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Celes­tial Star Charm (768466C01) Pan­do­ra Shine Celes­tial Star Charm

Stars, stars and more stars make this 18 year old gold plat­ed charm mag­i­cal! Round and oval stones form a beau­ti­ful star design on the star shaped charm. While the cute cut out star pat­tern dec­o­rates the edge of the Pan­do­ra Shine charm. We pre­dict it will be a favorite from the Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2019 col­lec­tion.


Charm Angel and Shoot­ing Star (768483C01) Pan­do­ra Shine Angel Shoot­ing Star Dan­gle Charm

The adorable Angel and Shoot­ing Star Charm is also like­ly to be pop­u­lar with old and new fans alike. The lit­tle angel fold­ed its wings to rest on a shoot­ing star, look­ing down. Sparkling cubic zir­co­nia stones dec­o­rate the mid­dle of the star and the thin bale.


Rose Clip Geo­met­ric Shapes (788429C01) Pan­do­ra Rose Geo­met­ric Shapes Clip

This pret­ty Pan­do­ra Rose clip fea­tures a cir­cle of alter­nat­ing shapes and clear cubic zir­co­nia. The sil­i­cone han­dle inside makes it per­fect for use on Pan­do­ra Smooth Moments bracelets.


Pan­do­ra Rose Sweet Kan­ga­roo Charm (788482C01) Pan­do­ra Rose Sweet Kan­ga­roo Charm

At first we thought it was a lit­tle weird to have an adorable kan­ga­roo as part of the Pan­do­ra Win­ter col­lec­tion. But of course, while it may be win­ter in some parts of the world, it’s sum­mer now — under­wa­ter! The new kan­ga­roo charm looks very cute with a beau­ti­ful Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish and two sparkling eyes.


Love Angel Charm (798413C00) Pan­do­ra Angel of Love Charm

As usu­al, Pan­do­ra have released a new angel design for their win­ter col­lec­tion. This ver­sion has beau­ti­ful details such as soft feath­ered wings and a small halo. Lit­tle angel­ic eyes look down at the heart in her hands.


Pan­do­ra Dou­ble Lined Pavé Clip (798422C01)

Sparkling lines of clear cubic zir­co­nia stones cre­ate a sim­ple design on this ster­ling sil­ver clip. The sil­i­cone han­dle in the cen­ter allows it to be used on smooth and leather Pan­do­ra Moments bracelets.


Pan­do­ra Koala Charm (798431C01) Pan­do­ra Koala Charm

Our sec­ond Aus­tralian friend is the cute new Koala charm. Sparkling stones draw atten­tion to his fluffy ears, and his eyes and nose are fin­ished with hand-paint­ed black enam­el. My favorite detail is how the lit­tle Koala was designed to hold on to a bracelet!


Pan­do­ra Inspi­ra­tional Stars Blue Enam­el Dan­gle Charm (798433C01) Pan­do­ra Inspi­ra­tional Stars Blue Enam­el Dan­gle Charm

A beau­ti­ful cir­cle of sparkling stars hangs against the night sky with a shim­mer­ing blue enam­el disc. The back fea­tures a stamped star detail engraved with the inspi­ra­tional mes­sage: “Dream, wish, do.”


Pan­do­ra Christ­mas Carousel Charm (798435C01) Pan­do­ra Christ­mas Carousel Charm

The new Carousel pen­dant is one of my favorites from the Pan­do­ra Win­ter col­lec­tion. The char­ac­ters in the carousel are Pan­do­ra’s var­i­ous friends, includ­ing Bruno the rock­er and a cute Christ­mas pen­guin. Red and white enam­el adorns the top, and tiny stones are placed along the edge. The words “Love Peace Faith” are engraved on the bot­tom of this fun charm.


Pan­do­ra Charm 2020 New Year (798436C01) Pan­do­ra 2020 New Year Charm

The New Year, 2020, hangs at the cen­ter of this sparkling charm. Roy­al blue, sky blue and clear stones adorn the bor­der, sparkling like New Year’s fire­works. The sil­ver bale is engraved with a mes­sage with the words “health and love.” If you can guess the miss­ing words, let me know in the com­ments below!


