Global The shining accent in Pandora is cubic zirconia.

The shining accent in Pandora is cubic zirconia.


Gem­stones are always a desir­able piece of jew­el­ry for many. They were of great val­ue, and the most unique ones were passed down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion and were relics of noble fam­i­lies and even peo­ples. It is dif­fi­cult to under­es­ti­mate the beau­ty of pre­cious stones, which is why today they occu­py an hon­or­able place in the world’s jew­el­ry col­lec­tions. Thanks to the devel­op­ment of sci­ence and tech­no­log­i­cal process­es, sci­en­tists and crafts­men are try­ing to make stones afford­able with the same excel­lent qual­i­ties. There­fore, new types of arti­fi­cial stones are con­stant­ly appear­ing. But, for more than a cen­tu­ry, cubic zir­co­nia has been hold­ing the rat­ings of the most sought-after arti­fi­cial dia­mond, which has a demo­c­ra­t­ic price and many col­or schemes in design.

Ring pandora zirconium

What is cubic zirconia?

Every­one knows that a dia­mond is a pre­cious stone that is con­sid­ered one of the most expen­sive, beau­ti­ful and desir­able. Some dia­monds are worth a for­tune, and col­lec­tors are pay­ing mil­lions of dol­lars for dia­monds. What is its unique­ness? A dia­mond is a nat­ur­al dia­mond that acquires its own shade over many years of for­ma­tion. Thanks to the skill­ful work of the mas­ter, nat­ur­al stone is processed using a spe­cial tech­nol­o­gy — turn­ing, giv­ing the desired shape. So the stone acquires smooth edges that reflect the rays of light, giv­ing each instance an incred­i­ble radi­ance. A dia­mond is a durable stone, so its sur­face is not sus­cep­ti­ble to mechan­i­cal dam­age and scratch­es.

Colored cubic zirconia

Cubic zir­co­nia stones are the most pop­u­lar stones in jew­el­ry. Their diver­si­ty helps to cre­ate beau­ti­ful com­po­si­tions on jew­el­ry. The Pan­do­ra brand also uses cubic zir­co­nia, also called cubic zir­co­nia, to cre­ate jew­el­ry. Cubic Zir­co­nia is an arti­fi­cial, man-made dia­mond. In appear­ance, it imi­tates nat­ur­al dia­mond, although it has dif­fer­ences in the even­ness of sur­faces and edges, they are ide­al for cubic zir­co­nia. Thanks to spe­cial for­mu­las, cubic zirko­nia cre­ate dif­fer­ent col­ors and shades. The stones take on an amaz­ing design, from which it is impos­si­ble to take your eyes off. Cubic zir­co­nia is com­pared to a dia­mond in terms of beau­ty. But, its col­or range is much more exten­sive than the “nat­ur­al dia­mond”.

Cubic Zirconia Pandora Jewelry

Pandora Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

The Pan­do­ra com­pa­ny has man­aged to very suc­cess­ful­ly cre­ate prod­ucts from pre­cious met­als, dec­o­rat­ing with cubic zir­co­nia stones. Almost every col­lec­tion of the brand con­tains incred­i­ble com­bi­na­tions of zir­co­ni­um of dif­fer­ent col­ors with gold and sil­ver. Each acces­so­ry, which is dec­o­rat­ed with cubic zir­co­nia, is ele­gant, sophis­ti­cat­ed and del­i­cate. Beau­ti­ful shine gives the prod­uct unique­ness. Pan­do­ra uses cubic zir­co­nia stones to dec­o­rate charms, clips, pen­dants, rings and ear­rings. Some mod­els are com­ple­ment­ed with cubic zir­co­nia and enam­el. If these are flo­ral motifs, then a scat­ter­ing of stones imi­tates dew drops, which is very nice.

pandora cubic zirconia jewelry

How does zirconia fit in with Pandora?

Due to the bright radi­ance of zir­co­ni­um stones in Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry, you should not com­bine many shin­ing charms or pen­dants on one bracelet. It is bet­ter to use such prod­ucts as accents. Try to choose cubic zir­co­nia enam­el in the same col­or scheme, so you will achieve a har­mo­nious look of the Pan­do­ra bracelet. It is worth not­ing that the price of such jew­el­ry with cubic zir­co­nia stones is afford­able for every cus­tomer in the Frago­la store. And the beau­ti­ful exter­nal design is not infe­ri­or to jew­el­ry with dia­monds. In the store, cus­tomers can choose orig­i­nal Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry from any col­lec­tion with a war­ran­ty peri­od. And also receive a gift from Fragol for pur­chase. The Frago­la store oper­ates through­out Ukraine and helps to delight your loved ones with gifts from Pan­do­ra.


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