The del­i­cate flut­ter of but­ter­fly wings and the extra­or­di­nar­i­ly beau­ti­ful hand­made enam­el flow­ers fill the new PANDORA 2019 spring col­lec­tion. Make a wish with cute pink lady­bugs and gold­en clovers while danc­ing with the cute fairy Bel­la Bot!

The clas­sic soft bracelet with braid­ed ser­pen­tine thread has a new but­ter­fly-shaped clasp set with clear zir­co­nia stones. Like the Wild­flower clasp bracelet released in 2018, the But­ter­fly clasp is also quite bulky and adorned with a tiny pen­dant.


Despite the fact that Reflex­ions bracelets are a rel­a­tive­ly new mod­el in the Pan­do­ra line, in the spring sea­son the brand will please us with anoth­er ver­sion of this jew­el­ry. In the Reflex­ions Mul­ti-Chain bracelet, the thread con­sists of four ser­pen­tine chains con­nect­ed to form a del­i­cate, thin bracelet. In width, it will be stan­dard, like the pre­vi­ous one, and is quite com­pat­i­ble with the clips that were released ear­li­er.


In the Pan­do­ra Spring 2019 col­lec­tion, we expect a lot of dif­fer­ent bracelets, includ­ing a new take on the adjustable bracelet. This bracelet has a rigid base with an adjustable clasp. Trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia adorns the end of the clasp chain.
This bracelet will also be avail­able in Rose and Shine fin­ish­es.


The PANDORA Shine Flower Stem bracelet also comes with an adjustable clasp, but with a more del­i­cate chain. Inspired by nature, the Flower Stem bracelet depicts the new shoots of a plant that blooms in spring.


Beau­ti­ful gold­en open­work but­ter­flies are con­nect­ed in a won­der­ful mosa­ic, which is a two-tone bracelet with a sil­ver adjustable clasp. In the cen­ter of the com­po­si­tion is a small­er sil­ver but­ter­fly with an attrac­tive bead­ed design.


The new PANDORA Rose Mat­te Bril­liance bracelet is made using the dia­mond-plat­ed tech­nique, which cre­ates a sim­ply amaz­ing effect! The smooth clasp is engraved with the com­pa­ny’s logo, which blends beau­ti­ful­ly with the unusu­al tex­ture of the bracelet. The inside of the bracelet is engraved with tiny hearts that form the famous PANDORA Heart pat­tern.




Dark blue crys­tals and clear cubic zir­co­nia adorn the Daz­zling Blue But­ter­fly brooch.


A spring fairy tale is illus­trat­ed with pas­tel enam­el in a sparkling zir­co­nia frame on the Flower Col­or Sto­ry charm. The fore­ground is full of fresh flow­ers, a minia­ture pur­ple but­ter­fly dances over a col­or­ful rain­bow. The tiny sil­ver flower is designed as a small pen­dant, and the mes­sage “Ley your dreams blos­som” is engraved on the back.


This sim­ple pen­dant fea­tures a small flower adorned with clear cubic zir­co­nia stones in each petal.


All four main col­ors of this Pan­do­ra Spring 2019 sea­son have been fea­tured in this charm­ing Flower Arrange­ment charm. Fine enam­el col­ored details sub­tly high­light the indi­vid­ual flow­ers.


The Daz­zling Clover pen­dant, embell­ished with emer­ald zir­co­nia stones, is cov­ered by the sec­ond part of the jew­el­ry with a carved clover sil­hou­ette and sur­round­ed by already trans­par­ent zir­co­nia. The back of the pen­dant is engraved with the mes­sage “Any­thing is pos­si­ble!” (Every­thing is pos­si­ble!).


The PANDORA Female Sym­bol charm is shaped like a female sym­bol with a carved heart in the cen­ter. The charm is also dec­o­rat­ed with a scat­ter­ing of carved hearts on the side faces of the bead. Inter­est­ing­ly, the male and female sym­bols are derived from the astro­log­i­cal sym­bols for the clas­si­cal plan­ets Mars and Venus.


The new Pink Head­phones pen­dant is a whim­si­cal addi­tion to the Spring 2019 col­lec­tion. The Beats-inspired head­phones come in soft pink enam­el, embell­ished with cubic zir­co­nia and PAN­DO­RA’s sig­na­ture logo on the sides.


One of the most admired charms from PAN­DO­RA’s Spring 2019 Col­lec­tion is the Pink Flower Mura­no. Although the iri­des­cent base looks quite pret­ty, it is the volu­mi­nous glass flow­ers that make this mura­no espe­cial­ly attrac­tive.