Pan­do­ra Bruno the Uni­corn Rock­ing Horse Charm (798437C00) Pan­do­ra Bruno the Uni­corn Rock­ing Horse Charm

Bruno looks adorable wear­ing a star-stud­ded sad­dle on the new rock­ing horse charm! He is depict­ed with a whis­tle in his tail and mane, bob­bing up and down. This cute key­chain is anoth­er one of my favorites from the Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2019 col­lec­tion.


Pan­do­ra Heart Stars Open­work Charm (798462C00) Pan­do­ra Heart Stars Open­work Charm

Sim­i­lar to the recent Fam­i­ly Heart, the new Heart & Stars charm fea­tures beau­ti­ful bead­ed details. Sev­er­al stars blend togeth­er in an open­work heart-shaped charm.


Pan­do­ra Geo­met­ric Shapes Clip (798463C01) Pan­do­ra Geo­met­ric Shapes Clip

The beau­ti­ful Pan­do­ra Geo­met­ric Shapes clip is also avail­able in sil­ver. Like the Pan­do­ra Rose ver­sion, it has a sil­i­cone grip that makes it easy to place charms on smooth Pan­do­ra bracelets.


Pan­do­ra Ele­vat­ed Heart Charm (798464C01) Pan­do­ra Ele­vat­ed Heart Charm

This charm­ing open­work key­chain is sur­round­ed by sparkling heart shaped stones and clear cubic zir­co­nia.


Pave Ele­vat­ed Stars Charm (798467C01) Pan­do­ra Ele­vat­ed Stars Pave Charm

The new Ele­vat­ed Stars key­chain is sim­i­lar to the Raised Hearts key­chain. Instead of raised hearts, roy­al blue crys­tal stars rise and scat­ter across the enchant­ment. Sea blue, moon­light blue crys­tals and clear cubic zir­co­nia stones dec­o­rate the back­drop.


Charm San­ta Love Peace Joy Charm (798468C01) Pan­do­ra San­ta Love Peace Joy Charm

San­ta Claus is sur­round­ed by gifts, rein­deer and bells in a nativ­i­ty scene on the front of this sil­ver skein. Note that Pan­do­ra’s hid­den heart is a San­ta’s buck­le! A sec­ond sil­ver disc hangs at the back with bril­liant crim­son enam­el and two carved stars. The words “Love Peace Joy” are engraved on the reverse, and a tiny star is embossed on the love­ly bale.


Charm Pol­ished Snowflake (798469C00) Pan­do­ra Pol­ished Snowflake Charm

A cute snowflake shape carved into both sides of this sim­ple, win­ter charm. The sim­ple lines and pol­ished sil­ver remind me of the paper snowflakes I made as a kid at school!


Charm San­ta in a Gift­box (798470C01) Pan­do­ra San­ta in a Gift­box Charm

San­ta peeks out from under a Christ­mas gift box in red enam­el mit­tens. A tiny heart dan­gles from a tied rib­bon at the top of the box, while sparkling stones adorn the sides. The mes­sage “All I want from Christ­mas is ♥” is engraved on the bot­tom of the charm.


Gin­ger­bread House Charm (798471C01) Pan­do­ra Gin­ger­bread House Charm

I can almost smell the warm gin­ger­bread on that bright­ly dec­o­rat­ed charm! Each side is full of charm­ing details. There are two large win­dows in the front, plus a tiny heart-shaped win­dow on the roof. Red and white striped enam­el can­dies stand on either side of a glazed door. At the back of the house is a green enam­el Christ­mas tree, with red, green, and blue can­dy canes stuck in next to it. The roof is cov­ered with edi­ble tiles and the mes­sage “Home Sweet Heart” is engraved on the bot­tom.

Christ­mas Pen­guin Charm(798477C00) Pan­do­ra Christ­mas Pen­guin Charm

Until now, I had nev­er heard of a Christ­mas pen­guin and was sur­prised to find that there is even a book called “Christ­mas Pen­guin” by Mary Packard! Whether or not Pan­do­ra the pen­guin is the same, he is def­i­nite­ly a cute lit­tle char­ac­ter with a cute hat. A sil­ver bell hangs from the back of his hat, and I real­ly hope it makes a ring­ing noise!


