Global Pandora Collection ‘Winter 2020’ — Overview

Pandora Collection ‘Winter 2020’ — Overview


Pan­do­ra Rose

Charm pen­dant “Heart” (for indi­vid­ual engrav­ing)


Charm-pen­dant “Heart” (for indi­vid­ual engrav­ing) in a beau­ti­ful Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish will help you cre­ate a per­son­al keep­sake gift.

Both smooth sur­faces of the heart are intend­ed for engrav­ing. The brack­et is dec­o­rat­ed next to shiny trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia.

Pan­do­ra Rose

Charm-pen­dant “Two-col­or dec­o­ra­tive orna­ment”


Charm set, a lim­it­ed series of jew­el­ry

Charm-pen­dant 2020 is dec­o­rat­ed with an old Christ­mas tree orna­ment. Two ele­ments hang from a heart-shaped brack­et, and the main part of the pen­dant is an open­work spher­oid in a pink shade with a beau­ti­ful bead­ed fin­ish. An open­work spher­oid is dec­o­rat­ed with a row of bril­liant trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nias. On the oth­er side, there is a sil­ver bow, and the inscrip­tion “2020” is engraved on the brack­et.

Two-tone dec­o­ra­tive orna­ment charm pen­dant is avail­able as a gift, includ­ed in a lim­it­ed edi­tion jew­el­ry set.

Charm-pen­dant “Shine of the Moon and Stars”


The Moon and Stars Charm Pen­dant is very sim­i­lar to the Moon and Blue Sky Pen­dant (791993CZ). The brack­et of both pen­dants is stud­ded with trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nias, and the inscrip­tion “I Love You to the Moon and Back” is engraved on the reverse side. How­ev­er, the front ele­ment of the nov­el­ty is cov­ered with 18-karat gold.

Charm “Lock in the shape of a heart”


For­tu­nate­ly, Pan­do­ra has start­ed pro­duc­ing more two-tone 14k gold-plat­ed Charms. The 2020 win­ter col­lec­tion includes three new two-tone charms. The first heart-shaped lock charm is a mas­sive heart-shaped lock with a key­hole on both sides. The sides of the pen­dant are dec­o­rat­ed with clear cubic zir­co­nias, and a tiny 14k gold lock dan­gles from the chain. One stone sparkles on one side of the gold­en lock, and the logo Pan­do­ra stamped on the oth­er side. There is a test on the lock Pan­do­ra 14k gold “G585”.

Charm-pen­dant “Fam­i­ly tree”


Although Pan­do­ra has released many fam­i­ly-themed Charms, these Charms are very pop­u­lar. The new two-col­or “Fam­i­ly Tree” pen­dant charm is espe­cial­ly charm­ing! Two sep­a­rate ele­ments hang from a grace­ful brack­et: a disc in the shape of a heart and a mag­nif­i­cent tree whose branch­es form a heart. The sil­ver tree is dec­o­rat­ed with five leaves cov­ered in 14k gold, and the grace­ful brack­et is dec­o­rat­ed with bead­ed hearts next to it. A sweet mes­sage is engraved on the big heart: “Togeth­er — is my favorite place to be” (“Hap­pi­ness is where you are”). A tiny cut-out heart under­neath the engrav­ing com­pletes the design.

Charm pen­dant “Dou­ble heart”


The last two-tone charm in the win­ter 2020 col­lec­tion is a cute dou­ble heart pen­dant. Two hearts merge togeth­er under a shiny brack­et dec­o­rat­ed with trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia. The back of the hearts are engraved with the words “F ♡ REVER” (“For­ev­er”) and “ALWAYS” (“Always”), and the front side of one of the hearts is dec­o­rat­ed with a 14-carat gold coat­ing. Note the Pan­do­ra 14k Gold “G585” sam­ple at the bot­tom of the heart.


lim­it­ed series

“Har­ry Pot­ter”

“Fly­wheel of Time” pen­dant


The Wheel of Time is an impor­tant attribute in the world of Har­ry Pot­ter, and now it is avail­able as a pen­dant Pan­do­ra from a lim­it­ed series! The Fly­wheel of Time pen­dant fea­tures 18K gold-plat­ed Pan­do­ra Shine, fea­tur­ing three mov­ing ele­ments attached to an ele­gant brack­et. The two out­er rings are engraved with a poem: “I mark the hours, every one, Nor have I yet out­run the Sun” (“I mark the hours of each one, But I am slow­er than the Sun’s turnover”) and “My use a val­ue, unto you , Are gauged by what you have to do “(“ My ben­e­fit and price, Depends only on you. ”). A small hour­glass is locat­ed in the cen­ter of the pen­dant, framed by tiny cut-out stars. We’re sure this Har­ry Pot­ter col­lectible will be a hit with die-hard fans of the fan­ta­sy saga!

