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We con­tin­ue to review in more detail the new jew­el­ry from the upcom­ing Pan­do­ra Autumn 2018 col­lec­tion. This time, the Rose line is next in line — majes­tic motifs, com­plex pat­terns, sophis­ti­cat­ed pas­tel shades.

Many of the pieces complement the main Pandora Fall 2018 collection.


The Rose col­lec­tion will appear with the Pan­do­ra Fall 2018 col­lec­tion August 31. Read on for the full review!


The open trans­former bracelet now has its own ver­sion in Rose and it’s just an amaz­ing solu­tion, the bracelet sparkled with new col­ors in rose gold.


Next we were pre­sent­ed with anoth­er bracelet with a styl­ized lock. Rose gold per­fect­ly sets off the col­or of the stones with which the lock is inlaid.


The bracelet is com­ple­ment­ed by a charm with the same design — Heraldic Radi­ance. The name sug­gests that Pan­do­ra’s design was inspired by the coats of arms of cas­tles and knights from fairy king­doms and king­doms.


The Regal Key pen­dant, which we first saw in the Pan­do­ra Autumn 2018 pre­view, will also be fea­tured in the Rose line. The del­i­cate carv­ing looks even more fil­i­gree in Rose!


Mura­no Iri­des­cent White Glass will also appear in the Rose inter­pre­ta­tion — the con­trast between the shim­mer­ing Muran­co glass and rose gold cut looks amaz­ing!


In sub­se­quent dec­o­ra­tions, the main motifs are hearts in dif­fer­ent ver­sions. The Sparkling Heart bead is made in pas­tel col­ors, which are well empha­sized with the help of soft pink stones and rose gold.


“Love You Lock” is a beau­ti­ful design with fine detail­ing in tiny details and a minia­ture LOVE YOU let­ter­ing on the arc at the base of the heart.


The Unit­ed Regal Hearts is a fair­ly new and mod­ern design that can right­ful­ly take one of the most impor­tant places on your bracelet.


The link chain below is one of our favorites from the Pan­do­ra Fall 2018 col­lec­tion. There were already link chains in the line in a fair­ly mod­ern style, but the last one looks more sophis­ti­cat­ed. The sil­ver ver­sion of this chain is dis­tin­guished by the absence of sil­i­cone pads, which are present in the Rose ver­sion.


The Row of Hearts is anoth­er design that looks great in Rose. Such basic jew­el­ry, with­out the use of zir­co­ni­um stones, looks great both in every­day design and in more solemn ones.


Final­ly released in Rose and Fam­i­ly Roots pen­dant.


Next on the agen­da is jew­el­ry such as beau­ti­ful rings and a neck­lace.


The Pan­do­ra Sparkling Strand bracelet, which has already fall­en in love with many Pan­do­ra fans, will now be avail­able in Rose in addi­tion to sil­ver.


One of the most mem­o­rable and dis­tinc­tive pieces in this edi­tion is the Regal Key pen­dant, which focus­es on the fil­i­gree carv­ings that run through­out the pen­dant.


Anoth­er clas­sic and much-loved Pan­do­ra design has been intro­duced to the Rose range with the Vin­tage Allure pen­dant.


The Regal Beau­ty ring in its design repeats the key motifs that are used in the Key pen­dant.


We first saw the Enchant­ed Crown ring in the Pan­do­ra Spring 2018 /Pandora Spring 2018 col­lec­tion using cubic zir­co­nia stones in soft pink. But by autumn, Pan­do­ra decid­ed to relaunch the ring with black stones, which made its design even more dra­mat­ic.


In our opin­ion, the design of the Unit­ed Regal Hearts looks more advan­ta­geous, it looks more refined and ele­gant in it.


The Allur­ing Hearts ring is one of the new Pan­do­ra con­cepts we’ll be see­ing in the Pan­do­ra Autumn 2018 col­lec­tion.


We have some doubts about the name of this ring — Time­less Zigzag, but the jew­el­ry itself is a sim­ple, beau­ti­ful and ver­sa­tile Rose design.


To wrap up our review of the rings, we still have 2 exist­ing designs, but in ster­ling sil­ver, which this time in rose gold are Vin­tage Allure and Radi­ant Teardrop.


The Heraldic Radi­ance line also has a pair of adorable ear­rings.


Allur­ing Hearts also released a set of ear­rings with the same design to accom­pa­ny the Allur­ing Hearts ring.


The Vin­tage Allure and Radi­ant Teardrops ear­rings also received a pink gold ver­sion.


Although we do not see unique designs or exclu­sive con­cepts in the Pan­do­ra Rose col­lec­tion, there are nice addi­tions to the main charms, con­nect­ing chains and bracelet vari­a­tions. Pan­do­ra Rose fans, it’s great to see how Pan­do­ra is invest­ing in the devel­op­ment of the Rose line and break­ing new ground.

Our favorites from the new Pan­do­ra Autumn 18 col­lec­tion are the new Mura­no and the Regal Key line. The con­nect­ing chain of the Embossed Hearts looks real­ly inter­est­ing, but the sil­i­cone pads unfor­tu­nate­ly mean it won’t fit the clas­sic strand of the bracelet.

The Rose Open Ban­gle is anoth­er beau­ty that will become quite pop­u­lar with rose gold and Pan­do­ra lovers. The inlaid clasp bracelet is also quite an inter­est­ing option, but we still hope that Pan­do­ra will release more bracelets with the tra­di­tion­al clasp clasp in the future.

What do you think of this col­lec­tion?


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