Global What to do if a ring dear to the heart is lost?

What to do if a ring dear to the heart is lost?


A ring is more than just a piece of jew­el­ry. It is a sym­bol of end­less love, hap­pi­ness, loy­al­ty and fam­i­ly well-being. In Ukraine, as in many coun­tries of the world, it is tra­di­tion­al­ly worn with­out tak­ing it off, with the excep­tion of divorce or death. But some­times these prod­ucts are lost. How to find them on the street and at home — let’s fig­ure it out.

What can the loss of a ring indicate?

lost ring

Accord­ing to folk omens, if a man has lost a ring, this is a bad omen. Such a sig­nal may mean that:

  • do not rush with an upcom­ing impor­tant event. Dur­ing it, a sig­nif­i­cant event may occur, which will affect rela­tion­ships in the fam­i­ly or in the work team;

  • the wrong choice of cho­sen one or job was made;

  • cheat­ing on the wife or vice ver­sa is pos­si­ble soon;

  • prob­a­ble long sep­a­ra­tion from a loved one.

If a woman lost a ring, then:

  • soon the fam­i­ly will be destroyed because of her;

  • hap­pi­ness will not be with the man who gave this orna­ment, but with anoth­er per­son;

  • the mar­ried cou­ple’s health and well-being will dete­ri­o­rate.

How to find the house ring?

The main advice is not to pan­ic and remem­ber all pos­si­ble bad omens. To begin with, you need to calm down and gain patience.

It’s much eas­i­er to fig­ure out how to find a ring when you’re calm than when you’re ner­vous and stressed.

Check your­self. It sounds sil­ly, but some­times we can for­get that the ring is still on your fin­ger or acci­den­tal­ly put it in the pock­et of a shirt, robe, apron, in a side­board, in a jew­el­ry box.

Prac­tice shows that in 60% of cas­es you lose a house ring and soon remem­ber how to find it. Some­times you just need to do a lit­tle clean­ing, even under tables and sofas.

It is nec­es­sary to remem­ber where this orna­ment was tak­en off and left it, and to quick­ly find the miss­ing piece. For this, it is bet­ter to switch to oth­er things for half an hour. And then go around the entire apart­ment once again and look around the entire sur­round­ing space with a fresh look.

Think about the last time you saw jew­el­ry on your fin­ger. Sud­den­ly, it was removed specif­i­cal­ly before cook­ing, wash­ing dish­es, tak­ing a bath or wash­ing by hand. Some­times a ring can be acci­den­tal­ly found even in a freez­er, refrig­er­a­tor or trash can.

Sud­den­ly it went behind a clos­et or a bed­side table. You can get it with a flash­light.

If there are impu­ri­ties of oth­er met­als in gold or sil­ver, such prod­ucts react to a mag­net — they are attract­ed to it. This is a con­ve­nient way to find a ring in the snow, in the sand, and not only at home.

If there are pets, watch their behav­ior. Some­times a cat or a dog can help with the search — find a piece of jew­el­ry, look at its shine and try to move it with a paw.

If the jew­el­ry is expen­sive, then the last way to find a lost wed­ding ring at home is to rent a met­al detec­tor. It must be set up exclu­sive­ly to search for pre­cious met­als, oth­er­wise it will respond with a shrill squeal to all plumb­ing and house­hold appli­ances. There is such a ser­vice by call­ing a spe­cial­ist with a met­al detec­tor or rent­ing a device.

How to quickly find a lost ring on the street?

find the lost ring

Before you start search­ing on the street, remem­ber when, that is, at what time, the ring was on your fin­ger for the last time.

Look in your pock­ets, bag or purse.

Ask your friends or those who were with you. Search with them on the bench where they sat in the park, near the trees.

If you are dri­ving, search your vehi­cle. All of a sud­den, the orna­ment fell, got behind their seat or under the rug, and was lying in the mud.

Go to the toi­let and take off your clothes. Also check the pock­ets of your jack­et or coat. There is a small chance that the ring is stuck some­where under the lin­ing.

If you have long hair, take a close look at your hair­style and let your hair down.

Make a list of the places you have been in the city — in which build­ings, shops, on the sum­mer ter­race of a cafe. Go there to ask the clean­ing lady to find and return for a small fee. She sure­ly knows how to find a lost ring in the grass, on the ground.

If the prod­uct drowned on the pri­vate beach in the pool, inform the admin­is­tra­tion of the facil­i­ty. She will involve spe­cial­ists who know how to find the ring in the water while clean­ing the drains. In a riv­er, lake or sea, the ring can some­times be found at the bot­tom if it is shal­low or there is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to dive with scu­ba.

If you know for sure that the jew­el is expen­sive and it was stolen, write a report about its dis­ap­pear­ance to the police.

Find­ing a lost ring is a good sign that por­tends prof­it and good luck in your endeav­ors. He says that fate has saved you from some dan­ger or trou­ble. But if you haven’t found it, don’t wor­ry. Because of this, the stamp in the pass­port will not dis­ap­pear. So, it was nec­es­sary.

Famil­iar­ize your­self with the assort­ment of our online store cat­a­log — sud­den­ly there is a sim­i­lar prod­uct that will suc­cess­ful­ly replace the lost one that no one will notice. If not, then this is a good rea­son to buy a ring that is even bet­ter, brighter and more beau­ti­ful than the one you had. Order with deliv­ery to your city of Ukraine and wear with plea­sure.


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