pen­dants with nat­ur­al stones, pearls, beads, addi­tion­al dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments are worn on bracelets, chains and neck­laces.

5. Bracelets for women and men:

1. sol­id met­al cir­cles;

2. mod­els con­sist­ing of links, using nat­ur­al stones, pearls, beads, addi­tion­al dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments;

3. flex­i­ble bracelets made on spe­cial rub­ber bands;

4. prod­ucts in the form of com­bined repeat­ing mod­ules, which may addi­tion­al­ly con­tain nat­ur­al stones, pearls, beads, addi­tion­al dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments.

Depend­ing on the mod­el, bracelets are worn on the wrists, shoul­ders or legs.

Accord­ing to their pur­pose, they are:

  • casu­al, day, cock­tail, evening;

  • charm bracelet with pen­dants sym­bol­ize var­i­ous events. Each of the attached ele­ments sym­bol­izes some­thing: a stroller — the birth of a child, a tur­tle — wealth, etc.

6. rings for fin­gers and toes — sol­id, open, adjustable size, pha­lanx, with an insert of stones, engrav­ing or enam­el.

bijouterie rings

7. Brooches are jew­el­ry worn by women and girls. It is attached to clothes with a pin. They are made of var­i­ous met­als, dec­o­rat­ed with inserts of pearls, rhine­stones, feath­ers, and sequins.

8. Cuf­flinks and clips are used by men and women to fas­ten the sleeves of a jack­et or shirt, to dec­o­rate a tie.

9. Diadems, wreaths, crowns, tiaras are ele­gant rings with inserts of stones and rhine­stones. a stone They are used for cer­e­mo­ni­al events and meet­ings.

10. Watch­es — jew­el­ry with prac­ti­cal func­tions. make:

  • wrist, pock­et, jew­el­ry watch­es in the form of pen­dants, in rings and bracelets;

  • clas­sic quartz, mechan­i­cal;

  • sports smart watch with many addi­tion­al built-in func­tions, such as a pedome­ter, calo­rie counter, etc. They are char­ac­ter­ized by high strength and water­proof­ness.

Now you know what jew­el­ry is. Each of its types is pro­duced in a huge num­ber of vari­ants. The most pop­u­lar mod­els are pre­sent­ed in the cat­a­log of the Sil­vers online store.

Don’t lim­it your­self to basic items, but grad­u­al­ly expand your col­lec­tion and include more jew­el­ry that will reflect your indi­vid­u­al­i­ty.


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