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Before we had time to ful­ly enjoy the beau­ty of the new Pan­do­ra Spring 2018 col­lec­tion, we will soon see the release of the Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2018 line, tru­ly bright and full of sur­pris­es.

HWe love the new direc­tion Pan­do­ra has tak­en this year.

The new Summer collection has a nice mix of quirky and fun charms and boho pieces.


The “Spir­i­tu­al Sym­bols” ring is a smooth base, in the cen­ter of which there is a heart and three small pen­dants — a feath­er, an anchor and a shell. Inside the base, you can also see a small stamp in the form of a heart.


The sim­ple “Vibrant Spir­it” ring with a square black stone is rem­i­nis­cent of old PANDORA rings. We love the bead­ed details around the ring and the lit­tle heart on the side. It will also be pre­sent­ed in a gor­geous turquoise col­or. We have always loved the com­bi­na­tion of turquoise and sil­ver and this ring is a per­fect exam­ple of how well they work togeth­er.

The style of the ring, the cut of the stone and the col­or com­bi­na­tion — every­thing gives the impres­sion of a piece of jew­el­ry that you bought in a vin­tage shop on some old street. ^^
We love the design of the “Spir­it­ed Heart” ring, it’s like a string of a bracelet, it reminds us of a friend­ship ring. The small heart in the mid­dle is adorned with a cubic zir­co­nia stone. This ring will be avail­able in sev­er­al col­ors — trans­par­ent, pink and blue. We think the pink ver­sion of the “Spir­it­ed Heart” ring will be pop­u­lar with younger PANDORA fans.

Pan­do­ra plunges into nos­tal­gia for the past, and we are with her. Last year, she released her ver­sion of friend­ship bracelets, in this we saw chok­ers and now we are wait­ing for the so-called cuffs (small clips in the form of an open ring).

The new “Open Heart” ear cuff will be avail­able in three ver­sions – in sil­ver, gold and rose gold.
Ear­rings “Vin­tage Fan” with their design and col­or scheme refer us to the Art Deco style. A small peb­ble of cubic zir­co­nia is insert­ed in the cen­ter of the prod­uct. The sil­ver ver­sion of “Vin­tage Heart Fans” is shaped like a heart instead of a cir­cle.
Last we have are these cute ear­rings — “Spir­i­tu­al Feath­ers”, they will per­fect­ly fit into the boho look, which is the trend of this sum­mer! Sil­ver base rings are dec­o­rat­ed with smooth small beads along the entire cir­cum­fer­ence, feath­ers and turquoise enam­el hearts.

Last year, PANDORA fans were rav­ing about the Woven Fab­ric Chok­er, and it will be inter­est­ing to see how the new leather chok­ers are received by Pan­do­ra’s favorites. The chok­er will be pre­sent­ed in two col­ors — black and light brown. The clasp is made in the already famil­iar to us, “slid­ing” design with cubic zir­co­nia inside the ball. The length of the dec­o­ra­tion will be 38 cm.


The com­bi­na­tion of 18 carat gold and vin­tage design in the Fan of Love charm looks very inter­est­ing. In addi­tion to the Shine ver­sion, we will also be able to appre­ci­ate this charm in sil­ver.

Love­ly rain­bows, which are the main motif in the Pan­do­ra Spring 2018 col­lec­tion, are also present in some of the jew­el­ry in the sum­mer col­lec­tion. We will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to pur­chase a rain­bow ver­sion of the Radi­ant Hearts charm with a clear stone in the cen­ter.

When we saw the Shape of Love charm in Jan­u­ary, we imme­di­ate­ly thought that Pan­do­ra would not stop there. And they were right. In the sum­mer, anoth­er ver­sion of this charm awaits us, only in turquoise col­or.

We loved the mosa­ic charm from the Essence line, but when they intro­duced the “Moth­er of Pearl Rain­bow” charm for Moments bracelets, we were even more delight­ed! It is very refresh­ing and tru­ly sum­mery, with­out weigh­ing itself down with any addi­tion­al ele­ments.
We had a glim­mer of hope that Pan­do­ra would no longer release emo­ji charms, but we will still see one in the Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2018 col­lec­tion! The Stay Cool charm fea­tures black and pur­ple enam­el and cubic zir­co­nia stones.
The whim­si­cal Drink To Go charm is a must have for those who love an invig­o­rat­ing drink! The cup of cof­fee is made quite fil­i­gree, it even has the Pan­do­ra logo — the let­ter O with a pink enam­el crown in the heart.

