Global Overview of the Pandora Reflexions jewelry collection

Overview of the Pandora Reflexions jewelry collection


Every col­lec­tion of jew­el­ry from the Pan­do­ra brand is await­ed with bat­ed breath by fash­ion­istas all over the world. In Octo­ber 2018, with­out pri­or announce­ment, the com­pa­ny intro­duced the col­lec­tion Pan­do­ra Reflec­tion. The brand decid­ed to loud­ly announce its new prod­uct to the whole world — bright pre­sen­ta­tions were held in Nice and Sao Paulo. The name of the amaz­ing Reflex­ions col­lec­tion means “reflec­tions” in trans­la­tion, which can be under­stood even with­out words, look­ing at the pre­sen­ta­tion shots. Jew­el­ry imme­di­ate­ly attract­ed the atten­tion it deserved, and you can already order them in offi­cial stores around the world. What inter­est­ing things did the Pan­do­ra brand offer this time?

Features of the new Pandora Reflexions collection

Reflec­tion Pan­do­ra is an oppor­tu­ni­ty for self-expres­sion in styl­ish jew­el­ry with a mod­ern design, which the brand gives to every girl. The col­lec­tion was cre­at­ed by design­ers Fil­ip­po Ficarel­li and Francesco Ter­zo, who were inspired by works of art from the Renais­sance peri­od to cre­ate jew­el­ry. It was this time that was marked by the strong influ­ence of female fig­ures on all spheres of life, as it is now. The col­lec­tion was spe­cial­ly designed for strong and con­fi­dent women who want to take the best of life with ele­gant Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry.

A bold bet on con­trasts is made in the new line of jew­el­ry. For orig­i­nal bracelets with neat mesh weave, you can choose strict and con­cise charms made in dif­fer­ent sym­me­try options.

Bracelets Pandora Reflexions

Pandora Reflections

Pan­do­ra bracelets from the Reflec­tion col­lec­tion, these are thin struc­tured prod­ucts with brand­ed locks, rem­i­nis­cent of ele­gant watch straps. The length of the prod­ucts is in the range of 16–21 cm. Pre­cious met­als were used for the man­u­fac­ture:

  • 925 ster­ling sil­ver.
  • Patent­ed Pan­do­ra Rose alloy.
  • Pan­do­ra Shine ster­ling sil­ver plat­ed with 18k gold.

Pandora Reflections

Each bracelet can be cus­tomized шармы Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions, which are only for this col­lec­tion. Design­ers rec­om­mend wear­ing 5–7 charms at the same time, but if you wish, you can do more, because the main thing is to be guid­ed by per­son­al pref­er­ences and feel irre­sistible, adher­ing to your own style.

Charms Pandora Reflexions

Charms Pan­do­ra Reflec­tion dif­fer­ent from the charms pre­sent­ed in oth­er col­lec­tions. These are unique clip-on designs that only fit Reflex­ions bracelets. Design­ers have worked espe­cial­ly hard to make the Reflec­tion jew­el­ry line rec­og­niz­able, and they cer­tain­ly suc­ceed­ed.

Pandora Reflections

The charms are made in a lacon­ic style, made of the same pre­cious met­als as the bracelets. The col­lec­tion fea­tures mod­els with an abstract design, com­ple­ment­ed by the sig­na­ture Pan­do­ra logo and sparkling crys­tals.

Not with­out brand­ed crowns that look good against the back­ground of shiny met­al. Roman­tic natures will pay atten­tion to grace­ful hearts, made in the form of small neat pen­dants.

Some charms are only avail­able in one fin­ish. For exam­ple, only Pan­do­ra Rose alloy is used for bows. Charms, sym­bol­iz­ing love, shin­ing infin­i­ty, heart, are avail­able only in sil­ver. This fea­ture must be tak­en into account when choos­ing the fin­ish of the bracelet, if you want to add a cer­tain charm to it.

The new col­lec­tion includes the long-await­ed float­ing chains, which espe­cial­ly attract­ed atten­tion after the release of the Pan­do­ra Essence jew­el­ry line. Here, the design­ers tried to bring all the ele­gance of a dou­ble chain to the fore.

Bracelet Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions It has such a thought­ful and con­cise design that it will be appro­pri­ate with any image. Just choose the right col­or and some orig­i­nal charms to com­ple­ment your style with Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry.


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