Global What a man needs to know to choose Pandora as a gift

What a man needs to know to choose Pandora as a gift


If flow­ers are giv­en just like that, then pre­cious things sym­bol­ize much more. It can be a hol­i­day, a sig­nif­i­cant event, the day you meet your beloved, or just a good mood that you want to share with a per­son close to you. Above all, jew­el­ry should car­ry pleas­ant mem­o­ries, sym­bol­ism, and most impor­tant­ly, a sou­venir. We all know that young girls and women appre­ci­ate pre­cious met­als, such as sil­ver, gold or a unique coat­ing that is exclu­sive and not avail­able to every­one. It would not be bad at all if these prod­ucts were also beau­ti­ful­ly dec­o­rat­ed with pre­cious stones, glass inserts, enam­el or engrav­ing on jew­el­ry. Still, it’s not cos­tume jew­el­ry! This is some­thing much more valu­able and spe­cial for the rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the female half of human­i­ty. Pan­do­ra brand of unsur­passed trendy jew­el­ry pos­sess­es all the points list­ed above. Dear men, here you can choose any jew­el­ry for any taste! Even for the most demand­ing lady. And in order to help choose a gift from Pan­do­ra for your beloved, moth­er, sis­ter, or daugh­ter, you need to know some rules and fea­tures of the choice so as not to leave her indif­fer­ent. There­fore, men, read care­ful­ly!

What does a man need to know to choose a gift from Pandora?

I remind you that this col­lec­tion has a wide selec­tion of Pan­do­ra bracelets, charms, rings, ear­rings and chains. To facil­i­tate the search, the entire range is divid­ed into col­lec­tions and sec­tions with jew­el­ry names. Cur­rent­ly, Pan­do­ra has released a vari­ety of jew­el­ry made of 925 sil­ver, a unique alloy of sil­ver and cop­per — Pan­do­ra Rose, as well as an incred­i­ble col­lec­tion of Pan­do­ra Shine, which is gold plat­ed with 18 carats. To choose the appro­pri­ate jew­el­ry, you should take a clos­er look at what col­or a woman wears jew­el­ry most often. Pay atten­tion to the size of jew­el­ry, whether they are very del­i­cate or rather mas­sive. The style of a wom­an’s cloth­ing, whether she is a busi­ness per­son or per­haps an appre­ci­a­tor of a free lifestyle and trav­el. The approx­i­mate age of the woman should also be tak­en into account. For a young girl, enam­el prod­ucts are per­fect, and for a sta­tus dec­o­ra­tion with stones. For more mature peo­ple, mas­sive prod­ucts on the neck, rings are per­fect. But this is pure­ly my divi­sion, your woman may have oth­er pref­er­ences. And this is nor­mal! Per­haps a woman prefers bright prod­ucts. Prod­ucts made of enam­el and glass will be ide­al for this. Leather ver­sions of bracelets are also pos­si­ble if a woman appre­ci­ates sim­plic­i­ty. It would be great to know your favorite col­or. Then, you would def­i­nite­ly hit the spot. The most impor­tant thing to choose is the size. But, I have tips for you for this as well.

How to choose the size of Pandora jewelry?

If you decide to buy a Pan­do­ra bracelet as a gift, you can find out the size of a wom­an’s hand in two ways.

Option A. If you know that a woman wants a bracelet and it is not nec­es­sary to make an unex­pect­ed sur­prise, but a “de fac­to” gift, you can go to the store and choose the right size there with the help of sales con­sul­tants, or take a rib­bon, wrap a wom­an’s hand, mea­sure the end, cut off a piece of tape and mea­sure with a ruler. After that, you can choose the desired bracelet size in cen­time­ters. It can be seen bet­ter in the image:

But, if you want to give a real­ly unex­pect­ed gift, cre­ate an out­pour­ing of emo­tions from sur­prise and delight, see sin­cere emo­tions and delight on your face, Option B.

The Frago­la com­pa­ny has pre­pared a size grid for you, which is equal to the cen­time­ters of the arm cir­cum­fer­ence in accor­dance with the cen­time­ters of the Pan­do­ra size, since the choice of bracelet size is sev­er­al cen­time­ters larg­er than the wrist cir­cum­fer­ence. If you decide to mea­sure it, then mea­sure it! The bracelet should be dan­gling, so it looks bet­ter. You can find the cor­re­spon­dence of the size grid and descrip­tions of the bracelets on our online store: “Frago­la”. And here is the link to it:

This also applies to the choice of Pan­do­ra rings. Dimen­sions are pre­sent­ed in cen­time­ters, inch­es and mil­lime­ters. Ear­rings do not need a size grid, because they will suit every­one. Here the nuance is only a wom­an’s taste. Whether it is mas­sive jew­el­ry and elon­gat­ed, or del­i­cate ear­rings — screw-on.

As for the chains on the neck, I have also select­ed an image so that you can rough­ly under­stand at what height the wom­an’s neck­line, the lock­et or pen­dant will stop. There­fore, we are glad to see you on our web­site. Fol­low the link:

What will your gift from Pandora look like?

And one more thing, what­ev­er dec­o­ra­tion you choose for a gift, we took care of its design and fes­tive appear­ance. A box, a rib­bon — a bow, a bag, a gift bag — every­thing for you! The gift will look like this:


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