Global How to store jewelry so that it does not darken

How to store jewelry so that it does not darken


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In order to look bright and attrac­tive for as long as pos­si­ble, all jew­el­ry and bijouterie require care­ful treat­ment and care. They can­not do sports, wash dish­es, work around the house or in the land, take water, cos­met­ic pro­ce­dures and sun­bathe on the beach and in the solar­i­um. They need to be stored under spe­cial con­di­tions.

how to store jewelry in a jewelry box

How to store jewelry incorrectly

Many girls and women leave jew­el­ry in the place where they were removed — often on a shelf in the bath­room, on the win­dowsill, even in a saucer in the kitchen. These places are com­plete­ly inap­pro­pri­ate.

Nei­ther sil­ver nor gold, and espe­cial­ly low-val­ue met­als, should not be exposed to sun­light and mois­ture. Then destruc­tive process­es occur on the sur­face of the prod­ucts very quick­ly at any tem­per­a­ture.

The answer to the ques­tion “how to store jew­el­ry so that it does not dark­en”? — in a dry place pro­tect­ed from light.

The same applies to con­tact with air. It trig­gers oxi­da­tion process­es that occur on the sur­face of the met­al and lead to the for­ma­tion of an unat­trac­tive dark or green­ish coat­ing.

To pre­vent this, use cas­es, sep­a­rate box­es or small cloth bags. Do not be lazy to hide the jew­el­ry there imme­di­ate­ly after remov­ing it.

How to store jewelry?

One large box or cas­ket with a com­mon bot­tom for all jew­el­ry is a bad idea, even if each item is indi­vid­u­al­ly bagged. All the same, they col­lide with each oth­er and destroy each oth­er.

If the jew­el­ry is piled up and the bags are opaque, then find­ing the right acces­so­ry — be it a brooch or ear­rings that fits the occa­sion and the occa­sion — will take a long time.

how to store jewelry on a stand

There is a good chance that the jew­el­ry you man­age to find among this mess will already be unwear­able due to dam­age.

If not together, how to store jewelry at home?

All prod­ucts made of dif­fer­ent met­als should be stored sep­a­rate­ly so that there are no scratch­es and the jew­el­ry does not dark­en from each oth­er.

Even if there are only gold or only sil­ver items in the box, make sure that they are sep­a­rat­ed from each oth­er.

A spe­cial case-orga­niz­er with com­part­ments, sup­ple­ment­ed with soft, pleas­ant-to-the-touch mate­r­i­al, can also be a good solu­tion.

It is impor­tant that the box­es or con­tain­ers are not met­al and have small parts inside that can scratch and dam­age the frag­ile sur­face.

The best solu­tion would be wood­en cas­kets or box­es with com­part­ments of dif­fer­ent sizes. After all, wood is a nat­ur­al mate­r­i­al and friend­ly to pre­cious met­als.

If you don’t have a cas­ket, a good option for stor­ing jew­el­ry is spe­cial thong bags. They pro­tect jew­el­ry very well from scratch­es, addi­tion­al­ly lim­it the access of air, and pre­vent dark­en­ing.

How to store jewelry: basic methods

Jew­el­ry with pre­cious stones from oth­er jew­el­ry, because stones can have sharp edges that can scratch or per­ma­nent­ly dam­age jew­el­ry and expen­sive acces­sories.

Sil­ver should not be next to prod­ucts made of stain­less steel, espe­cial­ly enam­eled, paint­ed and rub­ber­ized. Con­tact with deodor­ants, per­fumes, col­ored means of dec­o­ra­tive cos­met­ics. This can con­tribute to such a strong dark­en­ing that even pro­fes­sion­al clean­ing in a jew­el­ry work­shop and repair with the replace­ment of some ele­ments will not help.

Now you know how to prop­er­ly store jew­el­ry. Fol­low these rec­om­men­da­tions, order a spe­cial orga­niz­er box in our online store. Then your jew­el­ry will always be bright and shin­ing. You will be able to quick­ly find them and put them on at any minute.


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