This year’s Pan­do­ra Autumn 2018 col­lec­tion is full of pur­ple majesty, roy­al motifs and beau­ti­ful ears of corn.


In this review, we have focused on the bracelets and charms of the Moments line, and also look a lit­tle more at the prod­ucts for the Shine, Rose, Dis­ney col­lec­tions and some jew­el­ry.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, we reviewed these col­lec­tions in more detail, for your con­ve­nience, we have col­lect­ed them in one list:

Pandora Autumn 2018 collection preview

Pan­do­ra has intro­duced a new charm bracelet with an open­work pad­lock clasp. The pre­cise detail­ing of the clasp is clear­ly vis­i­ble in the pure sil­ver design.


Next — charms!

Let’s start our review with one of the most charm­ing charms — Bruno the Uni­corn. This lit­tle guy is made of sil­ver with­out addi­tion­al dec­o­ra­tions, which adds even more cute­ness to him.


The main accent of the Regal Beau­ty charm is translu­cent enam­el with a mes­mer­iz­ing pat­tern and laced sil­ver edg­ing.


The Regal Key pen­dant is anoth­er one of this col­lec­tion that sym­pa­thizes with us with its design – the fil­i­gree carv­ing and black­en­ing between the pat­tern cre­ate an impres­sive com­bi­na­tion.


Mura­no Iri­des­cent White Glass will also be avail­able in the Pan­do­ra Rose range and is some­thing new for Pan­do­ra Mura­no glass beads — a charm with a pat­terned sil­ver core. We think it will look quite ele­gant on a bracelet and in com­bi­na­tion with oth­er beads, we are look­ing for­ward to live pho­tos to see this!


The Daz­zling Crown clip would be great for a Lon­don or Dis­ney Princess themed bracelet.


The Love Potion charm is anoth­er pen­dant that imme­di­ate­ly grabs atten­tion with its warm pas­tel pink col­or. The stone is billed as a “pas­tel pink crys­tal”. We would pair it with white mura­no and some fairy motif beads for a white and pink ban­gle style.


The Fairy Tale Cas­tle pen­dant is beau­ti­ful and incom­pa­ra­ble in detail, with many small win­dows and arch­es that cre­ate a fairy tale feel. How­ev­er, it is sim­i­lar to many oth­er beads released by Pan­do­ra for the Dis­ney col­lec­tion.


Free as a Bird is rem­i­nis­cent of the clas­sic Pan­do­ra Spring 2013 design, which was one of our favorites. The new ver­sion of the pen­dant fea­tures zir­co­nia stones (a hall­mark of the new style in Pan­do­ra design) and some cute details — we love the minia­ture swirls around the edge of the cage and the inter­est­ing bird design — it can be worn two ways: flut­ter­ing out­side the cage or sharp­ened inside .


Anoth­er redesign from the Pan­do­ra Spring 2013 col­lec­tion is the Fairy­tale Book charm, which has a new look with a horse on the “cov­er” and the words “Our fairy­tale” (Our fairy­tale) engraved inside. This is not the first pen­dant made in the form of a Pan­do­ra book, unfor­tu­nate­ly, we have con­cerns that, like its pre­de­ces­sors, it will spon­ta­neous­ly open over time.



It’s inter­est­ing how loud these minia­ture keys clat­ter against each oth­er in the Keys of Love pen­dant.


The Lock & Heart pen­dant has two sil­ver hearts — one smooth with a key­hole, the oth­er with carved open­work motifs. Pret­ty nice design that does­n’t need the zir­co­nia stone embell­ish­ment that Pan­do­ra now uses in almost every pen­dant.


A sil­ver ver­sion will also be released for the Love You Lock and Unit­ed Regal Hearts charms.


Our favorite of these abstract heart charms is this rather petite open­work design charm. It per­fect­ly com­bines mod­ern style and ele­gance.