It is inter­est­ing to see how Pan­do­ra slow­ly changes its style by adding more and more new themes and styles, we will look for­ward to new col­lec­tions from Pan­do­ra.
A rather fun­ny idea was embod­ied in the Deli­cious Pop­corn charm, although the deli­cious pop­corn is more like soap bub­bles. A glass of pop­corn is dec­o­rat­ed with pink and black enam­el.
Return­ing to the fash­ion of the 60s and hip­pie cul­ture, Pan­do­ra in the Sum­mer 2018 col­lec­tion released the Love charm based on the famous pop art sculp­ture of Robert Indi­ana. Instead of the let­ter O in the word, a heart is cut out, which is dec­o­rat­ed with mul­ti-col­ored cubic zir­co­nia stones.
Charm “Play­ing Cards” is made in the form of a play­ing deck of cards, dec­o­rat­ed with red enam­el.
Unusu­al pen­dant “Com­pass Rose” is made in the form of a com­pass, which con­sists of two parts. The back is an enam­el moth­er-of-pearl disk, and the front is com­pass nee­dles, in the cen­ter of which there is a crys­tal in turquoise col­or. At the base of the pen­dant is an engraved heart, which can be seen more and more often on the new charms from Pan­do­ra. We think this charm would go well with a leather bracelet and would be a won­der­ful gift for those who love to trav­el.
Con­tin­u­ing the theme of trav­el, PANDORA has pre­pared a line of new charms — sym­bols of pop­u­lar tourist cities. We hope that in the future the line will be expand­ed and new cities will be added to it.
The New York High­lights pen­dant fea­tures a minia­ture apple, the Stat­ue of Lib­er­ty and a yel­low cab.
The San Fran­cis­co High­lights pen­dant fea­tures a small plaque with the name “San Fran­cis­co”, a mini Gold­en Gate Bridge, and a small red enam­el cart.
We could not imme­di­ate­ly deter­mine what was depict­ed on the Love Puer­to Rico pen­dant, but then it turned out that it depicts the main sym­bol of Puer­to Rico — the cute Koki frog, which is paint­ed in the coun­try’s nation­al col­ors — white, blue and red.
It seems like the PANDORA design­ers have been enjoy­ing cre­at­ing inter­est­ing charms for the Sum­mer 2018 col­lec­tion. The Col­or Wheel charm is insane­ly fun and would look quite appro­pri­ate on a Dis­ney themed bracelet. Each of the booths on the wheel is adorned with zir­co­nia in a dif­fer­ent col­or, and “PANDORA” let­ter­ing sur­rounds the base of the wheel.
The “Spir­i­tu­al Dream­catch­er” charm will look charm­ing on the new “Slid­ing Leather” bracelets. The flo­ral design is adorned with a small heart placed in the mid­dle of the flower, and the charm is com­plet­ed by three thin sil­ver feath­ers, which are made in the form of pen­dants.
The pret­ty nau­ti­cal motif pen­dant comes in two parts: the first is a sleek round shaped sil­ver pen­dant that con­tains the mes­sage “Anchor your­self to some­one spe­cial” and a mini anchor with two red enam­el hearts.
This cute lit­tle ‘Be Free’ Skate­board Charm fea­tures a tex­tured board with clear cubic zir­co­nia stones placed around the edges.
We are not big fans of fast food, but the Burg­er & Fries pen­dant will def­i­nite­ly find its buy­er. Although, in our opin­ion, its exe­cu­tion looks quite cheap.
Con­tin­u­ing the pop art style that we saw in the Love charm, we will also see the Peace charm, the glob­al sign of peace. The bead­ed edges of the charm cre­ate an inter­est­ing tex­ture.
The “Open My Heart” clip is pavé with iri­des­cent stones and will look love­ly paired with the new “Love” charm.
The “Arcs of Love” clips come with sil­i­cone pads inside, mak­ing them ide­al for use on smooth or leather bracelets. We real­ly like this new ver­sion with turquoise crys­tals, would love to see it in real life to under­stand the col­or bet­ter.


Tas­sels is the Acces­so­ry for 2018 and PANDORA got a 100% lead with these col­or­ful fun Chas­ss Tas­sels! When in doubt, add a brush!


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