Sparkling Hearts (798472C01) Pan­do­ra Sparkling Hearts Dan­gle

The Pan­do­ra Sparkling Hearts charm comes in two parts. On the reverse is a sil­ver disc with a bril­liant sil­ver enam­el disc with a roy­al blue heart in the cen­ter. While a pat­tern of sil­ver hearts and clear and blue stones forms a cir­cu­lar bor­der on the front.


Charm Snow­man and Christ­mas Hat (798478C01) Pan­do­ra Snow­man Christ­mas Hat Charm

Pan­do­ra has pro­duced quite a few snow charms over the years. Pre­vi­ous designs high­light­ed the snow­man’s scarf, but this new ver­sion fea­tures a red enam­el hat. His cute smile and body shape is also rem­i­nis­cent of “The Snow­man” from the clas­sic chil­dren’s book by Ray­mond Brig­gs.


Clip Sparkling Blue Line (798480C01) Pan­do­ra Sparkling Blue Line Clip

The Sparkling Blue Line clip is sim­i­lar to the dou­ble lined Pavé clip but with the addi­tion of a pret­ty blue line of stones in the mid­dle.


Pan­do­ra Angel of Love Dan­gle Charm (798484C01) Pan­do­ra Angel of Love Dan­gle Charm

And sweet sil­ver angels deliv­er a heart full of love as it flies. Trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia stones are set in its wings, cre­at­ing the illu­sion of move­ment.


Pan­do­ra Heart Angel Wings Charm (798485C01) Pan­do­ra Heart Angel Wings Charm

Pan­do­ra Charm Heart Angel Wings has a sim­i­lar theme. Two-piece pen­dant with glit­tery hearts and wings motif on the front. “Spread your wings and fly” is engraved on the hang­ing heart on the back.


Pan­do­ra Clear Sparkle Charm (798487C01) Pan­do­ra Clear Sparkle Charm

This sparkling charm com­bines sev­er­al stones of dif­fer­ent sizes.


Blue and Clear Glit­ter Charm (798487C02) Pan­do­ra Blue Clear Sparkle Charm

The Blue and Clear ver­sion of this keyring fea­tures moon blue crys­tals in the design.


Pan­do­ra Clear Sparkle Safe­ty Chain (798488C01) Pan­do­ra Clear Sparkle Safe­ty Chain

One chain of clear cubic zir­co­nia stones in alter­nat­ing sizes cre­ates the feel­ing of ice in the Pure Glit­ter secu­ri­ty chain.


Pan­do­ra Christ­mas 2019 Orna­ment Charm (798512C01) Pan­do­ra Christ­mas 2019 Orna­ment Charm

An ornate pat­tern of clear stones cov­ers the dark blue enam­el on this sum­mer­time charm Christ­mas orna­ment. A tiny star detail is fea­tured on the top of the bauble, and the year “2019” is engraved on the side of the bale. I’m curi­ous to see if this charm will be part of a gift set, like the Rock­ettes jew­el­ry of the past two years. How­ev­er, it is my under­stand­ing that Pan­do­ra is not the offi­cial jew­el­ry part­ner of The Rock­ettes Excit­ing Christ­mas.


Pan­do­ra Moon Night Sky Blue Crys­tal Charm (798524C01) Pan­do­ra Moon Night Sky Blue Crys­tal Charm

Auro­ra bore­alis cubic zir­co­nia stones form a cres­cent along a large blue moon crys­tal. The night sky theme con­tin­ues with tiny stars around the edge of this stun­ning pan­do­ra but­ton charm.


Pan­do­ra Sparkling Sun­burst Clip (798614C01) Pan­do­ra Sparkling Sun­burst Clip

The clas­sic Pan­do­ra Suns­bert Clip has a sub­tle win­ter twist cen­tered on a sin­gle clear cubic zir­co­nia.


Pan­do­ra Open­work Mer­ry Christ­mas Charm (798607C00) Pan­do­ra Open­work Mer­ry Christ­mas Charm

Oxi­dized bead­ed let­ters spell out the words “Mer­ry Christ­mas” with bright pol­ished sil­ver, cre­at­ing con­trast on both sides.


Pan­do­ra Open­work Hearts Charm (798606C00) Pan­do­ra Open­work Hearts Charm

The clas­sic Open­work Heart charm has been revis­it­ed in this lat­est design. A notable dif­fer­ence is a small hang­ing disc that says “I love you”. Also, the love hearts inside the charm have a more mod­ern shape.


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