Neck­lace with pen­dant “Shin­ing Snowflake”


This sim­ple neck­lace is dec­o­rat­ed with a pen­dant in the shape of a shiny snowflake. The pen­dant, sur­round­ed by glit­ter­ing cubic zir­co­nia lace, hangs from a sil­ver chain 41 cm long. The five-cen­time­ter exten­sion of the chain includes an oblong ingot engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo.

Blue Moon and Stars Heart Pen­dant Neck­lace


The Blue Moon and Stars Heart Pen­dant Neck­lace fea­tures a heart pen­dant and a 50cm ster­ling sil­ver chain. The front of the pen­dant fea­tures a beau­ti­ful blue crys­tal cres­cent moon sur­round­ed by tiny sil­ver stars and a mix of clear and blue stones. A carved moon and stars dec­o­rate the back of the pen­dant, which is engraved with the love mes­sage “Love you to the moon and back”.

Neck­lace with a rotat­ing globe pen­dant


The Spin­ning Globe Pen­dant Neck­lace is very sim­i­lar to the Spin­ning Globe Charm Pen­dant (798021CZ). Their dif­fer­ence is as fol­lows: the pen­dant of the new mod­el is not only larg­er in size, but also dec­o­rat­ed with con­ti­nents in the “pave” tech­nique, instead of smooth sil­ver. The iri­des­cent blue enam­el on the neck­lace is also brighter than on the charm.

Pan­do­ra Rose heart pen­dant neck­lace


The Pan­do­ra 2020 win­ter col­lec­tion will please us with only one neck­lace in the Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish. The Pan­do­ra Rose Cut Heart Pen­dant Neck­lace fea­tures a large clear cubic zir­co­nia cut into a heart shape and set atop a bril­liant set­ting of stones. The length of the neck­lace is adjustable from 41 cm to 45 cm.


Open ring “Blue Plan­et and Moon”


Bril­liant blue enam­el adorns a tiny plan­et on one side of this glow­ing open ring. On the oth­er side is a small cres­cent, dec­o­rat­ed with trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia.

Sparkling Snowflake Ring


The dou­ble rim of the Sparkling Snowflake ring cre­ates the impres­sion that two rings are worn togeth­er. Five pear-shaped stones form an icy snowflake in the cen­ter of the ring, and tiny cubic zir­co­nias are encrust­ed in both rims of the ring.

Pan­do­ra Rose

Sparkling Heart Ring

The Sparkling Heart Ring fea­tures a paired ring with a raised heart-shaped stone sur­round­ed by sparkling gem­stones. Trans­par­ent rhine­stones dec­o­rate the front side of the ring.

Pan­do­ra Rose

Sparkling Heart Ring


The Sparkling Heart ring also comes in a ver­sion with a large shim­mer­ing blue crys­tal.


“Shiny Snowflake” Stud Ear­rings


Pan­do­ra 2020 win­ter col­lec­tion released only two pairs of ear­rings. The first of these is a love­ly pair of Puse­ta Sparkling Snowflake ster­ling sil­ver ear­rings, fea­tur­ing five shim­mer­ing pear-shaped stones on each ear­ring.

Pan­do­ra Rose

Ear­rings-Posettes “Exalt­ed heart”


A sec­ond pair of ear­rings com­pletes the Sparkling Hearts set. A bril­liant ele­vat­ed heart-shaped stone is framed by tiny cubic zir­co­nia stones in a stun­ning Pan­do­ra Rose set­ting.

The Pan­do­ra Win­ter Col­lec­tion 2020 has a pret­ty cool cool win­ter theme that we’re sure will appeal to many. Some of the more inter­est­ing pieces, such as the new hol­i­day charm and the Har­ry Pot­ter Lim­it­ed Edi­tion Fly­wheel of Time pen­dant, are like­ly to be in high demand. Our per­son­al favorites are the new charm, one Pan­do­ra“Star of Isa”, two-col­or charm “Heart-shaped cas­tle” and charm “Open­work con­stel­la­tions”.

What do you think of Pan­do­ra’s win­ter 2020 col­lec­tion? Do you love cre­at­ing win­ter themed bracelets? Share your thoughts with us in the com­ments below…


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