Global Murano Charm Review Blooming Garden Pandora Spring 2018 Collection

Murano Charm Review Blooming Garden Pandora Spring 2018 Collection


Today I want to ded­i­cate my review to the Flow­er­ing Gar­den Mura­no Charm from the Pan­do­ra Spring 2018 col­lec­tion. This prod­uct is one of the most pop­u­lar Mura­no Glass Pan­do­ra Charms from the Spring 2018 col­lec­tion. The Mura­no Flower Gar­den charm was love at first sight, thanks to its com­bi­na­tion with bees and my favorite pas­tel pinks and pur­ples. So as this col­lec­tion was launched, I quick­ly ran straight to my local orig­i­nal Pan­do­ra store to buy it. Read on to find out how and with what I wear my Mura­no Enchant­ed Gar­den Glass charm.

Overview of Murano Charm Blooming Garden

The idea of ​​this Mura­no glass charm is to reflect a small gar­den scene, with bright weaves among pink flow­ers and pas­tel green leaves, and swirling vines that are inter­locked through­out the struc­ture. It’s a much more ambi­tious design than Pan­do­ra has tried before, with just as many dif­fer­ent ele­ments with­in a sin­gle charm. I heard from the offi­cial Pan­do­ra store that the bee parts are made sep­a­rate­ly by an Amer­i­can glass man­u­fac­tur­er and then placed inside the Mura­no glass by Pan­do­ra arti­sans. Per­son­al­ly, I would like to see the “man­u­fac­tur­ing” with my own eyes! I con­sid­er it a work of art. In fact, the details in Mura­no glass do not “tram­ple” each oth­er, do not inter­fere with per­cep­tion, and the col­ors are more pas­tel live than in many pho­tos on the Inter­net. This is not a bad phe­nom­e­non, but rather more mod­ern. The clos­est in real­i­ty, there is this pho­to of a Pan­do­ra bracelet:

How­ev­er, the effect is quite cute. I love the green crisp­ness of the leaves, and the rather pink flow­ers remind me of my favorite Cher­ry Blos­som mura­no. This is just a won­der­ful col­lec­tion of spring motifs that com­bine one design. In appear­ance, Mura­no is a clas­sic charm — the Mura­no you are already famil­iar with. How­ev­er, Mura­no has a core with the Pan­do­ra brand­ing cut out on one side, which allows you to see more of the Pan­do­ra charm design on the side. In low light, the main lilac col­or can be dim­mer, and the details of the bor­der become more mut­ed.

How­ev­er, bright, nat­ur­al light is anoth­er mat­ter entire­ly. The whole design looks like life! The rays of the sun pass through the Mura­no, illu­mi­nat­ing all the details and col­ors under the glass, com­bin­ing all the details so that the charm trans­forms from an ordi­nary glass shell to some­thing more spe­cial. If you want to buy a charm — Mura­no from the Spring Col­lec­tion, of course, you have to choose it per­son­al­ly. Most of the Mura­nos I saw were great, but there were a cou­ple that had very small bees, and the design of some of the vine and leaf details changed.

Choosing a Pandora Jewelry Style

I like blue and pur­ple Mura­no, which is my favorite com­po­si­tion. Mura­no’s blue col­or looks very bright in the draw­ings, per­haps under direct light there, but usu­al­ly its effect is more sub­tle and less sat­u­rat­ed. It is advis­able to com­ple­ment Mura­no data with But­ter­fly, snail, flow­ers and bum­ble­bee charms from this col­lec­tion. I will pair Mura­no with Laven­der Radi­ant Droplets. The pur­ple drops are the per­fect col­or for the Char­ma Mura­no Bloom­ing Gar­den.

The design of your bracelet in this form will be quite pas­tel, ele­gant and spring. My Pan­do­ra bracelet is far from com­plete with a spring theme, how­ev­er, I am shar­ing with you my new Pan­do­ra charms right away.

I also decid­ed to add a lit­tle more col­or to the pur­ple charms, name­ly brighter pur­ple, soft pink, white or pas­tel green enam­el, so for now, I will com­ple­ment it with a cute lit­tle Mouse, as well as a Teacup charm that will add a lit­tle more pink. You can also use the Wild­flower Mead­ow chain clip, it does­n’t add too much col­or. There­fore, if you want a sol­id pas­tel, this solu­tion will be great.

Overview Conclusion

I know that there are oth­er brands that have a bet­ter rep­u­ta­tion for glass, how­ev­er, I am quite hap­py with Pan­do­ra in this direc­tion. She always lis­tens to human desires and imple­ments them on her prod­ucts. I think that small bees are a good start for the devel­op­ment of Pan­do­ra Shine. This par­tic­u­lar Enchant­ed Gar­den Glass Mura­no charm con­tains all my favorite spring motifs: pas­tels, bees, green­ery and the glass itself, which gives light­ness to the bead. I think that this is a won­der­ful charm that will empha­size your style and will be a won­der­ful dec­o­ra­tion for your usu­al and fes­tive look.


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