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The new col­lec­tion for Valen­tine’s Day looks very mod­ern with many ele­ments inspired by the cute com­pan­ions of all lovers — cupids. Vibrant reds, pinks and pur­ples cre­ate a strik­ing con­trast with Pan­do­ra Shine clips. Also includ­ed in this pre­view are Pan­do­ra’s 2019 Chi­nese New Year charms and Inter­na­tion­al Wom­en’s Day 2019 charms.


The design of the new Love Notes pen­dant was inspired by the love let­ters passed by secret admir­ers to their charm­ing ladies. Each page of the note­book is engraved with a spe­cial mes­sage. Scroll through the pages to find the inscrip­tion “I love you.” On the front of the note­book is the inscrip­tion “Love Notes” with a tiny red enam­el heart. Par­tic­u­lar­ly strik­ing is the atten­tion to detail, such as the spi­ral rings con­nect­ing the pages of the note­book.


The Sparkling Arrow & Heart charm sym­bol­izes the moment Cupid’s arrow hits the heart. The volu­mi­nous heart was pierced with an arrow, dec­o­rat­ed with bright red and pur­ple stones, and trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia stones are placed along the edge of the charm itself.


The Asym­met­ric Hearts of Love charm is very sim­i­lar to last year’s bead also from the Valen­tine’s Day col­lec­tion — Explo­sion of Love. This design impress­es us more with its smooth lines with the addi­tion of pur­ple stones.


Asym­met­ric Heart of Love pen­dant, hand-paint­ed with enam­el, short cre­ates a gra­di­ent effect — tran­si­tion from dark bur­gundy to pale pink. On the reverse side, the word Loved is engraved in hand­writ­ten font. The PANDORA logo this time is on the side of the heart.


When the Bel­la Bot charm was released last year, we were wild­ly excit­ed and eager­ly await­ing the arrival of a lit­tle boy who would win the heart of an adorable robot. In our last review of Bel­la, we men­tioned a draw­ing by Brit­ta of our won­der­ful cou­ple. Appar­ent­ly this sketch inspired the design­ers of Pan­do­ra to cre­ate this pen­dant.



Cupid’s arrow pierces the sil­ver heart, cre­at­ing a labyrinth motif in the cen­ter. On the top of the charm is engraved “Fol­low your heart” (Fol­low your heart). Despite the fact that the charm has, at first glance, a rather roman­tic appear­ance, it will also be a nice gift for those who strive to achieve their goals.


The next charm is made in the form of dice and resem­bles the expres­sion “Lucky in love”! All 4 faces of the cube are dec­o­rat­ed with let­ters that can form the word LOVE. Trans­par­ent zir­co­nia stones out­line the let­ter “L”, a red stone in the form of a heart was used to depict the let­ter “O”. The let­ter “V” has a three-dimen­sion­al shape, in con­trast to it, we have a carved let­ter “E” that com­pletes the word.

The labyrinth motif con­tin­ues in the Labyrinth Heart pen­dant from the Rose col­lec­tion. On the back of the charm there is an inscrip­tion “Fol­low your heart” (Fol­low your heart). A pale lilac stone adorns the base of the pen­dant.

The new Loved Script pen­dant is very rem­i­nis­cent of the Tas­sel pen­dant from the Pan­do­ra Spring 2018 / Pan­do­ra Spring 2018 col­lec­tion. The pen­dant has 5 chains of dif­fer­ent lengths, at the ends of which there are 18 carat gold let­ters and leave the word Loved.


Fans of the brand have already fall­en in love with the new 2019 club charm. The charm is made using 2 met­als — sil­ver and rose gold. A tiny dia­mond adorns the pad­lock of the chest, fin­ished in rose fin­ish. Open the trea­sure chest and you will see a secret inscrip­tion “Be Your­self” (Be your­self). On the back of the charm is the inscrip­tion “PANDORA Club 2019”.


The Arrow of Love pen­dant is anoth­er inter­pre­ta­tion of the Cupid’s heart charm. Inside the sil­ver heart medal­lion is an arrow on a chain, fin­ished in Shine. On one of the halves of the heart, on the inside, you can find the engrav­ing “Loved”.


Cupid already has his bow and arrows ready, and it looks like he’s aim­ing at you! The sassy lit­tle guy is full of details, includ­ing detailed minia­ture wings, chub­by legs and a sly smile. Beneath its han­dle is a heart pen­dant in 18k gold Shine fin­ish engraved with the word “YOU”.


The Arrow of Cupid Pen­dant is part of the PANDORA Shine col­lec­tion and fea­tures an arrow sent to you by Cupid that can be worn on a bracelet or on a chain. This 18k gold plat­ed pen­dant will pair beau­ti­ful­ly with anoth­er new Cupid & You pen­dant.


We’re not entire­ly sure how the Matryosh­ka charm fits in with the Valen­tine’s Day theme, per­haps it would be a bet­ter fit for a Moth­er’s Day col­lec­tion. How­ev­er, the charm has a pret­ty sweet fin­ish, and the red, black, yel­low, and green enam­el high­lights all the details of the lit­tle doll.


