Global Is it possible to give a silver bracelet to a boy > A silver bracelet as a gift for a man on his birthday

Is it possible to give a silver bracelet to a boy > A silver bracelet as a gift for a man on his birthday


Choos­ing a gift for a man is not an easy task, so many women and girls have prob­lems with what to present to their loved ones.

Can you give bracelets?  How to give a bracelet to a guy or a girl in an original way?

There are hun­dreds of super­sti­tions about what can not be used as a gift for a boyfriend, hus­band, hus­band, dad. It is believed that instead of good inten­tions, you curse the recip­i­ent or doom them to a life­time of bad luck. Most of these beliefs relate specif­i­cal­ly to sil­ver jew­el­ry.

Why should you give a boy a silver bracelet?

Jew­el­ry gifts have many advan­tages. They are beau­ti­ful, durable and are almost always cho­sen and pre­sent­ed with a cer­tain mean­ing.

The orna­ment serves for many years and reminds the recip­i­ent of the giv­er, who always car­ries it with him.

A sil­ver bracelet for a boy on his birth­day will be a unique, per­son­al­ized gift that will allow you to express your feel­ings. After all, the jew­el­ry on the wrist is not a sim­ple acces­so­ry, but a kind of sig­nal about future events.

If you believe Ukrain­ian omens, then receiv­ing a sil­ver bracelet is a sign of pos­i­tive life changes.

  • When a girl presents such a prod­uct to her lover, it is a sub­tle hint that she wants to mar­ry him. This desire and ener­gy is trans­mit­ted to the man at a sub­con­scious lev­el. He has the same thoughts and desires, he makes an offer of his hand and heart.

  • If the wife gives her hus­band a sil­ver bracelet, she will strength­en their rela­tion­ship on a spir­i­tu­al lev­el.

  • If a girl or woman gives such jew­el­ry to a rel­a­tive (nephew, cousin, son-in-law, god­son), it helps to improve rela­tions between these fam­i­lies.

  • Giv­ing a sil­ver bracelet to a boss or a col­league of any gen­der means that warm and friend­ly rela­tions and com­plete mutu­al under­stand­ing will soon arise with this per­son.

What silver bracelet cannot be chosen as a gift for a man?

The worst gift for a man is pearl jew­el­ry. In many cul­tures of the world, it sym­bol­izes tears and grief. Hav­ing bought a sil­ver bracelet with pearls as a gift for her hus­band, a woman thus con­demns her­self to bit­ter tears and eter­nal suf­fer­ing.

Anoth­er stone that brings mis­for­tune (and even death), espe­cial­ly to peo­ple born after Octo­ber, is opal.

Watch­es are often ele­ments of jew­el­ry bracelets. No mat­ter how beau­ti­ful they are, with all the “I want to give a boyfriend a sil­ver bracelet with a watch” super­sti­tious peo­ple avoid giv­ing watch­es on a bracelet and sep­a­rate­ly. After all, it is believed that the clock inevitably begins to mea­sure the time until part­ing.

Women of some nation­al­i­ties avoid giv­ing a bracelet in the form of a chain. They believe that the part­ner will soon become painful­ly jeal­ous and impose their “chains of love” because of him. And this will lim­it and make you feel trapped.

What kind of silver bracelet can be given to men?

An ide­al sil­ver bracelet from the evil eye as a gift for a man. There is a myth that it works only if received as a gift. And if a per­son buys it him­self, then it brings fail­ure. In fact, sil­ver repels evil spir­its in any shape and form, so sil­ver jew­el­ry is always a good idea.

Anoth­er win-win solu­tion is men’s bracelets made of Bis­mar­ck or Figaro weav­ing with plates intend­ed for laser engrav­ing. A quote, an impor­tant date or your names can be immor­tal­ized on the plaque.

It is up to you whether you can give a sil­ver bracelet to a boy or a man. The main thing is to do it sin­cere­ly, from a pure heart. If you quar­reled dur­ing the pur­chase, the prod­uct will take on neg­a­tive ener­gy and will not be able to bring joy and luck to the own­er. Our online store has a lot to choose from, so vis­it the men’s sil­ver jew­el­ry cat­e­go­ry and you’ll get lots of great ideas.

Choose a gift with joy and sat­is­fac­tion, and then it will make the recip­i­ent hap­py.



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