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PANDORA MOTHER’S DAY 2020 Collection Outlet


PANDORA MOTHER’S DAY 2020 col­lec­tion is out. Today we show you the full list of Moth­er’s Day jew­el­ry!

Full of beau­ti­ful sym­bols and quirky char­ac­ters, the Pan­do­ra Moth­er’s Day 2020 col­lec­tion pro­vides the per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to show­case your fam­i­ly bond.






Pandora Infinity Knot Bangle

This chic Pan­do­ra bracelet fea­tures an infin­i­ty knot at the cen­ter that dou­bles as a bold design and clasp for the bracelet. We love the mod­ern lines of this bracelet and think it will become a favorite among Pan­do­ra fans. Avail­able in sizes 16cm, 17cm and 19cm.



Pandora Chunky Infinity Knot Chain Bracelet

The match­ing Chunky Infin­i­ty Knot themed chain bracelet includes a sil­ver chain sim­i­lar to the T‑Bar Knot­ted Heart bracelet from the 2019 Moth­er’s Day col­lec­tion. Like the infin­i­ty pat­tern bracelet, it has a large infin­i­ty sym­bol as a clasp. Avail­able in sizes 16cm, 18cm and 20cm.


Pandora Openwork charm family tree (798879C01)

This open­work charm reminds us of the Glit­ter­ing Leaves charm and the Fam­i­ly Tree pen­dant. Fam­i­ly mem­bers are rep­re­sent­ed by smooth and bead­ed leaves on this enchant­i­ng open­work charm. Our favorite detail is the lit­tle one at the root of the trees.

Charm Stork and sparkling stars Pandora (798895C01)

The new Pan­do­ra Stork Twin­kling Stars Dan­gle is per­fect for a new mom! On a sil­ver base is a stone in the shape of a heart, two sil­ver disks hang from it. The sweet scene depicts a small stork car­ry­ing a pre­cious pack­age in a night sky filled with stars and a sparkling moon. Pay atten­tion to the cute heart on the stork pack­ag­ing! The sec­ond disc hangs at the back, form­ing a shim­mer­ing turquoise enam­el back­drop. Lul­la­by “TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR DO YOU KNOW HOW LOVED YOU ARE?” engraved on the back.



Pendant Pandora Married couple

This fun charm is a great way to cel­e­brate a spe­cial day. The lit­tle bride takes off her feet and shares a kiss with her new hus­band. New­ly­weds remind us of the cute car­toon “Love is…” cre­at­ed by New Zealand car­toon­ist Kim Caza­li in the 1960s.



Pandora Boy Teenager Charm

The Pan­do­ra Moth­er’s Day col­lec­tion intro­duces two new mem­bers of the fam­i­ly, inspired by the Dis­ney Babies charms. A heart ban­dana keeps a teenage boy’s hair in place as he skate­boards with his friends. A cute detail is Pan­do­ra’s crown and the num­ber 1 on his back in a T‑shirt.


Pendant Pandora Girl Teenager (798904C01)

The teenage girl looks unfriend­ly but also seems to wink! Dressed in a Pan­do­ra top and skirt, she wears her hair in pig­tails with a hot pink enam­el rib­bon.


Pandora Wise Owl Charm

This smart lit­tle owl sits proud­ly on her new cer­tifi­cate wear­ing her grad­u­a­tion cap and gown. A tiny tas­sel dan­gles from the top of the trow­el, and his eyes glow with bright blue crys­tals.


Charm Pandora Graduate Books 2020

Show that study and hard work pays off with the new 2020 Grad­u­ate Book Charm. A small grad­u­a­tion cap and a scroll rest on a stack of books with the date “2020” engraved on the end.


Pandora Love You Mum Charm

The Love You Mum Heart charm, based on a tra­di­tion­al heart, is engraved with the words “Thank you for being my Mum”. Note also the small carved heart in the cen­ter of the word “M ♥ M”. At the bot­tom hangs a pret­ty heart shaped tag in Pan­do­ra Rose. The words “Love” and “You” are engraved on both sides.


Pandora Sparkling Infinity Heart Charm

Ster­ling Sil­ver and Pan­do­ra Rose come togeth­er in this charm­ing two-piece pen­dant. A glit­ter­ing Pan­do­ra Rose infin­i­ty sym­bol pierces the sparkling out­line of a heart. Shim­mer­ing pink enam­el cov­ers the sec­ond heart hang­ing behind. The sweet words “Fam­i­ly For­ev­er and Always” are engraved on the back, and clear stones adorn the slim base of the pen­dant.



Pandora Mum Script Heart

This two-piece pen­dant is full of love with lots of hearty details. Tiny hearts are scat­tered around the base, each adorned with a beau­ti­ful pink gem. A sil­ver heart embla­zoned with “M ♥ M” hangs against a back­drop of can­dy pink enam­el. The mes­sage “I love you” is engraved on the back.


Pandora RosePink & Clear Sparkle Charm

Charm­ing Pan­do­ra Rose charm with small pink stones nes­tled among large clear zir­co­nia stones.




Pandora Infinity hoop earrings (298889C00)

Petite infin­i­ty knots adorn these cute sil­ver hoop ear­rings.


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