By far, the most inter­est­ing thing about the Regal Love Key charm is the insane­ly ele­gant fil­i­gree carved front pan­el. In our opin­ion, instead of cubic zir­co­nia stones, smooth sil­ver beads would have been more appro­pri­ate on the pen­dant.


The Faceted Float­ing Lock­et medal­lion is declared as a sea­son­al dec­o­ra­tion, so it will not be pre­sent­ed in future col­lec­tions. You can see how it looks with petite in the image at the begin­ning of the arti­cle.


The Sparkling Love charm is rem­i­nis­cent of many oth­er sim­i­lar­ly themed Pan­do­ra charms — hearts and zir­co­nia stones.


For years Pan­do­ra col­lec­tors have been ask­ing for more Hal­loween charms and in 2018 Pan­do­ra heard them! The only Hal­loween-themed charm is called the Sweet Pump­kin and it instant­ly earns a mil­lion points for its design and lack of super­flu­ous and inap­pro­pri­ate details.


Pump­kin links charms to anoth­er main theme of the Pan­do­ra Fall 2018 col­lec­tion — ears of corn, har­vest and rebirth. The Grains of Ener­gy clip has an inter­est­ing com­bi­na­tion of mixed rows of leaves and pur­ple enam­el on a tiny pen­dant hang­ing from the base of the clip.


With the same design, we were pre­sent­ed with a con­nect­ing chain. It will come with sil­i­cone pads inside. We love that the chain is only made of sil­ver with­out adding any oth­er dif­fer­ent design ele­ments.


We are in awe of the sim­ple yet beau­ti­ful sil­ver style of the Angel­ic Feath­er charm with its promi­nent heart shaped ears. There are too many heart-shaped beads in Pan­do­ra, but it’s nice to see how the com­pa­ny is revis­it­ing the design of such beads in terms of the main theme of the new col­lec­tion.


The Always by Your Side charm shows anoth­er way to design the cute birds and mice that were first intro­duced with the Moth­er’s Day 2018 and Pan­do­ra Spring 2018 col­lec­tions. This time, these ele­ments echo fall motifs and pur­ple stones.


The Bright Seeds pen­dant has a volu­mi­nous ear of wheat on the front heart, adorned with white cubic zir­co­nia.


Seeds of Ele­gance is the case when a min­i­mal­ist design only ben­e­fits the prod­uct. The clip inside is equipped with sil­i­cone pads, which will allow you to eas­i­ly use it on smooth bracelets, both sil­ver and leather.


The Daz­zling Grain Swirls sep­a­ra­tor has a rather abstract design.


The Radi­ant Grains of Ener­gy charm is one of the few charms in this col­lec­tion that invites us to add some nice warm amber glow this fall.


The next charm has a fair­ly sim­ple design, but its main high­light is the engrav­ing “Fam­i­ly is where love grows”.


The Fam­i­ly Lock­et pen­dant con­sists of two parts — mov­able, in the form of two open­ing halves, and fixed — made of a pow­dery pink heart with “Fam­i­ly” engrav­ing.


The Fam­i­ly Game Charm is a real­ly cute and fresh take on one of Pan­do­ra’s favorite themes — Fam­i­ly.


Rab­bit Lantern pen­dant in pas­tel col­ors. It will not be avail­able in the US, but must be avail­able in stores in Cana­da and oth­er regions.


Pan­do­ra also intro­duced sev­er­al themed pen­dants.


Round­ing out our review are the only two gold charms in this col­lec­tion, the Opu­lent Flower and Spot­light.


The new Pan­do­ra Autumn 2018 col­lec­tion has a lot of jew­el­ry that will fall in love with you at first sight. The autumn ear/harvest motifs blend beau­ti­ful­ly with each oth­er and with the Shine col­lec­tion, and Pan­do­ra’s new design direc­tion finds the per­fect bal­ance in re-release of clas­sic fairy tale-themed charms. The new design is inter­est­ing, pleas­ant and quite cute — it is absolute­ly com­plete and speaks for itself. 3


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