Global Save and Save Ring — Signs and meaning if it is broken or lost

Save and Save Ring — Signs and meaning if it is broken or lost


If the “Save and Save” ring is bro­ken or lost, it’s a dis­as­ter.

To pre­vent trou­ble, their own­ers should know the inter­pre­ta­tion of folk signs that are asso­ci­at­ed with dam­age to this jew­el­ry. All of them have been rewrit­ten below.

Why wear a “Save and Save” ring?

In many peo­ples of the world, it is cus­tom­ary to give these rings with the best wish­es and good inten­tions. In Ukraine, many dif­fer­ent super­sti­tions are asso­ci­at­ed with them, often con­tra­dict­ing each oth­er.

Our ances­tors firm­ly believed that this ring can be giv­en as a gift only on cer­tain days — on the name day (Angel’s Day) or Christ­mas.

  • If a guy gives a girl an engage­ment ring with such an inscrip­tion and pre­cious stones, then the hard­ness of the stone shows how con­fi­dent he is in his inten­tions and how strong the rela­tion­ship, feel­ings, and then the mar­riage union of this cou­ple will be.

  • When a woman gives birth to her first child, her hus­band should give her an expen­sive gift with mean­ing. In such cas­es, many men give the very ring “Save and Save” with inter­nal engrav­ing. It is believed that his pro­tec­tion also extends to both the moth­er and the child.

Such a gift should be accept­ed only from a benev­o­lent per­son.

If the rela­tion­ship between the giv­er and the recip­i­ent of the ring is unfriend­ly, then the pow­er­ful flows of ener­gy impuls­es enclosed in it will neg­a­tive­ly affect the future lives of both peo­ple.

Refusal to accept this dec­o­ra­tion can lead to a quar­rel with the donor and a break in rela­tions.

Since the new own­er of the ring does not always know how the one who gives it treats him, when putting on the jew­el­ry for the first time, you need to whis­per: “Save and keep.” So he will thank the per­son and neu­tral­ize his neg­a­tive thoughts.

Those peo­ple who are afraid of trou­ble in the future, but still want to accept this ring, need to give some mon­ey for it, at least a met­al hryv­nia.

If a man sud­den­ly gives such a present to a girl who is not his bride. In order to pro­tect your­self from the adverse con­se­quences asso­ci­at­ed with the influ­ence of male ener­gy trans­ferred to the ring, the first time you put the jew­el­ry on your fin­ger, you should say “Save and save” about your­self.

The meaning of the “Save and Save” ring when damaged

Since these orna­ments are a pow­er­ful pro­tec­tive tal­is­man, their sud­den break­age is a bad sign.

Accord­ing to folk omens, if the “Save and Save” ring sud­den­ly burst, a neg­a­tive ener­gy flow was direct­ed at its own­er. Due to the fact that the amulet reflect­ed neg­a­tiv­i­ty, it lost its pow­er.

In this case, prayer rings are engraved like wed­ding rings. But the break­down of a wed­ding dec­o­ra­tion means that evil inten­tions and actions are direct­ed against the fam­i­ly, this por­tends:

  • adul­tery;

  • rela­tion­ship break­down;

  • the appear­ance of a dan­ger­ous ene­my / s.

If the engage­ment ring has bro­ken, to pre­vent sad con­se­quences, it is nec­es­sary to buy a new pair of jew­el­ry.

To the ques­tion “do you need to con­se­crate the “Save and Save” ring after pur­chase?” the priests answer: this must be done before exchang­ing wed­ding rings again and pledg­ing eter­nal love and loy­al­ty to each oth­er again.

Losing the “Save and Save” ring: what will happen soon

All jew­el­ry made of pre­cious met­als has a strong ener­gy con­nec­tion with its for­mer own­er.

The old­er the jew­el­ry, the greater the prob­a­bil­i­ty that its loss was an acci­dent. This is a sign from above — a warn­ing about pos­si­ble trou­bles.

In the old days, it was said that togeth­er with the lost ring will go:

It has been repeat­ed­ly con­firmed that the loss of a wed­ding ring por­tends sep­a­ra­tion from a loved one, a breakup of a rela­tion­ship, divorce or death.

If a per­son lost a “Save and Save” gold ring, then luck will turn away from him in the near future. Prob­lems with mon­ey, trou­bles at work, up to dis­missal and clos­ing of the busi­ness are pos­si­ble.

Los­ing a sil­ver ring sig­nals that a per­son is sin­ning, he is dis­hon­est with the Lord, him­self and the peo­ple around him. He urgent­ly needs to vis­it the church, receive com­mu­nion and con­fess.