Adorable pink and pur­ple but­ter­flies flut­ter around the new Mura­no But­ter­fly. Although the new design is very sim­i­lar to the pre­vi­ous­ly released Pink But­ter­fly Kiss­es bead, the new but­ter­flies have a fair­ly fresh design and are small­er in size.


The new PANDORA Suit­case charm is adorned with a vari­ety of “stick­ers” includ­ing a heart, a star, a wink emo­ji and of course the PANDORA Crown logo. Note also that since this is a mod­ern suit­case, it has small wheels under­neath, unlike the old clas­sic suit­case (790362). Also, when you open the suit­case, there will be a mes­sage that says “Ready to explore” (Ready to explore).


The new Blue But­ter­fly Wing charm fea­tures a dis­tinc­tive design with an Art Deco touch. Del­i­cate sil­ver beads accen­tu­ate the but­ter­fly­’s wings filled with dark blue enam­el.


The new PANDORA Spring Col­lec­tion 2019 is rem­i­nis­cent of the Pan­do­ra Spring 2013 col­lec­tion, which was also filled with amaz­ing but­ter­fly designs, includ­ing the gor­geous Sparkling But­ter­fly charm (791257ACZ). The new Daz­zling Pink But­ter­fly charm is set with clear zir­co­nia stones and crys­tals in grey, pur­ple and pink.


Like the recent Bril­liant Bow pen­dant, the Orna­men­tal But­ter­fly charm is an over­sized pen­dant with a sil­i­cone patch. Pure cubic zir­co­nia stones adorn every sil­ver but­ter­fly wing and body.


Sev­er­al PANDORA fans have expressed a desire to see the brand release new ver­sions of clas­sic PANDORA charms. Inter­est­ing­ly, Pan­do­ra has begun to lis­ten to opin­ion as the 2019 Spring Col­lec­tion includes sev­er­al updat­ed charms, one of them is a Span­ish fan. The new ver­sion includes bright red enam­el and a small heart-shaped pen­dant. In addi­tion, the base is engraved with the words “España” and a heart icon.


The Bright Eyed Tur­tle charm fea­tures two sparkling zir­co­nia stones for the eyes and a hexag­o­nal pat­tern on the shell. PANDORA has pre­vi­ous­ly released tur­tle charms, one of which has long been dis­con­tin­ued (790158) and the oth­er is a sea tur­tle (791538CZ). The new design has such cute lit­tle fin­gers!


The new Heart Paper Plane charm is pret­ty cute, but we’re sur­prised it was­n’t includ­ed in the PANDORA 2019 Valen­tine’s Day col­lec­tion. More­over, the fold­ed paper air­plane is engraved with a small love mes­sage — “Love is in the air” (Love is in the air).


One of our favorite charms from the Pan­do­ra Spring 2019 col­lec­tion is the Bloom­ing Water­ing Can charm. Com­bin­ing flow­ers and a small yel­low but­ter­fly, this charm would look great paired with the Enchant­ed Tea Pot pen­dant from the Pan­do­ra Spring 2018 col­lec­tion. grow)!


Add some seren­i­ty to your bracelet with the new Camper Van charm! The front of the car is proud­ly adorned with a pas­tel pink enam­el heart, and the license plate replaces the PANDORA logo. Although it is not very vis­i­ble in this pho­to, the roof is dec­o­rat­ed with a sym­bol of peace and the word “LOVE”.



A small sil­ver clover has found its place sur­round­ed by green, teal and pink stones on the Gleam­ing Clover Heart charm.


The sleek skull of the Sparkling Skull charm fea­tures a flo­ral pat­tern of clear stones around the hol­low eyes. The flo­ral design clear­ly con­fused the lit­tle but­ter­fly that sits on the skull, mis­tak­ing it for a flower. Note that the nasal cav­i­ty is actu­al­ly an invert­ed heart!


The cute clip con­sists of minia­ture but­ter­flies with green, blue and pink enam­el wings. While we’re not sure about the col­or com­bi­na­tion, the over­all design is sim­ply adorable. The raised wings of the but­ter­fly cre­ate an inter­est­ing tex­ture and almost seem to be fly­ing!


The new Adven­ture Bag charm fea­tures PANDORA brand­ing and is full of details. A small zip fas­ten­er hangs from the top of the back­pack, below the crown badge, the word PANDORA with a sparkling “key­chain” dan­gling next to a “stick­er” in the shape of a heart. It’s hard to be sure from this sin­gle pho­to, but it looks like the back­pack opens like a clip.


The Bril­liant Bicy­cle pen­dant fea­tures wheels encrust­ed with clear zir­co­nia stones. Nice details include tiny hearts around the sprock­et and “PANDORA” engrav­ing on the back. It is note­wor­thy that the wheels of the sus­pen­sion will be mov­able.


