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tips from Silvers store stylists.


A round face gives a woman, regard­less of age, type of activ­i­ty and social sta­tus, girl­ish charm and youth. It has the same width and height, nar­rows both to the fore­head and to the chin. The chin line is also round­ed. The cen­ter is the nose. Char­ac­ter­is­tic fea­tures of a round face are a low fore­head and a short neck. Unlike oth­er forms, it urgent­ly needs weight loss and length­en­ing.

round face earrings

This effect is eas­i­ly achieved due to the right choice of acces­sories, such as ear­rings for a round face, as well as hair and make­up. What mod­els of jew­el­ry for ears should be pre­ferred in this case — read more about it.

What earrings to choose for a round face and short neck?

Girls and women of this type need to visu­al­ly stretch the low­er part of the face and add sharp­ness to the cheek­bones. It’s unbe­liev­able, but the fact is that the more angu­lar and long the jew­el­ry, the slim­mer the face and the longer the neck will look.

A round face real­ly likes ear­rings with geo­met­ric shapes:

  • tri­an­gles,

  • squares,

  • nar­row rec­tan­gles,

  • all kinds of irreg­u­lar pat­terns, such as wings, zigza­gs, spi­rals, etc.

Long ver­ti­cal tas­sel ear­rings are suit­able for a round type of face. They length­en the neck, empha­size the beau­ty of the ears and become the final ele­ment in the image. Their sophis­ti­cat­ed design adds fem­i­nin­i­ty and ele­gance to the appear­ance.

In this case, even those mod­els that reach the shoul­ders will work per­fect­ly. They will make facial fea­tures visu­al­ly clear­er and slim­mer. As a result, it will look more like an oval than a cir­cle.

The per­fect com­bi­na­tion of “evening dress and bone ear­rings” is appro­pri­ate for a prom, bach­e­lorette par­ty or wed­ding. An equal­ly win­ning set with such prod­ucts is an ele­gant knee-length cock­tail dress or an airy sum­mer sun­dress.

What earrings are perfect for a round face?

Chub­by cheeks com­bined with a low fore­head, short chin and neck look good when wear­ing state­ment ear­rings with ver­ti­cal stripes that taper down­wards.

Long drop ear­rings or drop ear­rings visu­al­ly length­en the face and reduce its round­ness.

Every­day ear­rings for a round face are short pen­dants with a more com­plex design. They will opti­cal­ly reduce the face and give it the appear­ance of an oval.

A good choice would be ear­rings con­sist­ing of a stone and thin, hang­ing ele­ments with a straight ver­ti­cal line. It is from the upper part that the har­mo­ny of the acces­so­ry depends. It can con­sist of:

  • beads,

  • strass,

  • beads,

  • crys­tal,

  • pearls

Drop ear­rings to the mid­dle of the neck will accen­tu­ate the neck and soft­en the chin line. The pen­dant, which is attached to the base of the ear­ring, flir­ta­tious­ly moves in time with the move­ments of its own­er, giv­ing her image fem­i­nin­i­ty and sex­u­al­i­ty.

If the girl chose pen­dant ear­rings as an evening acces­so­ry, then a neck­lace or neck­lace will be super­flu­ous. This way, you can spoil the whole image by cov­er­ing open areas of the body with an excess of acces­sories.

round face earrings

Pusets are uni­ver­sal dec­o­ra­tions that will be appro­pri­ate at any event. For the office — clas­sic with­out an insert, for a walk or a roman­tic date — with a scat­ter­ing of cubic zir­co­nia, for going out into the world — gold, inlaid with a dia­mond or oth­er pre­cious stones. Those who have pierced more than one ear can eas­i­ly cre­ate a com­bi­na­tion of sev­er­al ear­rings with the help of Puse­ta.

What earrings are not recommended for a round face?

Own­ers of a round face should in no case wear ear­rings in the shape of a cir­cle, balls or discs, which will give fea­tures addi­tion­al round­ness. They should avoid puset­ta, as well as ear­rings with spher­i­cal details and round beads. They empha­size the cheeks, which visu­al­ly widens the face and short­ens the neck.

All of the above mod­els of ear­rings for round-shaped ladies are avail­able in the cat­a­log of the Sil­vers online store. Order with deliv­ery across Ukraine and wear with plea­sure, empha­siz­ing your beau­ty.


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