Love­ly lovers Mick­ey and Min­nie Mouse hold hands over a sparkling red cubic zir­co­nia heart. Behind them is a larg­er enam­el heart that cre­ates a roman­tic back­drop for this cou­ple.


In the new ver­sion, the charm­ing Min­nie Mouse pen­dant looks very cute and mod­est. Dressed in her icon­ic red enam­el pol­ka dot skirt, she’s ready for a roman­tic evening with her beloved Mick­ey. This cute Dis­ney pen­dant would look great paired with the clas­sic Mick­ey pen­dant (397394EN06) that was released at the end of the year.



Sim­i­lar to the Burst of Love clip from the 2018 Valen­tine’s Day col­lec­tion, this col­or­ful clip also fea­tures red enam­el hearts. How­ev­er, Asym­met­ri­cal Hearts of Love fea­tures sim­ple sil­ver hearts and a bright mix of pur­ple fuch­sia stones and pink cubic zir­co­nia.


Like the clas­sic Pan­do­ra Steady Heart clip, this sim­ple ster­ling sil­ver bead comes engraved with “Loved” in pas­tel pink enam­el. Some­times the use of enam­el for detail­ing can enhance the effect of the design, but in this case, such a solu­tion reduces the cost of the appear­ance of the jew­el­ry.


The Pan­do­ra 2019 Valen­tine’s Day col­lec­tion also intro­duced new mod­els of bracelets. This release fea­tures a new ban­gle design fea­tur­ing a sleek Moments pad­lock. The word Loved is on the front of the clasp, while the back is engraved with a cute secret mes­sage “You are loved”.

Mick­ey may now be a lit­tle jeal­ous, for the first time the com­pa­ny has released a Moments sil­ver bracelet in which the clasp is a por­trait of Min­nie Mouse. The clasp has an iden­ti­cal design to the recent­ly released Glim­mer Min­nie Clip (797496CZS). Small changes occurred only in the col­or of zir­co­ni­um stones, instead of red, they became crys­tal clear.


Craft­ed in Pan­do­ra Shine, glit­ter let­ters dan­gle from a sil­ver chain to form the word Loved. On either side of the let­ters are two tiny gold hearts that pro­vide addi­tion­al empha­sis. The thread of the bracelet con­tains addi­tion­al rings that will allow you to adjust the bracelet exact­ly to your han­dle.


The beloved design of one of the most clas­sic Pan­do­ra bracelets has been giv­en a new lease of life with a clasp craft­ed in a Shine fin­ish using 18K gold. The new base will be per­fect for dis­play­ing your Pan­do­ra Shine jew­el­ry and high­light­ing the beau­ty of bi-met­al beads.



Bright red enam­el fades to pale pink on one side of the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions Heart of Love clip. On the back, you can see a carved heart sur­round­ed by the PANDORA logo.


The Heart & Arrow asym­met­ri­cal clip has a more sophis­ti­cat­ed and ele­gant design than the Asym­met­ric Heart of Love clip. An arrow with minia­ture feath­ers pass­ing through the heart is edged with a cir­cle of cubic zir­co­nia stones.


The new PANDORA Reflex­ions Tree of Life clip is one of the most beau­ti­ful, in our opin­ion, at the moment from this line. In the cen­ter of the clip is a charm­ing tree with large leaves. In fact, these are two halves of the tree that come togeth­er, rep­re­sent­ing a new union and a new fam­i­ly.




The 2019 PANDORA Chi­nese New Year Charms will only be avail­able in cer­tain coun­tries, includ­ing Asia Pacif­ic and the Unit­ed States.


One of the most inter­est­ing of PANDORA 2019 Chi­nese New Year charms is the Good For­tune Carp pen­dant. Dec­o­rat­ed with red and white enam­el, a charm­ing carp dan­gles from a 14 carat gold coin. The fish itself is an ancient Chi­nese sym­bol of good luck, pros­per­i­ty and courage.


The next enchant­i­ng charm fea­tured in the PANDORA Shine line is inspired by Chi­nese coins, which have a char­ac­ter­is­tic square notch in the mid­dle, sym­bol­iz­ing good luck and pros­per­i­ty. Sil­hou­ettes of coins with carved pat­terns adorn the side faces of the charm. Four pale yel­low stones sparkle bright­ly against the 18 carat gold for a stun­ning effect.


The lat­est charm to be released for PANDORA Chi­nese New Year 2019 is the Pig­gy Bank bead in Shine fin­ish. A pig in the shape of a pig­gy bank with a red enam­el bow sym­bol­izes good luck, pros­per­i­ty and wealth.




Pan­do­ra’s 2019 Inter­na­tion­al Wom­en’s Day charm is a much improved design for 2018. A beau­ti­ful tulip breaks through the bead­ed edge of the pen­dant, sym­bol­iz­ing growth and hope. Behind the fil­i­gree is a sec­ond pen­dant in pale pink enam­el, which is inscribed “Hap­pi­ness, Strength, Love” on one side and “My inspi­ra­tion” on the oth­er.



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