Global Meaning of rings on men’s fingers

Meaning of rings on men’s fingers


For many cen­turies, jew­el­ry has been an inte­gral part of wom­en’s style. Chains with pen­dants, rings, ear­rings and bracelets have become a great addi­tion to both casu­al and ele­gant looks.

As for men, they attach the great­est impor­tance to rings. The main time­less men’s acces­so­ry is a ring. Most often, it was dec­o­rat­ed with a fam­i­ly coat of arms or a fam­i­ly mono­gram. It per­formed the func­tion of a wax seal when scan­ning doc­u­ments, minia­ture clocks, as well as a bub­ble with poi­son for a sworn ene­my.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, this male orna­ment was a sym­bol of priv­i­lege and aris­toc­ra­cy. In this arti­cle, we will talk about what mean­ing it has today.

What do the rings on different fingers symbolize?  — Life under the Lamp!

General designation of rings on men’s fingers

If girls and women wear jew­el­ry for beau­ty and har­mo­nious com­ple­tion of the image, then men rarely do some­thing just like that, but with a cer­tain mean­ing.

To the ques­tion “what is the sig­nif­i­cance of a signet ring on a man’s fin­ger?” there is no sin­gle right answer.

How many gen­tle­men — so many male sym­bols. How­ev­er, most often the sen­ti­men­tal mean­ing of rings on men’s fin­gers is con­nect­ed with cen­turies-old his­to­ry, cul­ture and fam­i­ly tra­di­tions.

A ring can be a fam­i­ly heir­loom, passed down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion — from great-grand­fa­ther to grand­fa­ther, from grand­fa­ther to father, from father to son.

Much, includ­ing the cost of this piece of jew­el­ry, depends on the mate­r­i­al it is made of (gold, sil­ver, plat­inum, etc.), which inscrip­tion or fam­i­ly coat of arms is engraved on it. An insert made of a pre­cious stone increas­es the val­ue of the dec­o­ra­tion and the mean­ing.

Regard­ing the mean­ing of rings on the fin­gers of mod­ern men, opin­ions dif­fer. In most cas­es, it is relat­ed to the type of activ­i­ty. This type of men’s jew­el­ry is pre­ferred by busi­ness­men who want to empha­size their social sta­tus and impress their part­ners or con­trac­tors. They choose extrav­a­gant mod­els, often made of gold or plat­inum, dec­o­rat­ed with dia­monds.

Sil­ver men’s signet rings in the form of a tri­dent, acces­sories with an anchor or an eagle are found on the fin­gers of patri­ots — they sym­bol­ize love for the Moth­er­land.

Tra­di­tion­al­ly, a ring on the index fin­ger indi­cates lead­er­ship, on the mid­dle fin­ger — men­tal bal­ance, on the ring fin­ger — about a strong char­ac­ter and emo­tion­al attach­ment, on the lit­tle fin­ger — about indi­vid­u­al­ism, on the big fin­ger — about wealth.

The left hand is respon­si­ble for a per­son­’s men­tal­i­ty and char­ac­ter. Rights — sym­bol­izes his strength, activ­i­ty and pow­er.

In most coun­tries of the world, men wore wed­ding rings on their left hand, and wid­ow­ers put them on their right. How­ev­er, after the defeat of the Jan­u­ary Upris­ing, mar­ried women began to wear their wed­ding rings on their right hands as a sign of mourn­ing. This cus­tom was adopt­ed by men. As a result, the right hand remains behind the wed­ding ring to this day.

What does a ring on the left ring finger of an engaged, married or single man mean?

The most famous asso­ci­a­tion with a ring on the ring fin­ger is engage­ment. After the wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny, a wed­ding ring is put on the same fin­ger. In the old days, it was believed that the artery runs from this fin­ger direct­ly to the heart, so putting on it a ring, a cir­cle asso­ci­at­ed with beau­ty, cre­ativ­i­ty and roman­tic rela­tion­ships, sym­bol­izes an eter­nal bond.

Men wear heraldic rings and seals on the ring fin­ger, but on the right hand. This is usu­al­ly what bach­e­lors do.

What is the meaning of rings on the left and right little fingers of men?

Accord­ing to Eng­lish tra­di­tion, men must wear a ring on the lit­tle fin­ger of their left hand. Until the 19th and 20th cen­turies, this fin­ger was a sym­bol of the pow­er of the rulers.

These days, the dec­o­ra­tion on it usu­al­ly means a rela­tion­ship with a crim­i­nal group, a clan club or sex­u­al open­ness. Some­times it indi­cates non-stan­dard think­ing, rich imag­i­na­tion, sub­tle men­tal orga­ni­za­tion and a ten­den­cy to adven­ture. But psy­chol­o­gists believe that if a per­son wears one orna­ment on the lit­tle fin­ger of the right hand and the oth­er on the lit­tle fin­ger of the left hand, he for­bids him­self emo­tions and emo­tion­al impuls­es.

What does a gold ring on a man’s index finger mean?

  • Bish­ops wore a ring on their index fin­ger to indi­cate their high social sta­tus.

  • It is cus­tom­ary for Jews to wear wed­ding rings on the index fin­ger.

  • Influ­en­tial men from Euro­pean coun­tries empha­size their wealth and posi­tion in soci­ety in this way.

The symbolism of the ring on the middle, left and right fingers of men

The tra­di­tion of wear­ing a ring on the mid­dle fin­ger comes from the Chi­nese con­cept of “Yin and Yang”. It is believed that it helps the own­ers to dis­tin­guish good from bad, to find bal­ance and har­mo­ny in life. Psy­chol­o­gists rec­om­mend con­stant­ly wear­ing sil­ver or gold jew­el­ry on the mid­dle fin­ger to increase self-con­fi­dence and self-esteem.

Often this is the place on the hand where it is most con­ve­nient to wear the ring and the fastest way to get used to it.

Ring on the thumb in men: meaning

In ancient Greece, a thumb ring was a tal­is­man that gave its own­er health, vital­i­ty and courage. It is not for noth­ing that in many coun­tries it sym­bol­izes the male alpha begin­ning.

Men who wear a ring on their thumb are tem­pera­men­tal and always open to the world. A vivid exam­ple is the great Russ­ian poet A.S. Pushkin. He was extra­or­di­nary, impul­sive, emo­tion­al and eccen­tric, he was pas­sion­ate­ly loved by women.

Are two rings on one hand permissible for a man?

Yes, but you should remem­ber the pro­por­tions. The small­er the hand, the thin­ner the men’s jew­el­ry, and vice ver­sa. You also need to con­sid­er the visu­al bal­ance. 2–4 rings on the fin­gers of one hand plus a watch — this image can suit only an Amer­i­can rap­per. In order not to look fool­ish, it is bet­ter to wear a styl­ish ring on the right hand, and a wed­ding ring on the left. Does a man have two rings on one fin­ger?

Most often, cou­ples who have lived togeth­er for more than 25 years, as well as wid­ows and wid­ow­ers, wear sil­ver and gold rings on the same fin­ger in mem­o­ry of their deceased spouse.

Some­times a small­er orna­ment is worn togeth­er with a larg­er one so as not to lose it.

In some cas­es, sev­er­al rings with cer­tain engrav­ings on one fin­ger are used by pick­ers. They attract atten­tion and are part of the tech­nique of seduc­ing women.

As many cul­tures — as many ways to wear men’s rings. Today there are no restric­tions, every­thing depends only on the desire and pur­pose of the jew­el­ry — for every day and for spe­cial occa­sions.

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