Global PANDORA ROSE Jewelry: Rose Gold

PANDORA ROSE Jewelry: Rose Gold


Amazing Pandora Rose Collection

Dur­ing its long peri­od of painstak­ing work, the jew­el­ry brand has always been able to sur­prise its fans. Each new col­lec­tion is an amaz­ing cre­ation of jew­el­ry art. The mas­ters of the Pan­do­ra com­pa­ny have always had a sub­tle sense of time and under­stood what real con­nois­seurs want to see in jew­el­ry. So it hap­pened with the unique Pan­do­ra Rose col­lec­tion.

Pandora Rose — the embodiment of true art

Those who have seen jew­el­ry from the Pan­do­ra Rose col­lec­tion know that they have a beau­ti­ful pink­ish hue. This effect is obtained due to the com­bi­na­tion of clas­sic sil­ver, to which cop­per was added. The prod­uct itself is cov­ered with a thin lay­er of 14 carat gold. The for­mu­la was devel­oped by the Pan­do­ra brand and is patent­ed at the leg­isla­tive lev­el. There­fore, there are no ana­logues of such dec­o­ra­tions. The price of alloy jew­el­ry in the Pan­do­ra Rose col­lec­tion is low­er than the brand’s gold acces­sories. But, com­pared to sil­ver jew­el­ry, the price is about 12–15% high­er.

Variety of Pandora Rose Collection

The col­lec­tion came out quite diverse and will dec­o­rate any Pan­do­ra bracelet. It has many mod­els of charms, pen­dants, rings, ear­rings and bracelets. All dec­o­ra­tions are adorable. Most of the mod­els are made in flo­ral style: Rose daisy charm, Rose mead­ow white prim­rose charm. There are also hearts that are so loved by cus­tomers: the Rose charm is sweet­heart, the Rose charm is romance in the heart, the Rose charm is a sparkling heart. Many acces­sories are adorned with cubic zir­co­nia, which gives them an incred­i­ble radi­ance.

What do owners say about Pandora Rose jewelry?

As soon as the Frago­la store expand­ed its assort­ment with jew­el­ry from the Pan­do­ra Rose col­lec­tion, many cus­tomers imme­di­ate­ly bought such beau­ti­ful acces­sories. There­fore, the store team became inter­est­ed in whether cus­tomers are sat­is­fied with the pur­chase. After all, there is an opin­ion that coat­ed prod­ucts, after some time of oper­a­tion, lose their attrac­tive­ness. The top lay­er is dam­aged, which does not hap­pen with sil­ver or all-gold prod­ucts of the brand. And even despite such the­o­ret­i­cal risks, Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry from the Rose col­lec­tion is worth it because the design is very attrac­tive. We will give as an exam­ple a small review of the own­er of a piece of jew­el­ry from the Rose col­lec­tion, a client of our store: “Three months ago I bought a bracelet and four charms and two pen­dants from the Rose col­lec­tion. Wore every day. After that, exam­in­ing the jew­el­ry, I saw that they almost did not change their appear­ance. Of course, if you look close­ly, you can see small scratch­es. But, they do not affect the over­all appear­ance of acces­sories. And the prod­ucts are just as beau­ti­ful as they were at the time of pur­chase. I can note that on the sil­ver prod­ucts of the brand from the Frago­la store, no dam­age or changes have been noticed so far. Also, the charms from the col­lec­tion in the open­work style are made more ele­gant and thin­ner. You can see it on the frames.”

How to combine products from the Pandora Rose collection. Fragola Shop Tips

The Frago­la store team rec­om­mends buy­ing Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry from the rose col­lec­tion. Because such an amaz­ing jew­el­ry design can styl­ish­ly and unusu­al­ly empha­size the image. Dur­ing the pres­ence of the col­lec­tion in the assort­ment of the store, we have helped many to col­lect beau­ti­ful com­bi­na­tions of brand jew­el­ry. And they deduced a few rules on how best to com­bine prod­ucts in a pink shade with oth­er acces­sories:

  1. The pink shade of the prod­uct coat­ing is not the most ver­sa­tile. It is bet­ter to choose light col­ors in com­bi­na­tion with it.
  2. Clas­sic gold charms and pen­dants are the best option for com­bin­ing jew­el­ry from the Rose series. Or mod­els with pink and white enam­el, as well as pearls.

Such rules are not an axiom, so you can safe­ly exper­i­ment and find beau­ti­ful com­bi­na­tions for your­self. Give hap­pi­ness, be loved and delight loved ones with Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry.


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