The sud­den dis­ap­pear­ance of the “Save and Save” ring may indi­cate that it has ful­filled its pro­tec­tive func­tion. Some­one tried to harm its own­er, was very jeal­ous of him, wished evil, death. And the charm took on this strong blow and repelled it, it did not affect the life of the own­er of the ring.

What to do if you lose a “Save and Save” ring?

You just need to make up for the loss — ask a loved one who treats you well and whom you trust, to give a new, sim­i­lar ring.

Some­times it hap­pens that a miss­ing thing, the loss of which has already come to terms, is sud­den­ly found. Accord­ing to ancient folk signs, find­ing a “Save and Save” ring after a loss is a good sign. It con­firms that the charm pre­vent­ed trou­ble. When the own­er was no longer in dan­ger, he returned to con­tin­ue his secu­ri­ty mis­sion. It is not pos­si­ble to put on and wear it imme­di­ate­ly after find­ing it, because it is not known which magi­cians or sor­cer­ers have vis­it­ed this dec­o­ra­tion. Clean it with Thurs­day salt, mixed with water from a holy spring, read the prayer “Our Father” over it. Only after these rit­u­al actions can the jew­el­ry be worn with­out fear of trou­ble.

Finding the “Save and Save” ring

The val­ue depends on the place of dis­cov­ery. Some are con­sid­ered safe, oth­ers por­tend trou­ble.

Many magi­cians use “Save and Pre­serve” rings in case of con­spir­a­cy, cor­rup­tion, and evil spir­its. After the rit­u­al, they take the orna­ment, filled with evil and neg­a­tive ener­gy, to the cross­roads and leave it there. There­fore, in no case do not lift the rings, even if they are sev­er­al meters from the inter­sec­tion. They were pushed away and passed by in a car or on a bicy­cle, but this neg­a­tiv­i­ty did not dimin­ish.

Only a per­son who wish­es evil to the own­er of the house could throw a so-called reli­gious ring into a house or apart­ment. You should get rid of such a find as soon as pos­si­ble, with­out touch­ing it with your bare hands. It is nec­es­sary to use a cloth, a ball or a glove.

Some­times in the for­est there are jew­els left by fresh­ly buried dead peo­ple, so you can’t pick them up and take them away from the burn­ing.

To find a ring near a water­fall is a won­der­ful sign that por­tends a long life in abun­dance, suc­cess and wealth. The same, if you find it in pub­lic trans­port, it means a fate­ful acquain­tance or the restora­tion of an old friend­ship.

No mat­ter how gra­cious the place is, you need to lis­ten to your­self. If your soul is rest­less, then do not touch the ring. The involve­ment of its for­mer own­er is unknown. The heav­ier it was, the worse it will be for the per­son who finds and starts wear­ing this piece of jew­el­ry.

Why does the “Save and Save” ring burst?

It depends on what met­al it is made of. If the sil­ver “Save and Pre­serve” ring is cracked, some­thing bad is being planned against its own­er. After all, sil­ver is a sym­bol of the crys­tal puri­ty of the soul, which is why even the scales of holy icons are made of it.

When a sil­ver orna­ment has changed its shape and col­or (bent, cracked or black­ened), it means that the own­er of the “Save and Pre­serve” ring will be ill or have a loud scan­dal with the oth­er half, fol­lowed by a break in the rela­tion­ship.

If only a stone fell out of the ring, but the rim remained intact, you need to take the jew­el­ry to a jew­el­er so that the mas­ter can put it back and fix it secure­ly. If the stone is miss­ing, the ring must be dis­posed of imme­di­ate­ly, hand­ed over for remelt­ing, and the mon­ey received must be donat­ed to char­i­ty. This will pre­vent fail­ure and bring pos­i­tive events into life.

If the “Save and Save” ring that the woman chose and bought for her­self sud­den­ly burst, seri­ous trou­bles in her per­son­al life are pos­si­ble. If it was giv­en as a gift, then unpleas­ant events will be asso­ci­at­ed with its donor (it does not mat­ter if it is a male or female rel­a­tive).

Remem­ber: under no cir­cum­stances should you wear dam­aged jew­el­ry!

If the ring sud­den­ly has an almost imper­cep­ti­ble scratch or micro­c­rack, remove it from your hand. It has the prop­er­ty of accu­mu­lat­ing neg­a­tive ener­gy, which will neg­a­tive­ly affect health and luck already in the near future.

If the ring with the engrav­ing “Save and save” is bro­ken, it can­not be repaired or restored, then you need to men­tal­ly thank it for its faith­ful ser­vice for many years, take it to the near­est church or give it to a pawn shop for melt­ing. Then buy a new sim­i­lar ring in the Sil­vers online store with deliv­ery across Ukraine. Buy­ing from us, you can be sure of its good ener­gy.


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