Bel­la Bot loves spring so much that she decid­ed to become a fairy! The design of the Flo­ral Bel­la Bot charm fea­tures a flo­ral wreath on the head and fairy wings on the back.


Love­ly pink enam­el but­ter­flies sur­round this enchant­i­ng open­work charm. Sil­ver beads dec­o­rate the body of each but­ter­fly and the edge of the charm. The Pink But­ter­flies charm will look great with Mag­no­lia Bloom clip-on ear­rings and a match­ing Mag­no­lia Bloom pen­dant.


The Open­work Flower charm has a sim­ple yet beau­ti­ful open­work design that repeats in a cir­cle. Del­i­cate bead­ed weav­ing com­ple­ments the motif, which makes the final result sim­ply beau­ti­ful! This charm will also be avail­able in a Pan­do­ra Shine fin­ish.


Beau­ti­ful sky blue crys­tals and clear cubic zir­co­nia fill both sides of this enchant­i­ng Blue Sparkle Flower charm. The edge of the charm is dec­o­rat­ed with a pat­tern of small carved hearts.


Pre­vi­ous­ly, we had charms and pen­dants using 2 dif­fer­ent met­als. This sea­son, meet the pen­dant with as many as 3 shades. A rose gold lady­bug, a lucky clover in a Shine fin­ish and a sil­ver horse­shoe — three sym­bols of spring cre­ate an incred­i­ble com­po­si­tion on a new pen­dant that will unde­ni­ably adorn your bracelet.


A love­ly lit­tle lady­bug in PANDORA Rose fin­ish­es sleeps in the cen­ter of a sil­ver clover pen­dant. The engrav­ing on the back reads: “Love Makes Life EXTRAORDINARY” (Love makes life extra­or­di­nary!). The fourth clover leaf is made in the form of a small pen­dant, which, when turned upside down, has the shape of a heart.


The clas­sic charm with a volu­mi­nous heart has a new look. The dia­mond plat­ing tech­nique cre­ates an intrigu­ing tex­ture on the front and back of the bead, pro­vid­ing a beau­ti­ful con­trast to the smooth sides of the charm.


A tiny lady­bug hides among soft pink crys­tals on the Rose Gleam­ing Lady­bird Heart charm. Trans­par­ent zir­co­nia stones sparkle like dew drops in the morn­ing light.


Clear cubic zir­co­nia forms a sparkling bor­der around pret­ty pink crys­tals on the Pink Sparkle Flower charm. We love the com­bi­na­tion of the pale pink crys­tal with the PANDORA Rose fin­ish.


This sim­ple round PANDORA Rose Matt Bril­liance clip uses a dia­mond plat­ing tech­nique to cre­ate a dec­o­ra­tive tex­ture.


This sea­son, Pan­do­ra has released a new two-tone ver­sion of the charm, the design of which we have seen before. One sleek 18k gold clover stands out on a sleek sil­ver clip with slight­ly raised four leaves.


Lumi­nous in 18k gold plat­ing, this but­ter­fly is adorned with zir­co­nia stones for an extra daz­zling sparkle.


The new PANDORA Shine Gold­en Pineap­ple charm has a more real­is­tic design than pre­vi­ous PANDORA charms with a sim­i­lar fin­ish. Pale yel­low stones are ide­al­ly com­bined with 18 carat gold plat­ing.


This tiny flower shaped petit is adorned with a small sparkling zir­co­nia stone.


The sym­bol of the entire new issue of Spring 2019 — “Spring But­ter­fly” will also be avail­able in the form of a sil­ver petite with pale pink enam­el wings.


Emer­ald green cubic zir­co­nia shim­mers and sparkles on a tiny clover petite.



The beau­ti­ful queen bee design that intro­duced us to PANDORA Shine is back! Trans­par­ent zir­co­nia stones are locat­ed between two strips of black enam­el, and a tiny heart is locat­ed between the wings.


The assort­ment for the Reflex­ions line is expand­ed with new col­or­ful clip-on ear­rings in geo­met­ric shapes. We love the com­bi­na­tion of dark green enam­el against the vibrant PANDORA Shine and sparkling sea green crys­tal.


Shiny white enam­el clip with a pale pink orchid crys­tal. This com­bi­na­tion of col­ors gives a fresh, warm look that is per­fect for spring.


A sparkling pink PANDORA Reflex­ions dia­mond clip fea­tures a stun­ning pink orchid crys­tal sur­round­ed by deep pink enam­el in a Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish.



Dec­o­rat­ed with pink enam­el and black crys­tal spots, this lit­tle Pink Lady­bug spreads its wings and is already prepar­ing to fly, reveal­ing a body of pure cubic zir­co­nia stones.



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